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September 13, 2022

The unstoppable appeal a single animated video carries spur the use of innovative methods to create interactive and high-quality videos. Today, animation is more than just being a source of entertainment. The digital marketers are continuously looking for ways to produce targeted videos that can spread the brand’s name to far across the regions.

The online world is full of tools and software that can assist you with a broad range of features and facilities, making you able to produce the most compelling animation. As per your requirements, you can choose which any tool you want and start producing fulfilled and innovative animated videos. No matter how polished your skills are or how new you are in this field, you sure are going to get the fine quality videos created in no time. So, let’s begin the list of top software and tools to make you indulge in the fascination with easy animation creation.


You can make your video in less than five seconds only on GoAnimate software. It has a bundle of features and fills ease in video animation production. Voice-over narration

GoAnimate facilitates voice-over narration and lip-syncing facilities. You can add interesting voice-overs without asking anybody for help. You can choose your character and directly speak the words or dialogues. With efficient lip-syncing, the tool will add the voice over in the voice you want. You can even add voice track in your video, the software can assign the voice-over narration.

Character Customization

An appealing animation is the one, which is drawn in the frame of realism. With the features available in the tool, you can create attractive personalities and add minute detailing in the appearance of your character.

Occupation-Specific Templates

The ready to use templates are there to assist you in producing the video just the way you like without spending a lot of time in the video animation production or presenting a not so professional outlook. The tool has industry related and occupation-specific templates all organized to browse through.


CrazyTalk is yet another professional animation maker that provides users with an easy-to-use interface to create the most compelling animation. With the help of the tool, you can create a realistic avatar and appropriate facial animations.

3D Character Pipeline

CrazyTalk is the best use for making 3D characters. The features assist users in adding appropriate expressions with detailing showing even the wrinkles and curves of the face.

Talking Avatar

It facilitates easy to make talking avatar features. You cannot only add life to your avatar but can add the voice over just the kind you want.

Appearance Customization

To enhance the outlook, the different color palette is also available for animators. You can choose between the different skin tones and ad the makeup to freshen up your avatars. From clothing to hairdos, you can enjoy a vast variety of features.

Auto Motion

As per your chosen voice tone and voice expressions, the tool adjusts the head movements and lip-synching of the avatar. You can make appropriate mouth movement just to synchronize flawlessly with the narration.


Ever wonder would kind of software the high tech companies prefer to use. Well, to feed your curiosity here is the treat. The iClone, a software that has the capabilities to deliver the utmost professional quality animation and assist users in producing realistic animated videos without much hassle.

3d Character

With iClone you create animation and 3D characters keeping the realistic principles of science and physics intact. You get to adjust the motions of each element along with using soft cloth simulation.

Environment Creation

Whether it’s about the interior of the video o the appeal of each segment, with the tool you get the chance to use the professional templates having appropriate designs.

Advanced Lighting and Shadowing Effects

The tool facilitates a number of options and features like AO, HDR, and IBL to create a lifelike environment or the characters in your animated video.

Open Architecture

iClone is full of unique features that include Custom Shader, Motion Curve Graph Editor and Python Scripting.

Toon Boom Harmony

It’s easy to make an animated explainer video (easy explainer video guide here) having typography to explain the core message but its challenging to incorporate storytelling. Every great company who crate storytelling videos prefers using Toon Boon Harmony for producing appealing and engaging videos.

2D & 3D Designs

You can sketch hybrid animation and characters in the 2D and 3D framework. Showing every corner with the appropriate production technique, the complete video looks breathtaking and impossible to take the eyes off.

Various Sketching

The wide variety of animation tools assist users in making interactive animation. You can use the highest quality drawing tools and paintbrushes to bring your creative side out with a boom.

Production and Implementation

The best part about Toon Boom is that it not only facilitates but supports its users in creating fascinating animations. It offers guidance and tips throughout the production. The software is professionally certified and holds tons of rich lessons and guidance.

After Effects

After Effects is one of the most professional and rich features tool that allows users to create successful video animation. You can create whichever type of animated video you want starting from whiteboard animation to video scribing and stop-motion videos.

It has a creative library, which is full of different templates and features having a diverse range of creative designs and colors. You can choose from the stock and fill your videos with appealing elements. Enhancing the backgrounds and working on the detailing of your characters, everything is possible using the After Effect. It has over 60 million graphics and a broad range of color palette to help you select the color or shade you want.


PowToon is one of the most famous tools among the beginners and novice animators. It’s easy to use interface assists beginners in making captivating animation without spending a lot of time. The tool is full of tutorials that educate users from scratch. You can learn the basics and even about the advanced skills using the tool.


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