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May 05, 2024

So, we are in March now. Already two months have crossed and we have a lot left to organize.

So, let’s start with digital marketing.

Like you already know, digital marketing is a very robust tool. So, before you plan something with it, make sure, you’re doing it the best way possible.

And for that, you need to get a good strategy in place to make things work in your favor.

Exploring and enabling new digital capabilities, applying new technologies to keep your potential buyers inclined towards your business are some of the parts of your prepared strategy. You can even explore new products, enterprise technology architectures, innovation etc.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

But here also, while preparing for such strategy, you need to understand which parts you need to put more focus on. Let me help you with it.

So, here I’m going to discuss 5 ways that will help you in making the most of your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Video marketing is important

Have you heard of the prediction that video marketing is going to acquire 80% of the content in this year of 2019? Yes, this makes video the most governing form of internet content.

The constantly increasing craze of social media made video such a strong medium of expressing views and promoting business and subsequent products.

Not just this, video lets you organize webinars and various live events which will help people looking up towards your brand even more. Video also helps you in creating a clearer image of your brand in front of your targeted audience. If you are a startup, video is going to help you even more as it helps a lot in making your audience understand your capabilities.

And that isn’t all. It also plays a major part in SEO. Google now prefers such content ahead in the search results that are solely videos or contain useful video in them.

  1. Chatbots

We humans have always been fantasizing about self-operated AI gadgets. And this trend is catching many eyeballs for sure. I’m talking about chatbots.

Chatbots are AI-powered software that can carry out conversations with website visitors in a human tone through various messaging applications, websites and even through telephones.

These AI-powered bots are referred to as one of the most promising technological advances that have helped to boost the interactions between brands and consumers using Natural Language Processing (NLP). This allows consumers to engage with brands and lets brands do their best in the customer service section.

Chatbots transmit data through several layers of the network with processes like deep learning and recognition of speech, data and pattern.

Despite such complicated stuff, chatbots are easier to handle, just like a regular application. And if there is not enough wide-ranging data, you can make use of different APIs in monitoring the chatbots.

All you need to do is train your chatbots. Yes, this part is a bit tricky. Even trickier than training a human for the same process. In case of humans, you can provide them with a manual and some minimal training for the purpose, where in case of chatbots you need to provide them with a huge number of conversation logs.

Your chatbots will utilize these to get a grip on the type of questions asked and the answers to be provided.

  1. Go Beyond Basic Analytics

Since the initial period of digital marketing, marketers have been striving hard to do get the most return on investment. But, most of them have been unfortunate in their agenda.

And there are reasons. Most of the brands have been focusing more on the part that doesn’t even matter a lot. These include views, clicks, impressions and such other factors.

Now if I ask you what will be your call? Which aspect matters the most here?

The capability of generating good leads, isn’t it?

Now what you need to play a good inning here is, you need to augment the analytics and return on investment with the advantage of Opportunity Intelligence.

Now you’ll be wondering what Opportunity Intelligence is. Let me tell you.

Thomasnet says Opportunity Intelligence is the actionable data on buyers that are actively in-market for what you sell.

So, what you need to do is, you need to think beyond basic numbers and provide your sales and marketing team with some insights that are really helpful. These include company names, actions and the activity of in-market buyers on the website.

  1. Growth Hacking

Growth hacking represents the way of leaping experimentation in marketing funnel, product creation and several other areas to understand the best way to build a business.

Growth Hackers’ CEO Sean Ellis introduced “Growth Hacking” in 2010.

We can call such a person a growth hacker who can implement creative ideas and low-expenditure strategies to grow a business by acquiring customers as many as possible.

This digital marketing tool is pretty efficient when it is about new startups and small businesses who need to understand their customer requirements and need to fill them in a very short period to make it big.

You can also include some ingredients of inbound marketing in your growth hacking tactics such as blogs, social media, eBooks and influencer marketing. These are capable enough in boosting up the proficiency and the ROI.

  1. Inbound marketing

This is more of a generic method of marketing your brand and products. Though this method, marketers attract potential buyers and convert them into leads providing them with useful information and necessary white papers.

This is considered as a better way to serve customers. and not just that, the CPL (cost-per-lead) in inbound marketing is almost 61% cheaper than the old-fashioned way of marketing.

While using inbound marketing as a tool of promoting your brand, you need to create content according to the ease of your target audience, i.e., Top of Funnel also known as The Awareness Stage, Middle of Funnel also known as The Consideration Stage, Bottom of Funnel which is also known as The Decision Stage.

Each of these stages required specific content style as the customers residing in these stages differ from each other.

The inbound way of marketing focuses primarily on crafting good quality content that is capable of pulling people into your brand as they have looked deep enough into every other aspect before opting for your product or service.


The five ways that I have discussed here are some of the foolproof tactics that can really help you in enhancing your digital marketing competencies and show you some good results by the end of the current year.

And to make things work in your way, you need to implement these really well in your digital marketing strategy.

Hope you’ll see some really good results. And if you’re still having any sort of queries or confusions, never think twice before getting in touch with us.


Author’s Bio: Brij Bhushan Singh is a Professional Blogger and Content writer. He is working with Ranking By SEO. In his professional life he has written many useful articles about WordPress, Social Media, SEO and almost all about Digital Marketing.

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