7 Secrets to Getting More Plumbing Leads from Google AdWords


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February 09, 2024

We all take plumbing for granted unless there’s a problem. It can be very hard to drum up new leads if you’re marketing a plumbing business. But it doesn’t mean that you’ve to wait for potential clients to call you. To set your business up for success, you need to do quality plumbing marketing.

If you’re running a plumbing company, the leads are like the lifeblood. Nowadays, most plumbers don’t know where to go to connect with new customers when they need a plumber. Google AdWords Pay Per Click Marketing provides the opportunity of getting more and more new customers to the plumbers. Okay, so let’s get right into the 7 secrets to getting more plumbing leads from Google AdWords.

  1. Target Emergency Plumbing Keywords

The first step to success on AdWords is to understand where your ideal customers come from. Then you have to target the person with your ads and keywords. Let’s think about an average homeowner. It’s 12:15 AM on a freezing cold night and they come to know that one of their pipes has burst and their basement is flooded. They search on Google – what do they do now? Emergency help! They don’t have time to submit a lead form on your website and wait two days to get a reply back, they want someone who can help them right now!

IF you want to target this customer, add the keywords “emergency plumbing”, “emergency plumbing near me”, plumbing after hours” and so on to an ad group in your AdWords campaign. Also, emphasize that you offer 24/7 service in your emergency plumbing ads so that they will hire you for emergency situations. Once they see the offer you provide, they’ll immediately click on your ad and become a lead. People prefer emergency plumbing services rather than generic plumbing companies. Make sure that you include your enough contact details on your website.

  1. Run A Call Only Campaign

It can be an excellent way to get leads if you run a call only campaign. Because a call only campaign is very mobile-friendly and your headline is simply your phone number when your call-only ad shows up. The customer doesn’t even have to go to your website. They can call you directly from the ad. This way you make it easier for the customer. Generally, in the lead generation process, they see your ad, visit your website and then decide whether to contact you or not. But, with a call-only campaign, you remove one step of the process. Here, they search you in Google, see your ad, call you just from the add, and immediately becoming a lead.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

Customers don’t happen to be in the mood to shop around and compare different companies when they are in an emergency situation. They just want their problem solved ASAP. So, if you show up in the top of the search results, they’ll immediately call you and get one of your reps headed to their house in no time. Thus, a call-only campaign is very necessary.

  1. The Danger of DIY Search Terms

Some people look for a company to fix the problem, others are do-it-yourself types of folk. If you show up on DIY searches anyhow, those people will click on your ad and will immediately leave if they find that you’re actually a plumbing company, not a DIY site. So, make sure that you don’t waste your money on searches like “fix a broken pipe DIY”.

  1. Ensure Relevancy with Ad Group and Keyword Granularity

You’ve to be relevant because it’s the key when you’re advertising on Google Search. People would rather click on the ad which talks about commercial plumbing rather than a generic, catch-all ad about local plumbing. Because they feel that the business addressed their specific concern understands them and their needs. There builds an immediate sense of trust. Your leads will skyrocket if you demonstrate with your ads that you know what they need and you can offer the solution to the problem that they’re facing.

  1. Set Up A Remarketing Campaign

If you want to boost your conversion rates and help your lead generation go even further, set up a remarketing campaign. It displays ads to the people who’ve already visited your website and reminds them that they may still need your services. You can get a far higher lead creation rate if you run a remarketing campaign.

  1. Focus on Local SEO to Market Your Services

You should think about your local search engine optimization. It’s the best way for you to getting the plumbing leads. It helps you to build an online presence and to connect with people who are in need of your services.

  1. Build an Email Marketing List

If you don’t have an email list in your business plan, make one. Now! It’s the most effective and least expensive marketing tool out there. They can earn an average of $40 for each dollar spent. Collect your client emails and do something with them. Send out a preliminary email to them. Ask them to confirm a subscription to your list and add a subscription option to your website.

When the subscription is done, you can put their emails to work.

  • Provide the information to educate them about your plumbing services
  • Promote seasonal special offers
  • Share general home maintenance and repair advice
  • Information regarding local events

This will keep them engaged with you and it’s the most significant plus of having a list.

You can take your business to the new level if you do follow the right strategy of marketing. It needs a good amount of time and effort to do well. You’ve to be selective and pay attention to what actually works. I hope these 7 secrets will help you to be successful to get more plumbing leads from Google AdWords.


Author’s Bio: John O. Brooks has marketed and developed millions of dollars of successful products throughout his career. He stays awake at night finding out new marketing strategies and continuously upping the marketing game. He is currently working with Oxedent, a PPC management service company. He also loves to sing, write and destroy computer monitors in full medieval armor.

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