8 Tips for a Winning Social Media Marketing Resume

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Social media management jobs are growing and the market is wide open for you to find a great job. There are many openings and as many people looking for social media management jobs. You need to stand out in the crowd. One thing that will help you stand out is a winning resume. Here are eight tips to create your winning social media marketing resume.

  1. Experience

List your experience first if you have it. Jobs should be listed by the last job first and only up to four jobs, unless there is one which highlights your skills, then you can add a fifth job. Make sure the jobs accent your skills as a social media specialist. You want to list your jobs and make a bullet point list underneath showing off what you have accomplished at that position. You will also want to list any skills or achievements you have obtained at the job.

  1. Education

This will be the second component of your resume, unless you are just out of school and do not have as much experience. Then list your education first. Be sure to list your degrees and highlight any classes which might pertain to your social media marketing skills. Emphasize marketing, communication, and technical writing classes. These classes show how well rounded you are and your background writing experience.

  1. Make your resume stand out

Since you are on the cutting edge of social media marketing, show this in your resume. You can use colors and fonts to make your resume stand out from the pack. You can find resume templates online and cover letter temples to help guide you in creating your unique resume. These templates can be the start of a winning resume. Check out this Resumeble resume service, a professional resumes that get you shortlisted.

  1. Highlight copywriting and communication skills

If you have taken classes in communication be sure to highlight those in your resume. Any type of oral or written communication is essential in your job.  If you have worked as a copyeditor, make sure to include that in employment or skills. It is important to have great communication and grammar skills to be a social media specialist.

  1. Tailor your resume

One important factor is to tailor your resume to fit the job you are applying for. You should have at least three to five different resumes available to work with. If the job application stresses education, be sure to stress your education. You need to fit your resume to the job you are applying for.

  1. Research the company

Go onto the company’s website and find out what is important to them. Figure out what keywords they use and try to incorporate those into your resume. Cater your resume towards their business. A generic resume will not get you a job anymore. You have to do your research and be prepared to highlight the qualities that prospective employers are looking for.

  1. Analytical

Be sure to include any analytical programs you use to track your social media. If you use it, you are probably fluent in it. Whatever you use to keep track of your pages and your entries, be sure to highlight it. Companies can find anyone to write a Facebook or
Twitter blog. They want someone who brings results with their entries. You can show proven results through your analytical programs.

  1. Web page

Attach a link to your personal web page. You can highlight what you have accomplished on the page and give examples of your work. Employers can see how and what you have written and what you are able to produce. This will help you polish off your winning resume.

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