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February 09, 2024

Google ads are one of the great ways online brands use to reach more customers and generate leads and sales. 

Most brands are using Google ads to advertise their business. Research by Statista shows Google ads revenue goes past 135 billion marks by 2019

However, to have the best effective ads, you need to give your target customers need to trust your brand. 

Your customers need to know well what you are selling out to them through your ads.

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This calls for more information on your ads that will help your target customer choose your brand over others. 

Information that will help you win clients’ trust, get them to click through to your website, and make a purchase.

This is where the ads extension comes in. In a simple term, ad extensions are pieces of information that add more details and make your ads clear to attract and specific to draw more customers to your brand.

Why use ads extensions

Increase an ad CTR

When your ad has more information to guide your target customers on what to do as they search for a solution CTR is increased. 

Research by Smart Insights shows that the average CTR in Google ads is 5.06% on the search networks and 0.5% on the display networks.

Using Google extensions will help more target customers click the ads as they get the right information. 

The information will lead them to your brand to offer a possible solution to their pain points. 

Increased click-through rate helps brands to generate more leads and traffic to their website which increases conversion rates and sales.

Increase ad authenticity

You are not only creating ads to reach more customers, but also to build trust with them. 

If target customers don’t trust your business, they are less likely to use it to solve their pains.

Using extensions increases ad authenticity and makes more target customers trust you.

If for instance, you have an e-commerce store, they can see your business details like a phone number to call or actual location. 

They know where you’re located and that you are a real business, not an online scam.

Make ads more competitive

As you run Google ads, you know in the back of your mind that you have competitors. The best way to stand above your competitors is by using ad extensions.

Creating an awesome ad and using the right ad extension for more details helps you stand out in your market niche. 

You provide your target customers with the information they are looking for when searching for a solution to their challenges.

Help target customers act

Target clients like any other person need direction on what to do. You can use ads extension to show your target readers what to do after reading your ads. 

With the right ad extensions, more customers will click your business, convert, and make a sale that will increase your business profits.

Easy to use

Ads extensions are easy to use when running your ads. You can add some of the extensions automatically or manually.

It makes it easy to create captivating and attractive ads that will draw more target customers to your business.

Increase ads visibility

Creating Google ads and including the right ad extensions that target your customer pain points to provide a solution can increase ad ranking.

Remember Google’s mission to organize and provide the most relevant information to users. 

Ads extensions make your Google ads more relevant and increase their ranking in search engines. 

Types of Google ads extensions

Sitelink extension

Within your ads, you may want your target customer to click through to specific pages you want them to visit.

You can use this extension to add those links that will send your visitors to the pages you want.

When target customers click on those they can access more information about your business services or products. 

It simplifies their decision-making process and increases conversion rates.

Promotion extensions

You can add this extension if you have products on offer or want to give your customers discounts for what you sell.

If target customers see your ad and promotion for the product they are searching more, they will likely click through to your site and make a sale.

Alongside the extensions, the target customer can get some more information on the product on offer.

Once you click the extension you are taken to the product on discount or offer. You can then get the item at a discount.

Callout extensions

These provide more information to the target customer when they call to reach out to the business if they want. 

They include customer care information or any other that lead target customers to the brand. 

It makes it easy for target customers to contact the brand if they are interested in what it is offering.

Structured snippet extensions

You want to give your target customers all the information they need on what you sell. 

You can use it to show what you offer and make it easy for target customers when they come searching for products or services to help them solve their pain points.

You can use them to let your customer know you better and what you offer so you can increase the right clicks to your website which increase conversion and sales.

Call extensions

When target customers read your ads and are interested in your business, they will connect with you.

They do so through a phone call. This extension provides the user with the right call number and details target customers can use to connect with a business. Here is an example of this ad extension type.

Price extensions

This extension helps you provide the customer with your pricing for the products or services you offer like the example below.

Price is a major factor for all customers in their buyer journey process. When you use this extension and provide target customers with your pricing structure, it makes it easy to decide if to use or not to use your business. 

They can know if they can afford services or products and make their decisions without wasting time.

Location extensions

Your potential customers could be searching for businesses within a certain location of their choice. 

As you advertise your business through Google ads, you can use location extensions to show customers where your business is located. Here is an example.

This makes it easy for them to reach out to your business. Providing the right location details and directions to your business are essential.

Most of the customers who do local searching for brands have already made a decision to buy. They are just looking for a business and then make the sale

The right location of your brand can draw more customers to your business and increase your revenue and brand growth.

Seller rating extensions

Customers trust and like brands other customers are using or have used. Customers often search for reviews, ratings, and testimonials before they engage with a brand. See the example below.

This extension helps brands show their ratings within their ads. This increases how to target customers perceive your brand, build more trust, and lead to conversion and sales.

App extensions

These extensions help draw the attention of customers to your app and download them. 

To build more trust and lead target customers to act you can include more details. 

Information on how many people downloaded it, how they rate the ease of use, and how it costs ( if it’s not free)

Affiliate location extensions

You can use this extension to let your customers know about retail chain stores that sell your products.

Here is a note from Google on affiliate location extension.

And here is how they work on both the search network and display network.

Message extensions

With this extension, your target customers can easily contact you by sending a message directly to your brand.

However, this ad extension is for devices that can send or receive text messages and most mobile devices. 

You can use it to make the engagement of your customers to your brand easy through messaging.

Mistakes to avoid when using ads extension

Ads extension can significantly help you grow your brand sales and revenue. For the extensions to work well and help grow your brand, here are the mistakes you need to avoid when using them.

Don’t just place them if they aren’t relevant

Using irrelevant ads extension can affect your business. Don’t place extensions that will not provide the right information and lead target customers to convert.

 It is also important to know what your customers mostly use to access your online business. 

Customers are now more likely to use mobile devices in search of information online. Ensure your ad extensions can display well on mobile devices.

Have the right strategy to optimize your mobile experience and increase the chances of target customers seeing your ads.

Provide the same information in your ad text and ad extension

You want to help your customers lead more about your business products or services so they can engage with your brand and convert.

Then you need to provide as much information as possible. Repeating your message in your ad text and ad extensions will not help you much.

Ensure your ads extension provide more information for your ads to win target customers to your brand and lead them to click through to your website.

Factors that affect your ad extensions and general Google ads

Your bid

Higher bid on your Google ads improves your ad ranking and the chances of showing your ad extensions. 

Apart from bidding high on the ads, ensure that your ads have a high-quality score. Here are some of the factors affecting ad ranking.

Other ads extension

Not all ad extensions rank so well. Google has their own system they use to rank ads based on the combination of the different ads used. It is important to use at least four relevant ad extensions for your ads.

How to set up Google ads extensions

You already have a running Google ads account. Log in to the account and click on either campaigns or ad group.

From there click on the ads and extensions tab and then click on the extension. They are found on the left side of the page. 

At the top of the page click the + sign to access ads extensions. There you can choose the type of ads extension you want to add to your ads.

To increase the effectiveness of the ad extension in achieving your advertising goals, you can customize each ad extension you use. 

As your customer in mind as you customize the extensions to provide the most relevant information, they will need to take action. 

Check out how the ads extension appears from the Google preview and then save it. However, if you are using an automatic ads extension they will not go through all that.

How to measure your google ads extension performance

As you run your Google ads you need to know how your ad extensions are performing. 

This will help you adjust and improve the quality of your ad performance to increase conversion rates and help you achieve your business goals.

Here is how you can measure the performance of your ad extension.

And here is how you can get performance reports if you are using an automated ads extension.


In this time and age running online businesses is becoming more competitive each day. 

As a business owner, you need to put in all the effort to place your brand before your target customers and beat your competitors.

As part of standing above your competitors ensure your Google ads are competitive and attractive to target customers. 

Consider the above ads extension as you create your ads to help in your advertising strategy. Use the right ads extension combination for your Google ads campaigns.

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