Valentines Day Email Subject Lines

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The lovers’ day is close and you want to capture target clients and make great sales this special day. You need something captivating, impressing and attractive.

Irrespective of what you are selling, you need to engage your target customers to your brand to earn their trust and sell them your products.

Here is 2019 research from Finder on the spending habits of different people on valentine’s day.

And here is Much Needed buying statistics for this special lovers day.

Online purchases for valentine products have been on the increase over the years as more customers shop for valentine gifts online.

To target and capture this rising number of online purchasers you need to engage them in your brand.

Send enticing email marketing campaigns to increase user engagement to your brand, increase conversions and sales.

Here are some of the subject lines you can use to target valentine buyers.

  1. Save 50% off your sale. Your lover doesn’t have to know this
  2. LAST CHANCE!! Get your valentine special offer NOW
  3. This is just for you my love. Enjoy
  4. You need an awesome Valentine’s day. We got you covered.
  5. Enjoy 30% discount on jewelry this special day
  6. Four days left and the offer is gone. Grab it while you can. It’s for your valentine
  7. We love you so much. We want you to be our valentine with these offers
  8. Save 40% with our awesome valentine gifts
  9. Looking for special VALENTINE clothes, enjoy our special collection just for the day
  10. Here comes our valentine’s free gift offer
  11. Want to know VALENTINE is here. Check out our 50% product discount
  12. We love you, customers. And this is what we have for you
  13. How about Free shipping for every valentine product you buy. Isn’t that cool?
  14. Love at first sight. Why not treat your lover with our special product at an amazing discount?
  15. Make your valentine order with us and you will have it at no EXTRA cost.
  16. Need a change for your VALENTINE DAY. Try our great products
  17. This Valentine, show your love with These awesome products
  18. Special gifts for special people this Valentine. Wanna see them?
  19. What a surprise from your love. And we want to make your surprise more memorable to them
  20. Your VALENTINE is near. Have you prepared a special treat for your love?
  21. Make your valentine day UNFORGETTABLE with these special products offers
  22. Here are our Valentine’s specials. Save up to 50% on your purchases and give your love the treat they deserve.
  23. Happy valentine’s day. Here are our new arrivals specially prepared for you.
  24. Don’t MISS our healthy special valentine day offers and discounts
  25. Your love is waiting. Surprise them this Valentine with great products
  26. Want a special gift for your VALENTINE? Try out our products
  27. It’s time for LOVE. Here is what we got for your special day
  28. And all this just for your VALENTINE. Get the most out of this special day
  29. We have the perfect gift for your VALENTINE. Want to know it?
  30. Don’t wait until the last minute. Get your VALENTINE PRESENT now at a discounted price.

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