Fathers Day Email Subject Lines

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You want your target clients to spend on your business this fathers’ day, right? Then you need to engage them with attractive and engaging emails.

Fathers day is a great day to acknowledge all fathers across the world. There are different activities you can do on this day to appreciate your father. To achieve this, you need great subject lines for your email marketing campaigns.

For instance, on this day brands that sell cards get lots of customers. Research shows that there are 72 million cards exchanged during this special day every year.

Research by Statista shows that customers spend around $16 billion on Fathers day.

This is a clear indicator that more cards are sold than ever on this day. That’s why you need great subject lines for your email campaigns to attract these clients, engage them and sell them your products.

Wondering where to get these email subject lines? Don’t worry. Try these.

  1. Daddy, this is just for you. ENJOY
  2. SAVE 30% on your purchase this Fathers’ day
  3. Give your dad a special treat this Father’s day. Enjoy our offers
  4. We help you sort out your father’s day. See how
  5. Dad, this is for you to make you PROUD
  6. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING with 20% off this FATHER’S DAY
  7. We have amazing gifts for FATHERS DAY. Check them out
  8. You need to make a decision fast because FATHERS DAY offers are ending soon
  9. We got your PERFECT gift for PERFECT dad. Here it is
  10. 50% discount on your FATHERS DAY. Isn’t that cool
  11. You talked we listened. Here are fathers day gifts.
  12. Special days need a surprise. Give it to your dad with 40% off the price
  13. This GIFT is just thanks for DAD on his special day
  14. TWO HOURS and the father’s day offer is gone. HURRY UP
  15. We know what your father means to you. Here is our offer to help him celebrate his day
  16. Your dad loves these products. Why don’t you give them to him on his day
  17. What a surprise. 70% off our products on FATHERS DAY
  18. We are offering FREE SHIPPING for you this fathers day
  19. Here is your personalized GIFT for your father this FATHERS DAY
  20. FATHERS DAY is here. See what you can save on this special day
  21. A special day with GOODIES for you. Amazing huh?
  22. Don’t tell DAD. We Got 60% off his best GIFT for his day
  23. You are a king dad. That’s why we have this special gift for you
  24. Don’t tell them. We are offering free shipping for $50+ spending on our products
  25. We know how to make your FATHERS DAY amazing. Just see
  26. Visit our shop for great FATHERS DAY takeaways for your DAD
  27. Make this father’s day memorable. Check out our discounted products
  28. We got an easy way to show love to your FATHER on his great day
  29. Want to inspire your DAD on his great day. We got your back. See our offers
  30. This is our one in a million product offers for your DAD. Don’t miss it out
  31. Our 30% off + free shipping for FATHERS DAY starts NOW!!!
  32. This product will show DAD how much you love and value him. BUY IT!!!

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