5 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost Online Services Sales


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

The online world is full of competition. Every brand struggles to create its unique identity and ultimately increase its sales. Creative marketers are constantly planning new tactics to boost sales, and Facebook ads are one of them. Facebook ads are used by almost every brand regardless of their market size. It has been commonly observed that some brands have gained great fame through their Facebook ads, while others were unsuccessful with this strategy.

Let us see what the five best ad campaigns on Facebook are:

Messenger ads

Messenger ads on Facebook have great strength in them. Today, marketers believe that we have to go where people are chatting and use unique CTAs to grab their attention. Some messenger ads include click-to ads, sponsored messages, stories, and inbox messages.

We have a great example of Mobile Monkey here. They build chatbots in minutes. They have made a strategy for generating leads, and they opted for a messenger ad campaign. In this campaign, they selected messages for delivering their message. Whenever the user clicks on their message, he will be taken to a messenger chatbot.

But why will the user click on the message? For this, one needs to grab attention by showing something unusual. They opted for the thing that stood out of the box. It was a colorful unicorn. Since people had never seen a colorful unicorn, they were amazed to see what it was about. Then they left people wondering by using the CTA “send me the secrets.”

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

Video ads


Many brands have researched, and the results have shown that video ads are doing great. A study shows that video ads are 20% more effective than images. Facebook’s video ads have no comparison with any other marketing tactic.

Thus, thousands of brands are using videos for their ad campaigns. This does not mean you have to spend a hefty budget making videos. You can create videos with your smartphone. However, what you are showing in your video is essential. The message should be attention-grabbing, and people should stop to see what it is about.

Some brands use stories of change-makers in their videos, while others integrate humorous messages to grab customers’ attention. We have many examples here. The brand TOMS excellently did funnel marketing through Facebook videos.

Their campaign started with stories of change-makers in the first step. Then in the second step, they connected their products with these stories using short videos. They also announced giveaways to people who commented “TOMS.” The brand got a considerable number of visitors and then retargeted its highest number using dynamic product ads.

Lead ads

Lead ads are used for growing your e-commerce mailing list. Instead of directly asking for the information, brands use unique strategies.

Here we have an excellent example of Jon Loomer Digital. His creativity is commendable. He has gone out of the box and created a quiz. He wanted to get the contact information to generate leads, and for this, he made nine questions and a quiz that stated: “test your knowledge.” After the examination, it was shown that correct answers would be emailed; one has to give the contact information.

The image’s content that stated “quiz” left people wondering about this quiz. People always find it interesting to check their knowledge, and once they are done with the examination, they will provide their information to know their results.

Similarly, if one has opened a new carpet cleaner’s London shop and wants to collect information about potential clients, they can start a lead ad campaign by saying that the ones who fill out this short form will get a 5 % discount.

Dynamic ads


The dynamic ad campaign of Facebook automatically promotes the products to people who have visited the page often and have shown interest in the products. We need to upload our movement, and the products will be displayed automatically with up-to-date pricing.

Dynamic ad campaigns work exceptionally when people visit the page but do not make a final purchase. If this happens repeatedly, and even a vigorous ad campaign is not showing results, the marketer needs to change its strategies. Sometimes, a revised pricing policy can do wonders.

We have an example of Brave Fabrics here. They were successful in increasing their ROI through Facebook’s dynamic ad campaign. They promoted the products in which users were interested but did not make a final purchase. They also kept their prime focus on their most profitable products and eliminated the lowest profit-making products from their list.

Collection ads

The campaign of collection ads has provided tremendous sales to some top-notch brands worldwide. People on social media want to get maximum information in the shortest time. Thus, they get bored with a single product image. Collection ads show a video or a picture of a group of products. Therefore, brands can show maximum stuff by taking fewer viewers’ time.

Dollar Shave Club has set an excellent example in this campaign. They were successful in increasing their subscriptions dramatically. This campaign is highly effective for previous customers. However, one needs to ensure that the designs and images are attention-grabbing.

Whether it is a messenger ad or a lead ad campaign, a short Facebook video, or a dynamic ad for product collection, we need to ensure that our efforts are consistent. Consistency is the success factor of campaigns. These campaigns can never provide results in one day. One needs to keep track and consistently make changes to get favorable results.

It should be kept in mind that our competitors are well-aware of the above campaigns. Thus, we need to think creatively to boost our sales with a more significant margin.

Author’s Bio: Shawn Mike provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him tackle topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for Dynamologic Solutions.

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