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February 09, 2024

Brand recognition is all around us, it starts with a great name, of course, but is cemented by a great logo. Creating logos that make an impact win over a new customer with a first glance as well as foster brand loyalty from your current customers.

People coming from miles around know there is always a place to eat under the golden arches. All over the world runners are wearing the swoosh on their feet.

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McDonald’s and Nike are one of many companies with these household logos that children younger than five can identify.

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Here are some things to consider when creating logos that make an impact:


This is the first tip to any steps toward growing your company. Know your brand! Consumers look for consistency above all and knowing what your company is all about gives the customer something to hold onto.

Are you the brand that beats all other competitor’s low prices? Or are you the one cultivating sophistication for its customers?

Is your brand promoting luxury or utility? What is your brand’s personality? Are you quirky and fun? Or are you for those people who take themselves seriously?

Whether you are designing the logo yourself or hiring a designer to do so, be prepared to ask questions! Finding these answers narrow down your search for the perfect logo when it comes to color, image, and design.

Nickelodeon’s bright orange splat is never going to be confused for marketing to adults. Its notable color and fun shape are eye-catching to all those children they want recognizing their logo.

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If your brand needs to succeed in today’s competitive environment, premium logo design and branding services are a necessity rather than an option.


Let’s go back to that swoosh. As long as the designer spent coming up with the symbol, it’s true genius is its simplistic design and easy duplication. 

A check like image made to make us feel speed and movement, with a nod to the Greek Goddess the company was named for, is now an easy to spot logo which skyrocketed Nike into its fame. Created in the early 1970s this image still maintains its original design.

Easy logos are adaptable. Creating a complex design may make one feel accomplished and look great on a large corporate sign, but your logo should be everywhere; business cards, social media, or on your own mobile app. No matter the format we should be able to recognize your logo.

Any logo that gets too intricate can be easily misidentified or passed by, but a simple image can make someone speeding on the highway stop for a drive-thru burger, possibly even a new pair of shoes.

Logos are not like fashion they don’t need to follow trends or change every year. When done right, they’re monumental. When creating your original logo make sure to keep it as simple as possible, and much like the swoosh, your logo will stand the test of time.


Looking to the experts for guidance, quotes, and advice can be wonderful for a flourishing company, but be careful. When looking at successful logos for inspiration, we run the risk of replicating an already established design.

Using other logos as a reference can make your logo less recognizable, or considered a cheap version of a better-known brand. Logos that make an impact are brand-new, memorable, and inspiring.

Original, recognizable logos give your audience a feeling of trust and set you apart from your competitors. Recognizing a brand logo gives a company a superiority in their respective industry.


Knowing what logo is appropriate goes back to understanding your brand. This is not to say you need to give the customer details into what specific products you are selling. Apple’s logo is not a computer, Starbucks’s logo isn’t a hot cup of coffee, and Audi’s logo isn’t a car. Making an appropriate logo comes from understanding the nature of the company. Understanding the brand. When selecting image design and color, marketing to the correct audience is vital. 

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Audi’s simple four-ring logo is a mark of sophistication and luxury, perfect for their market. The four rings represent the four original German auto manufacturers that came together to form what is now Audi. This historic representation with a simple, unique design is the making of the perfect logo.

Finding your brand first will make finding what’s appropriate come naturally. Being inspired by the company’s story will bring appropriate and original designs to mind.


Selecting the right color for your logo can carry as much weight as selecting the perfect design. Colors can represent a wide range of emotions and if you’ve selected the wrong one, it can steer someone away from your brand. A quick overview of emotions with color:

  • Red: Active, aggressive, powerful, sexy.
  • Pink: Gentle, fun, energetic
  • Blue: Tranquil, peaceful, trustworthy.
  • Green: Nature, evolving, intellectual.
  • Yellow: Positive, curious, hopeful.
  • Orange: Fun, child-like, creative.
  • Purple: Transformation, sophistication, spirituality.
  • Brown: Earth, simplicity, utility.
  • Black: Classic, distinctive, bold.
  • Gray: Practicality, stability, authority.
  • White: Cleanliness, purity, truthfulness.

When selecting the color of your logo, know you may be selecting the color of your brand. Coca Cola’s red logo gives us energy and excitement, much like the caffeine loaded drink does itself.

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Solidifying your logo in black and white before selecting your color will help better inform your decision. Many logos like Nike, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, and ABC stick with black and white, ultimately making their logos more versatile and able to adapt with the changing times.

Creating logos that make an impact sets up a brand for long term success. Holding on to your company’s goals and values will ensure your logo’s sustainability in your competitive industry. But a simplistic, memorable, inspiring design only takes you part of the way.

The company’s success is a logo’s success. A small-town business may have the best logo ever designed, but their limited reach only gets the logo’s impact so far. Taking the perfect logo with you as you expand your brand will give your company its deserved place in becoming a household name.

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