New And Effective Features Of Instagarm Make Social Media A Better Place


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Gone are those days when social media was used in an unproductive way and was considered by many as a platform for bullying others or post anything derogatory. With better control, regulations and moderation feature it is now the most successful and productive platform to share views, photos, comments and much more.

This is the most effective media for spreading awareness amongst the users whether it is for a social cause or a product or services. Over time, the anti-bullying feature incorporated in different social media platforms and even Instagram has made it a far better and more beautiful place.

The fact that you have to post a fire picture to Instagram can be a little scary. The reason behind this is that sharing a part of your life with the entire world can turn out to be pretty vulnerable at times. There is a high chance that someone may come along and leave a nasty comment on it for no good rhyme or reason.

This can be really depressing though you can surely report about such comments and the IG may take down such contents. But the fact that you are bullied involves much more complicated matters than that.

Instagram now is here to help you and prevent such incidents with their new anti-bullying features that are directly built into the app.

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About the features

One of the features incorporated by Instagram to prevent social media users from being bullied use a machine learning technology. The usefulness of this feature is that:

  • It can detect bullying in photos and its captions proactively
  • It can send these to the Community Operations team for a review.

Knowing that there is always a risk of getting bullied and mean comments when things are offered live, Instagram has taken additional measures and have also incorporated a bullying comment filter on these live videos.

The final and most significant feature is the kindness camera effect. This is supposed to populate on the app automatically. The working process of this feature involves:

  • Swiping open the camera
  • Tapping the face icon at the bottom and
  • Choosing the new camera effect.

If you are using the Selfie mode, lots of hearts will fill the screen. You can tag a friend for support. Your friend, on the other hand, will receive a notification to inform that you have mentioned them in your story. In turn, your friend or friends can share it with their own story. They may also use the camera effect so that they can spread kindness to anyone else.

However, when you switch to the rear camera of your system, you will be able to see a series of kind comments in many different languages.

The concerns with social media

The concerns with social media are what the co-founder of Instagram is more worried about. There are different companies that are trying to throw new algorithms at one of the most intractable issues of the world which is the viciousness associated in online life. It only needs a robust technology that will be good enough to expunge the vilest elements from the online discourse as the thought goes.

However, there is a serious point missed out. The industry is focusing more on technology while the demand of the hour is to focus more on finding out ways in which the content of the people can be controlled. This control has nothing to do with artificial intelligence, robots, and image detection. It is a simple control over the content and a philosophical switch just to say that you are and not the social media are in control of your content.

This is a big shift as big companies such as Facebook are now investing extensively in artificial intelligence for the moderation purpose. These big companies have a big and strong team to ensure content safety and an equally efficient staff who are involved with crafting policies for the content moderators.

However, experts and critics think it is the wrong way to prioritize right now. Ideally, the focus should be more on technical fixes as well as on the control of the online lives of the people much like they have in their real lives.

It is a welcome start

Such useful features incorporated by Instagram have enabled different companies and experts such as to make the best use of it to ensure proper speed and nicer comments on your post. Though this is just the beginning, the efforts of Instagram to make social media a better place is welcome. It is sure to stay and improve with each passing day and provide followers with the best user experience. The controls that are rolled out as of now include:

  • Giving users the power to shut down unfair comments on their photos
  • Providing them with the ability to block words as well as groups selectively and
  • Ability to make several other granular adjustments.

The list of benefits does not end there, and users can also enjoy Instagram posts in a far better way when:

  • The AI filters bring down the harassment
  • Provides users the ability to manage their own online lives and
  • Enable people to spend more time on this app.

Instagram follows the basic principle of humanity which states that when you give people the best possible tools to do things, they will generally make the right decisions. It is the trust of the people that are raised which these features incorporated in Instagram has been able to do over and over again.

Reduce different abuse

Whether it is Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, these are hardly free from any type of harassment. The problems shared are common, and it has been able to drive people off these social media networks. Different forms of abuse such as bullying, death threats, neo-nazis and others must be taken care of which these features have been able to do.

Being the most popular network, Instagram was also the “No. 1 platform” for getting hateful messages. However, with these features, Instagram can now tackle harassments in a better way.

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