How to Market Your Ecommerce Store Using YouTube


Kevin Urrutia




February 09, 2024

If you’re searching for other means to promote your ecommerce store products and services, YouTube is a terrific medium you can leverage.

It’s multimedia setup and tremendously broad audience reach (close to 2 billion views and users) make YouTube a highly suitable avenue for you to broadcast your brand.

Here are four ways to market your ecommerce store using YouTube:

1. Feature video testimonials by influencers.

It’s one thing for your customers to see you talk about your product and demonstrate how to use it. It’s another thing for, say, 20 people to give your ecommerce store praise.

Video testimonials and reviews are compelling marketing tools that help level up customer trust in a brand. 

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Video testimonials by influencers are also one of the current advertising trends that make marketing look natural so the brand can connect with shoppers better.

These messages can have a game-changing influence over other shoppers to try your ecommerce store.

Many celebrities and non-celebrity regular users and bloggers upload product reviews, both sponsored and unsolicited ones, that gain thousands or even millions of subscribers.

Take Marques Brownlee for example, who became famous on YouTube for posting hands-on experiences unboxing and reviewing new gadgets, other technologies, and vehicles.

These influencers present the perfect opportunity for you to partner with them in marketing your ecommerce store.

Influencers hold so much potential that they’re tapped by product managers for email campaigns, videos, and other promotional means.

In picking out the best influencer, make sure they lean toward the same market and product niche you’re in.

For instance, if you’re selling fashion pieces, a gadget-savvy influencer may not be directly able to connect with your target audience.

To help you find YouTube influencers, you can use tools online such as Scrunch.

The tool conveniently asks you to pick your genres, such as travel, fashion, beauty, and more. 

Upon selecting one, results appear with influencers and their sample posts, icons of social platforms engaged in, and the number of followers or subscribers they have.

Tools like this do the screening and info gathering for you so you can easily browse through, select and contact influencers you’re ready to work with.

2. Create attractive thumbnails.

If you’re frequently using YouTube, you can quickly distinguish your favorite channels by their thumbnail design.

When you see their video thumbnail, you are likely to hurry on clicking it to see what new video they have uploaded.

YouTube video thumbnails, hence, are a great way to market your ecommerce store. 

Thumbnails can attract your viewers and inform them of what your video is about.

To achieve both objectives, you should ensure your thumbnails are relevant in text and design.

Here’s an example by Oberlo:

Oberlo designs their thumbnails attractively by using bright background colors and icons. 

You would also know directly what the videos are about because the text in the thumbnails says so.

You can also create attractive thumbnails through nifty tools available online. One of them is Canva.

From their homepage, you can select YouTube thumbnail to start designing. 

This page should then appear:

From there, you can select from among different kinds of templates depending on your purpose and genre, like travel, beauty or tutorials, and customize them.

You can also create your thumbnail from scratch using elements like text, images, backgrounds, shapes, and others.

Just like with Oberlo, to make your thumbnails relevant, remember to display the topic of your video and set the text against an attractive and visually friendly background.

3. Set the right thumbnail size.

If thumbnails are too small or pixelated, do you think you’ll be attracted to click and view it?

If you’re like most people, you probably wouldn’t. After all, if the thumbnail looks crappy, chances are, the video itself is crappy, too.

This tells us how important video thumbnails are. And if you want to create one that looks professional, then you need to use the right size for your YouTube thumbnails.

A carefully-crafted thumbnail has the capability to attract your viewers more effectively and can give you an unfair advantage over your competitors who aren’t careful with their thumbnails.

The perfect size for your YouTube thumbnails should be large and high-quality.

To achieve this, it is best to set your dimensions at 1280 x 720 pixels.

When creating your thumbnails, make sure the tool you’re using allows you to adjust the measurements of your design.

In Canva, for example, the tool we used previously, upon selecting YouTube thumbnail on the homepage, the template is automatically set at 1280 x 720 pixels.

Other tools allow you to adjust them yourself, so make sure you remember this recommended size.

If you wish to size your thumbnail on Canva manually, you can click Resize when you go to your digital canvass where you customize your design.

4. Show the same branding in all your YouTube videos.

Showing the same branding in all your YouTube videos is a reliable way to market your ecommerce store.

Having the same design and format enables you to stick out from among the sea of video content.

It establishes your brand and helps your subscribers spot and identify you quickly.

However your branded your ecommerce on your website and other platforms should also be the same on YouTube.

That way, your branding across all realms where people see you is unified. 

Look at how Google Ads showed the same branding in their video tutorials:

Google Ads followed the same formats across its videos.

It displayed its logo and the title of the series, Google Ads Tutorials, and then the specific topics all following the same font style.

Even the video title follows the same template: Google Ads Tutorials: .

In this way, video tutorials are by Google Ads are more recognizable and appear more credible.

Keep this principle in mind, too, as you design your YouTube thumbnails. 

Final Thoughts

Testimonials, attractive thumbnails in their right sizes, and the same branding — strategies like these enhance your viewers’ ability to trust and recognize you better among other stores.

As such, using YouTube in marketing your ecommerce store can surely help increase your brand exposure.

Once you’ve mastered these strategies as you regularly employ them, you’ll find marketing to your target audience much easier.

Have you used YouTube to market your ecommerce store? Please tell us your story below and share this post with your friends.

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