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October 20, 2022

Everyone’s Twitter feed is live and moving, so as a result, posting a generic inspirational quote once will not gain you much reach or attention, or any new followers for that matter.

Within 140 characters, you must find a way to reach your target audience, allowing people to discover your profile and urge them to participate with your brand.

This can be challenging, especially if you are trying to coordinate your Twitter strategy alongside other social media platforms!

Here are nine things that social media managers should take time to do daily, in order to grow their brand’s following on Twitter:

1. Post Your Twitter Handle Everywhere

Post your twitter handle on your website and everywhere else, including on advertisements and any print material that your company produces.

If your customers are loyal to your brand, they will be interested to know that you have a twitter profile and will most likely want to join the community, see what you’re talking about, and keep up-to-date on your company.

2. Take Advantage of Your Profile

Your goal should be to get people who see your profile hit “follow”!

Make sure your company bio is short and sweet, but most of all catchy with industry terms weaved in to peak your audience’s interest.

Also include your company URL so that it’s easy to drive people to your website.

3. Join in on Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a great way for your company to actively engage with a new audience, create new relationships, and discover what they are interested in.

This is also a great way for companies to tap into relevant conversations and keep up-to-date on relevant topics within the industry.

Most importantly, brands should keep in mind that this is not a selling space, but rather a place to grow awareness and participate in discussions.

4. Tag Relevant Profiles in Photos

Since Twitter feeds are always moving, it’s easy for your posts to be missed. Posting a photo with your tweet is a great way to engage followers.

You can tag up to 10 profiles in a photo without affecting your character count in your tweet.

This alerts these specific profiles and gives them more of a reason to engage with it, which will then extend the tweet’s reach and visibility.

5. Use Keyword and Hashtags

Take some time to research keywords and hashtags that are being used in the industry or by similar profiles.

Adding these to your tweets will make them more discoverable by potential new followers and other people within your target market, allowing your brand to join in on a conversation that is already happening.

6. Scheduled & Real-Time Tweets

Platforms such as Hootsuite or Tweekdeck are perfect for scheduling tweets to go out at peak times of the day.

However, it is also important to be posting in the moment, as this is technically the point of social media, right?

Unplanned events, birthdays and exciting things that happen around the office are prefect for spontaneous tweeting.

Its posts like these that will create interesting content for your followers to engage with. You are basically giving them a backstage pass to your brand.

Another thing that is great to include in your editorial calendar is causal non-official events such as national puppy day, international grilled cheese day, national siblings day, and so on.

You don’t need to post about them all, just the ones that are relevant to your brand.

7. Create Twitter Polls

This is a great way to start a conversation! You can create polls that are strategic to your brand or as a means of engagement.

Regardless, this is a fun way for your followers to engage and relate to your brand.

8. Target Your Messaging Specifically for Twitter

It takes a certain type of creative to be able to convey messaging within 140 characters, but it can be done!

It’s important to think about not copying and pasting your message from other platforms and customizing it to fit Twitter.

if you just cut and paste, it will be obvious to your followers and won’t gain you much traction.

Target your messaging specifically to Twitter and you will get results and people will begin to notice your account.

9. Follow People That Are Going to Add Value to Your Twitter Presence

You don’t always know who will specifically engage with your account, but you can take a pretty good guess!

Don’t just go down your “suggested followers” list and follow everyone, in hopes of gaining more followers. Take the time to go to each account, see what they are talking about, and if it is relevant to your brand.

Then see how often they actually engage with the accounts they follow and make a strategic decision from there. Following thousands of accounts in no way guarantees followers for your account!


Author’s Bio: Arun is a Technical content writer at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.  

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