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Multi-Touch Attribution

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Multi-touch attribution is a marketing technique that evaluates the impact of each touch point that drives conversions. Understanding touch points is a subset of marketing attribution and allows for accurate analysis of a marketing campaign’s success.

Why is Multi-Touch Attribution Important?

Today’s buyer journeys involve multiple touch points. For example, customers are using different devices, platforms, and social media channels to connect and engage with their favorite brands and businesses. Having a market attribution model helps to understand where to devote market spend, funds for similar campaigns, and minimizing funds to ineffective or inefficient marketing strategies.

Tapping into your multi-touch attribution allows you to visibly see the success points for each user journey. Using the data from your web analytics coupled with your marketing attribution model, you can make informed decisions to increase visibility at top-of-the-funnel, shorten the sales cycle and engage customers with fewer yet more effective marketing messages.

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