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Top of Funnel Marketing

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Top of funnel Marketing refers to the efforts that are used to attract, engage, and build awareness for your business.

This is how you will reach out to your target known and unknown audiences and converting them into leads. It’s the very top of your sales funnel and depends on strategic tactics such as:

The main objective of Top of Funnel Marketing is to reach out as large and relevant an audience as possible. To do this, building a detailed buyer persona allows for marketing efforts to target the exact needs and pain points of potential leads.

Why is Top of Funnel Marketing Important?

When you are launching a marketing campaign, the upper part of the funnel is dedicated toward creating buzz and excitement for your product, service, or brand.

Blog content and social media posts are popular forms of top of funnel marketing campaigns. Creating a campaign that focuses on specific buyer personas while providing content they actually care about has the potential to boosts awareness and drive more leads through your funnel.

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