How Territory Foods Uses Facebook Ads


Kevin Urrutia




February 10, 2021

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[00:00:31] Welcome to the podcast today. We are, I guess it’s a potty. This might even be on YouTube because we are reviewing a brand or that, I think we did that last week and it was great. Yeah, so today we’re going to be doing another brand review. The company that big for today is called territory foods, and we have never heard about this brand until maybe 10 minutes ago.

[00:00:49] So. Really great candida, sort of a preview. Their website, of course, their most importantly, their Facebook campaigns. From our perspective, we don’t have access to any of their data, so basically [00:01:00] territory foods, it’s basically what’s going to be on prep company. It says it’s chef may craveable delicious healthy foods, and then they have a great call to action in France, which says placing an order.

[00:01:11] It looks like there are whole 30 approved and what’s your, and it looks like a, they don’t use their free of refined sugars. And are gluten and dairy free. Interesting. So you use this type of stuff or, I use a cook a lot. His own stuff lately. Wife cooks a lot. We used it a little when this one, during her, not this one, but some one of these meal prep things that they send you and you know when she was in grad school or finals or could as much.

[00:01:40] So you know, these type of meal prep companies are great. I think it’s a great business model just in general, cause people are always gonna. Be too busy to cook. I know for awhile I was using another company in New Jersey. It was called eat clean, bro. I’ve seen him, I’ve seen the bags come to my building.

[00:01:55] They’re really popular here in New York slash New Jersey area. But I [00:02:00] think so as a, just as a business in general, I think it’s good idea. There’s some people that are always gonna be busy. They’re always on one pivots, and plus there’s like a health kick going on where everybody wants to be healthy, look fit, and I still think for anybody looking healthy, you’re getting fit foods probably.

[00:02:15] It’s still one of the biggest hurdles of cooking and making it healthy. Yeah. There’s always those memes on the fitness accounts. I go, what people think is hard going to the gym and then what’s actually art. It shows a bunch of healthy food. Yeah. Cause I mean I can read the credit. Like if you look up all of these weight loss programs that are just focusing on the food that you eat, not really the fitness aspect of it.

[00:02:35] And people. Post about it. Like, look, I just ate properly for 10 about 10 months, but like a profit for one month and I lost her pounds and there was no fitness there. And you still see that much bigger people losing weight without going to the gym just by changing their diet. So stuff like this is important.

[00:02:50] So it’s really great that this brand is sort of making sure from the meals are healthy, because there’s probably some, you know. That’s great. [00:03:00] Yeah, absolutely. So you could obviously see a couple of like motivators and creative angles just thinking about that. I haven’t looked at their ads that closely, but I hope they address.

[00:03:09] Or they might be addressing you just speculate from now you want to look at the website a little more. Let’s just look a little bit at the website. When you said I liked the website already, it’s very clean and simple. It has a really great value prop, and of course this place in order to, it looks good too, but there’s a traceable food.

[00:03:24] It’s probably interesting because I’m assuming they’ve probably tested these foods as I would assume they would test which of these meal kits looks the best. That way it looks appealing. Right? That’s the shrimp. It looks like a sweet potato. I screamed, scooped sweet potato. It looks interesting. That caught my eye immediately.

[00:03:40] It looks like ice cream or sweet potato, something that both like as a sweet tooth guy. So, and then they have the eggs, like breakfast. So I would assume like if I was them or you know, they’re, they’re probably testing sort of four major images, I imagine. I’m sure there’s a Chrome extension that people looking at the YouTube are.

[00:03:57] Saying, Oh, why don’t you have this in your chromes or I [00:04:00] can, same way I have the pixel helper for some kind of CRO tool, but I also really love it to have a chat bot button on the top, bottom left. I think chaplains are really great for brands, not, not just newer, older brands because customers, do you have questions?

[00:04:13] Absolutely. And it’s very low touch, sort of help versus emailing, I don’t know. Sure. Like you probably have some support for them to go to support something like Zendesk and they make you like set up for an account. And you’re just like, Oh my God, it’s so frustrating. I just want to email you an issue. So chatting is really great for that.

[00:04:30] And a Facebook chat, even a lot of customer service channels, they’re opening up. It looks like you can sign in with the social channel. That’s interesting. Really good customer service can go a long way for client retention. Conversion rates. Yeah. Especially if you’re driving traffic to a website. Like, of course we’re at the question, why not convert them versus having them email you and you know, getting someone to just do chat online is that expensive.

[00:04:52] It could be something that people just do. And also like a lot of these sort of chats just pipe into your Slack. So then some people just answer the question really quickly. [00:05:00] And I’m back in. My old agency is an SEO agency. I don’t know a lot of SEO, but. I know a lot of the team there, they would say, I’ll put an FAQ always on your headline, and there’s a lot of good SEO content there, but also it’s just good for website optimization.

[00:05:15] People use to answer a lot of questions that would otherwise be in a customer service chat. You can save a lot of time that way, and Google just came out with that. I think you sort of schema. Definitely it flows well. Uh, it flows almost like a really good landing page. Like if we were to send ads to this, if I was on this account, I feel pretty good sending them to this page as a landing page, as some call to action buttons.

[00:05:41] Um, they have this sticky bar that’s good. Good images. It’s like some quotes, perceived user generated content. They’re social proof. Good icons, nice. A nice website. It looks like they have a lot of interesting things. On the bottom of the website, on the footer [00:06:00] that you maybe you would want to see in the header or something like weekly menu.

[00:06:05] Something interesting about that. Maybe they do have it. Oh yeah. Menu weekly menu. Okay. That’s going to look rough on the screen according to that first menu. Then I click on the menu. Where are you on here? I’m looking at the menu as well, Kevin. I was looking at a different screen for me. Of course, I clicked New York.

[00:06:24] I think this, this is interesting because I’m looking at the menu for February 24th I guess it still was on February 24th but the first item is great out and it says image coming soon. Right. That’s weird. I mean, why would you put the item up? Yeah. It was probably some technical mistake. Sorry that we are putting this on the website, but anyway, it’s just a user experience thing that’s interesting for you.

[00:06:44] The experience that they switch. It’s great that you’re showing the users that this item’s coming soon. Cause I mean it probably be a thing that people want, but maybe you showed them a different way. Maybe you put it a little banner right underneath the date. It says, Hey, look the item coming soon, because you’re really taking up a lot of real estate [00:07:00] for an item that you do have in stock that people can click on to add to their meal.

[00:07:03] Yeah. That’s sort of where my thinking is coming from. Image coming soon. Looks. Yeah. But even then, like the item looks great out. I would have maybe subconsciously, Oh, I hope that wasn’t sold out. That’s what I like to read. Image coming soon, coming soon, but I thought it was sold out. Interesting. Okay.

[00:07:19] Interesting. I really liked the way these sort of images are designed. Product, I guess essentially products or many, essentially where it’s like the calories, the fat, the number of carbs and the protein, and I’d really like to sit a little red bar here. Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah. Yeah, I liked that a lot. A little bar for the visual.

[00:07:36] Perfect. It says the chef that made it to see there’s a human element there and get interesting foods. That’s cool. Big versatility. It does exactly what they say. It’s like a whole foods looks delicious and it seems pretty healthy. And then I like on the left side, they have, our meals are always free of refined sugars.

[00:07:56] Gluten free, real certified. Nondairy. [00:08:00] Fourth and freshly made. So it’s kind of just more proof of what they have, why they sort of get this meal. Good and good use of otherwise empty space. Maybe they’d have three columns or two columns. Looks nice, but yet this would otherwise be empty spaces. You could see on the right side of the screen, this is, yeah, pretty nice.

[00:08:18] You could do nothing crazy. Nothing like a distracting, but just something kind of maybe subliminal if anything else. Yeah, one thing. So I clicked on a meal. Right. And one thing that’s interesting on here is I can’t find a way to order or add. I do see the place, the order button. Maybe that’s how they get it started.

[00:08:40] But yeah, like I would a flu, like for example, with eat clean, bro, like if I, you would click on something like this, it’d be like add to your bag. I see what you mean. Or it’s kind of like, it’s kind of like the eCommerce website. And you have like, you know, swimsuits and it’s like, okay, start ordering now.

[00:08:55] But like you have no way to pick. All right. So I’m saying I [00:09:00] see what you mean. So instead of the one place, if there was a kind of a place in order by order this on this exam, just here, add this to your meal kit, the audit. We did have other account for beauty Bay where it’s like. Oh yeah, I see your routine.

[00:09:13] I hear routine right here. It’s like at your fitness after you’re sort of, you know, your diet or everyone with your diet. I think that’s another optimization yet good call to action. And you can get clever with the call to action name on the button and that starts that place. The order thing that this place, an order button probably gets you to.

[00:09:32] Sure. That could be good. Yeah. I would think that would be an optimization that we good. Um, because I think it’s just like, it’s, it’s a normal e-commerce thing to like add to something in here. There’s no way to add and place an order means like, okay, I’m ready for this whole thing. But someone might just be planning it out.

[00:09:47] Right. Their kids for the week. Absolutely. I click to place an order, I don’t want to put my names and passwords on during the loop recording. Yeah. Yeah, that’s a, that’s a confused too, like it’s [00:10:00] really like kind of a barrier for me. I would love to just add things to the card and also because as a fitness person, maybe you want to know, Hey, I got to set a meal kits.

[00:10:09] Here’s a total amount of protein I’m getting for the week. What amount of macros diminished that will, you’re ready to order. You say, okay, great. Like I’m ready. I already have my full sort of meal planned out for me. All I see to mean yet because we work with some subscription boxes. And they have a add this collection here, card or something.

[00:10:25] It’s a more straightforward add to cart process. This seems like a more kind of unique add to cart process, so that’s interesting. All right. Let’s go back to the homepage. You can get to this tab right here. Different page, but yeah. Interesting. They got a lot of different diets. Plant based vegan, vegetarian.

[00:10:41] Interesting. Low carb, low fed. That’s me that I’m the no preference one. That’s what I would do. He’d are reset. Interesting. All right. Nice. So websites, interesting. Definitely has that. Less is more approach that I love to see in websites. So I Google for their food territory foods and they have an ad [00:11:00] up, but I think the landing page, here we go promo that territory for your sector.

[00:11:03] Here we go. Interesting. Why UTM? Yeah. So you look at GTM, it looks like they’re running one who campaigns for their brand, right? Yeah. I like this. Uh, I like this. Even if you click the territory logo, it doesn’t take you the only button is the get started button. Or just a call to action button that they want you to do.

[00:11:26] Just great. I mean, I go both ways on having the logo go back to that critical page when you’re doing a landing page because you really want something to do the action on that landing page versus go home. I don’t know. I always go back and forth with that one, but I usually lean towards, no, you can’t go.

[00:11:42] Yeah, yeah. That’s what I like that too. Here. So they don’t bring it to the website. They keep you on it. Yeah. They got the headline, the subheader good image. Call to action. Very clear. Have you listened to our landing page, podcast episode? This is a good example of that. Interesting. Get $50 off and start 2020 right at top of your car.

[00:12:00] [00:12:00] I’m interested here because something like this is Brandon keyword search. If you need to give users that might be searching for your it at discount. Hmm. Interesting. It could be, this could be a great front end offer for brand new people that have never heard of your stuff, because I would assume like I know for sure customers are seeing this, clicking on it and then, and then go to their customer service reps and be like, Hey, I saw you did our discount.

[00:12:25] Can I also get it too? Yeah, I see what you mean. I just say first two weeks, so maybe there’s some rules that I know I still see people. The reason why is because with our own brands, we see that too. Yeah. So I mean, if I’m doing this, I’m making a separate email address or doing the plus sign email to get that extra $50 cause I don’t think we’re good.

[00:12:43] I know. The thing is people are going to ask for it because they know that comfort stories, it’s going to be more of a pain to say no. Yeah. Also, if it converts highly, they’re profitable. I’m sure. Same image. So that’s interesting. Maybe they did test it and it’s doing well. It’s on the landing page. If you look in their [00:13:00] ads, I think they haven’t really.

[00:13:01] Diverse amount of a lot of variety of images. So good. They got some benefits here. See your local menu and their call to action. They say the diets, so interesting little carousel. It looks like of different diets. Different. That’s cool. Some variety for Quito, low chord, Mediterranean, paleo plant based. And what I do like if this carousel is, you click one arrow and all three change where it’s not just like a moves constantly, so it requires less clicking.

[00:13:30] And each one is different diet style. I like that a lot. It makes sense. Yeah. It makes sense with the rest of the choose meals, terror, dietary preferences. That’s cool. I like that a lot. I like the how it works. Very simple. Queen two of your meals or sheds make your meal delivery and why choose it easy personal.

[00:13:52] Nice. Some more benefits. Even the white shoe. This is great for ad copy or ad idea of, right? Yeah. And if you [00:14:00] scroll down here, um, our meals are always, you know, really good stuff they mentioned earlier, but then there’s pricing, so that’s good to know. Starting in nine 95 a meal, and then the number of calories is interesting as well.

[00:14:12] And then if you scroll further down, you see our food unfiltered, and that’s where social proof comes in. And it’s kind of, there’s a couple of humor, like, um, I guess some humor, some realism or something, whatever you want to call it. Jenna, 25, California plant-based hates mushrooms. You know, she has her review.

[00:14:29] Then you want to hate cilantro over here. Quito. So that’s pretty cool. And they have a video. Interesting. From a technical standpoint, I like it. It’s very simple and clear. It’s easy to replicate. And for a lot of brands, if you like this, do you want to do this style? I like it a lot. I liked how they do the subtitles.

[00:14:45] A lot of brands just put whatever words, but they make it look really nice. Nice little kind of comes off as user generated content. It might, even though it might be acting immature, couldn’t tell, but um, yeah. It was great. We did [00:15:00] video and just, it’s really great because they have all the elements that we’d like to see in the landing page.

[00:15:05] Clear, concise reviews, really great photography, and you usually to get rid of content. Yeah, that’s really good stuff. So this is a really good thing. Yeah, of course. You got that discount. Maybe that does help convert top funnel traffic. Yeah. So if you’re looking for a good landing page example. Have you listened to our other landing page podcast, and this is a good example.

[00:15:26] I just literally Googled them and click the first ad that comes up, and that’s a good landing page example. Okay, that’s a good their ads now. Absolutely. And we’ll see what landing pages are ad skilled or maybe it comes to the same landing page, maybe the same or different. This tab over here. Okay, so I’m looking at their Facebook page right now.

[00:15:43] They have over 22,000 lakes and it looks like there’ll be a set of Virginia, and then the last post was 20 hours ago. Organically. So right now it looks like they have joined our team. Some ads, maybe they’re recruiting. That’s cool. How do you feel about sending Facebook [00:16:00] ads for recruit? I think it’s great.

[00:16:03] I mean, would you do a lot of ads for recruitment? So I have some like blatantly like their recruiting companies ads. That’s, that’s fair is interesting though. You have other campaign. They have a lot of it though. Like. Or maybe it’s an affiliate ambassador program for affiliates. It’s an ambassador program.

[00:16:21] I just read the first line, join our teams. But I think when you’re saying proves a great point, whereas sometimes with advertising, you’re reading the image, not the copy. Right? So. I think that we can sort of see, Hey look, this is why it’s important that your image has copied. That makes sense. Because you literally thought joined our team and you’re like, I don’t want to work for them.

[00:16:41] So I say that, but I thought all employment employment. So you want to use lingo that people are used to or are using everyday life when someone’s like, Hey, do you want to join my team? They should think like. Probably join your company or something like that. But yeah, that’s, I think that’s a great sort of thing that we just found right now.

[00:16:59] Yeah. And it’s also, [00:17:00] I started acting, I opened my mouth about something. I didn’t even read enough, only because I just looked at the first, the big, the big words image. And, um, and that’s sort of what people are doing on Facebook every day. They’re just looking at stuff and like, Oh my God, this is actually interesting.

[00:17:13] Yeah. And aesthetically the ads are great though. It looked great, or nice images I could see catching my eye. Popping colors, the texts, they’re good with that. I got to say that we’ve done at meal kit plan company before and these type of images and admirably, well, awesome. Really popping colors that stick out that show the food.

[00:17:32] So we’ve done this before. It’s interesting that they, they’re only running, not only running, but like a lot of the images or video or one of the address images. So yeah, I imagine they’ve tested a lot. It looks like they have a lot of ads up, so, so as you scroll down more, you see more ads for. Something else.

[00:17:50] So here’s when the first one that comes up. Um, this looks like almost a card abandonment ad or something. Uh, so when signed up, it reads as leave a meal behind [00:18:00] question Mark. Go ahead. Try it out. If you don’t love it, get your money back. There’s no hassle. That’s interesting. Cause the secondary value of a money back guarantee and it says, leave a meal behind.

[00:18:10] Those are great ads. Those bottom of the funnel. That’s good that they’re doing that. So you can tell they’re probably taking a multi, a full funnel approach, which is a huge step for DDC brand, especially in Facebook ads. No. Yeah. This is definitely a middle of funnel. Also, what I like it when you click on this ad, the coupon code, healthy meals automatically gets applied.

[00:18:30] Yeah, that’s good. So we always say this is a great tactic for any sort of discount, especially during the holiday season, whereas the code is, you have a banner, it says, Hey, your code replied. Yeah. And then you have it automatically. It’s talent. Yeah. That’s awesome. Yeah. I know what type of shop pipeline to do this, but it’s easier than customer attempt to fumble through and type in the code.

[00:18:49] Also because then if I go to the work, your career service reps are going to get emailed a message, Hey, my code is not working in my code. So it’s like frustrating and we put the brands that we have [00:19:00] here in house too. We always get these messages during the holidays. Absolutely. And lets people landing page.

[00:19:06] Again, it looks like this is the homepage with a discount code. How do you feel about bringing a bottom funnel traffic to something like the homepage as a field as opposed to some sort of cart page or something like that? We’ve tried. Oh, I see. The thing is, this is why that that sort of thing is confusing because the person might not be locked in.

[00:19:26] Yeah, there’s no cart. That’s true. If they’re a lot of, might be different. You know what I’m saying? Like I don’t think they know if he loves it. So they’re going to take you to where you think you’re going to go. Where does it go? Like kind of like a cart for now, like like eCommerce brands that we work with, the cart’s always like saved like temporarily.

[00:19:41] Where here they technically have no cart, you know, unless they actually place an order. But then I guess technically they could be logged in. Right? If they’re using like a log, then cookie. But I know you’re saying I would take them to a cart. Yeah. Yeah, I would do like a slash parking like that, but I’m not sure if you noticed this, the recently pretty interesting.

[00:19:57] So I’m looking at [00:20:00] the ads I’m looking at. Let’s see. Do you see the ad that has like the meal? Well, that’s not really good description, but our food speaks for itself. No gimmicks, no subscriptions. You can’t get out. You can’t get out of no funny business background and pink background background. So. If you hover over the URL, you look at your Euro bar, you see the says territory forward slash R equals F B.

[00:20:26] Wow. 32 discount code, and this is an headline equals wellbeing. SERP weekly and CTA equals pick your meals. So what they’re doing here is dynamically inserting content, mad to test on your landing page. So if you click on that, the content on the landing page actually changes to those variables. Oh, I see that.

[00:20:46] Yeah. That’s interesting. I know you would like it. As I saw it, I was like, Oh, well it’s crazy. I know you can do some fancy stuff with these UTMs, but you know, learn something new every day. What Kevin does is done a lot more than me. For me, I started [00:21:00] programming and stuff like that, but this, at least for me, this tells me that whoever’s running digital here, they’re like.

[00:21:07] They know what’s going on. That’s awesome. Nice. Yeah. I’d say he’s that crazy. It’s cause to go, Whoa, this is pretty smart. I think this is smart. I wonder how we can sort of do that here too, right? Yeah. That’d be interesting. Especially as great because like honestly, like if any brand, if you can, these probably elements, the ones that vary testing are probably some of the most important ones.

[00:21:26] Probably that stuff. Headline and then the CTA. Yeah, so this is great for creative testing. You can have different angles right there for landing pages that correspond to different angles. That can be an efficient way to do it. Set of building out several different landing pages. They’re nice. I liked the ad to the direct rate of it is just like a UGC tweet.

[00:21:48] Whatever territory foods makes home feel like a restaurant. Jenny’s ice cream does that a lot. I definitely in the organic posts have checked their ads and I really liked the tweet. Um, we see, you see this a lot of [00:22:00] brands when they’re posting like their reviews, like SAS companies is a lot when they have like, Oh, I can’t live without Dropbox, blah.

[00:22:06] Right. And then you feel like a whole bowl of tweets. Good shows. That’s the ones tweeted about or talked about it versus like something sort of, it’s like, Oh, they told me, but like this is like a public endorsement of a Twitter or a tweet that you can actually go on their account check. Nice. Yeah.

[00:22:22] Something interesting also about this ad is there’s no body copy, which I’m actually not mad about. We’ve seen that do really well before, especially in ads that have a good amount of text in them, and that one’s probably a retard. So. Yeah, it makes sense. Anyways, from what I’m, what we’re seeing here with tartar, they’re also doing a lot of awareness campaigns, so if you scroll down, Eric, you see an ad that’s for mentoring in diet.

[00:22:49] That’s a, that’s a blog post. So they’re probably driving traffic, portable advertorial sort of platform or article landing page in order to get people to read about the [00:23:00] diet and then sort of pick their stuff. And the landing page brought me to benefits of a keto diet blog. That’s interesting.

[00:23:09] Okay. So yeah, that’s a mistake on their part, that team. Anyway, but yeah, I get the idea, you lead them to a blog post and you know, this is great. You educate them on different diets. And then in the bottom, UPC UPC scroll down. You see that there’s a bunch of links to their products that are menus? Yeah, absolutely.

[00:23:24] I would like to maybe be a little more aggressive, not aggressive, but you know, some call to action button somewhere easier to get on the site. So shift your, lose it, using it as a landing page. You can monetize it just simply making a couple of landing page optimizations to the blog post, but nothing too obvious.

[00:23:42] Obviously you want to, you want it to come out as just value adding content. But you know, there are ways to monetize it in a very tasteful way and having really great videos here. So there’s definitely doing a lot of great stuff that the DC brand should be doing. Yeah, I can see, um, obviously they have a couple of different, I guess funnels, for lack of a better word.

[00:24:00] [00:24:00] They’re bringing content to the blog posts. I see. They have the Meagan or plant-based angle, uh, cafe territory and cafe gratitude management and plant based heaven. That’s pretty cool. They also get the angles. So they have these called downer. There are Holly, they’re here either to get the help, so they’re doing like every angle.

[00:24:23] We always do. Brands are doing everything. That is a good brand. That is a good brand. I’m going to look at it more for ads. I like this one. We heard you. You wanted lower carbs. I like it. I like starting. An ad copy out with. We heard you. It pretty powerful, especially if it’s a retargeting one. Obviously it’s a pretty good ad too.

[00:24:41] You had, their videos are nice. You can tell ’em they’re professionally made good designer and you can tell there’s thought behind the, I guess the order of different parts. Nice. Yeah. I really like their blog posts. They’re really nurturing, confident. I don’t think the reason why I like a company like this.

[00:24:58] No, we talk about it. They really [00:25:00] understand their customer, their understanding, LTV and their understand that not everybody’s going to want to buy from you that first time they see an ad and having great content on your blog really accepts as trust and also gets people use to your brand or your name on the internet.

[00:25:14] And I don’t think. Enough brands do that. They don’t want to be promoting blog posts articles, but blog posts. Articles need to be thought out of course, but like it’s acquisition. You need to sort of get people on your platform, get people on Facebook, just get them to know about that sort of problem with solution that they have.

[00:25:31] Yeah. Um, how would you maybe put this in ad campaigns if maybe I’m running all conversion campaigns. I have a lot of top of funnel conversion. So thinking, all right, I want to put my ad dollars in top of funnel conversion of getting it, uh, retargeting as good as retargeting can often be. Um, how would you, what would you put a traffic campaign or something and retarget that traffic campaign for like an article?

[00:25:53] Yeah. I retarget those URLs. I would still do conversion campaigns cause it’s still super top of the funnel. [00:26:00] But even even for a blog post, you want to do conversion campaigns cause then you have your links that’s going to eventually lead them to. Uh, like a meal put in that they have articles, the links lead them here to meal kits.

[00:26:12] Understood. Educate, educate. The users type of is super important. I think brands need to do that as well. Yeah, that’s good. Yeah. And like the copy for this is like new to hold 30. Here’s what you need to know. So I’m assuming this is a little bit of. Like it’s a trap. Like it depends on what this article is.

[00:26:30] This article is for like brand new people, but it could also be for Eric, you know, it could be, this could be retargeting for people that visit. They’re like slash pull 30 URL, and then they said, Oh, this person’s interested, but they didn’t buy. Let’s educate them now on that sort of meal. Keep herself on track with tasty meals gone too fast.

[00:26:49] There are a lot of ads, like you have to run a lot of heads out of, she recently two 40 ads. The gift of health sale. Good. Yeah. They’re just doing USO register. US-based company. [00:27:00] Yeah. I’ve got a variety in the ads, which I’d like to see. You can tell they’re trying a lot of different looking creatives.

[00:27:06] Obviously they’re sticking to their branding and their language, which is awesome, but they’re trying different angles. They’re trying to steal images. They’re trying to face down, I guess 90 degree looking at the table, which is awesome for food in general, and you know, their training videos. Different graphics.

[00:27:22] Yeah. I mean, I’m thinking these sort of, so that if you scroll down, there’s these ads that they started on seven 26 and it says get $50 off your first two weeks of fresh start to 2020 and that’s sort of like the discount. And then underneath that they have a review testimonial and they have that for a few ads discount  and then you don’t take time.

[00:27:48] You know what they’re also doing by starting their new year campaigns right after Christmas. Is that week 52 low CPM benefit? They probably did really well this week, running in [00:28:00] February. It was probably good then. Yeah, we have a, here, we have a few on those accounts. We just listen to if you have something that is good, you know, we, we, I think we had an account running black Friday ads like.

[00:28:11] Well into the spring because they just kept converting. Well, they’re profitable, so if something’s profitable, you know, just keep it running, no matter how weird and irrelevant it might seem. Yeah, exactly. It’s the worst. Yeah. What type of ads aren’t they doing? I don’t need messenger ads right now, like send to messenger.

[00:28:30] We don’t do that a lot ourselves. Um, from list building perspective. That’s an interesting one. I don’t either. I haven’t seen a lot of carousel. I mean, it looks like they have a so many ads and that all started within like 60 days. So I imagine they’ve done a lot of testing over the last few months, even years.

[00:28:50] So I imagine if they’re not doing something, it is more calculated. I see a carousel ad here. Um, it’s interesting, just more carousel to, uh, it’s like a one, [00:29:00] you know, one card is Quito once his paleo, when it says plant-based, so that’s interesting. And

[00:29:09] yeah, that’s a big one. Yeah. It’s going to help them lower their CPAs. No, I like it a lot. Um, definitely if you’re looking at, you want to get, look at some creative variety, high volume of creative, look at different angles and even different landing pages, uh, check out territories. Facebook ads library and maybe keep them up, see, you know, as time progresses to see how their ads changed.

[00:29:32] Maybe what they’re testing, what works, what doesn’t work. Yep. That’s it. Anyways, guys, thanks so much for listening today. If you guys have any questions, feel free to email Eric at Boyd media or Kevin network or just check out a way. Media non-car Wilson at Voya, would be the primary one. No, that’s fine, Eric.

[00:29:51] Thanks guys. This week’s episode of digital marketing fast lane was brought to you by the performance marketing. Birds at Voya media. Join us [00:30:00] again next time as we’ll be bringing you more tips, techniques to know how to make your online business the very best that it can be. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, we’d love to hear them on Twitter at voice media.

[00:30:12] Thank you.

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LinkedIn Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which is better for B2B Marketing

Next up

LinkedIn Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which is better for B2B Marketing

Next up

LinkedIn Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which is better for B2B Marketing

Next up

LinkedIn Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which is better for B2B Marketing

Next up

LinkedIn Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which is better for B2B Marketing

Next up

LinkedIn Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which is better for B2B Marketing

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