6 Illustration Tricks Revealed by Web Design Experts


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

It’s 2019! And we are experiencing the best version of the technology. Having solutions from Google in one click. 

2019’s clickable society is creating possibilities to express their creativity. As we all know there is no limit of best, like this there is no limit of creativity.

The illustration is one of the interesting and beautiful sectors of creativity. Here the illustrators have full freedom to play with color, sketch, and innovative ideas.

Even they can express the whole content’s expression with sketches!

In 1888, the first handwriting device was invented but now there are many online tools are available to make a design to illustration.

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Developing is happening faster than time.

Difference between a designer and illustrator:

While we are in a discussion about illustration then it is important to know what’s the difference between a designer and an illustrator.

Let’s see-

A designer is always conscious of the viewer’s certain view. This certain view is related to a set of elements like images, typography and so on. They used to develop their design for a purpose. It could be a business purpose or digital marketing purpose and many on. Their work is product-oriented with engaging compositions. 

An illustrator is not a formal representative of any products or ideas. He/she is like a free bird and can create imagery for his satisfaction.

Along with this, illustrators are making much commercial imagery to explain a written text, decorates a written text, clarifies the text and also visually presents the whole content.

Illustration Tricks

Here I have tried to put some handy tricks together so that you can be benefited.

Let’s learn-

Focus on user-friendly design:

User-friendly design is the first step in the illustration process. You have to consider all types of users in your mind. So that anyone can get the main idea of your design. 

Though this is an unwritten rule but its commonsensical basic idea for designing.

It will be like-  think about the user’s concept – sketch simple design – give a pleasing visual look.

The combination of good practice and self-control is important for this. Based on the user’s activity design could be simple or complex. But keep the design contextual to the audience.

Use online tools, especially pen tools: 

As the thing is the matter of practice so keeping practice is mandatory. The online practice is available, so take the benefit of this service.

You can try Adobe support, state of writing and so on. These online tools provide many examples to improve. Some are communicating tools. They will monitor and will give a result about your design is communicative or not.

Sometimes beginner doesn’t prefer to use pen tools but its a very basic and easy tool that helps to develop your skills. The raw designs are the best guide for you for further color editing.

Feel fresh with experiments:

A good designer does two things in every day. One is ‘Experiment’ and another is ‘Practise’.

Both are strong factors for a healthy illustration. 

Are you feeling shy to experiment?

Are you lazy about the experiment?

Now your answer will tell you about yourself. If your positive for these questions then you are still on the dark side.

Be active and don’t feel afraid to do new experiments. You don’t need to go all the trend of illustration rather work with the innate style of illustration. Reduce your mental pressure. 

Enjoy your work and work with joy. Success will come in the proper time.

Maintain simple color code and create your own brushes:

Coloring and brushing are interrelated concerns. Need to focus on them. 


  • Don’t use more than three colors
  • The color combination needs to be relaxing.
  • Too many uses of colors can misguide the audience.
  • Keep the color contextual to context or audience.
  • Keep proper breathing space 
  • If the design looks too simple then you can use some soft colors in the background elements.
  • Remember much use of color doesn’t get the user’s attention.
  • It requires that you have to use several colors for several colors then use the soft version of these colors.

Many illustrators don’t know that they can make their own brushes. But you can customize the brushes as your desire. The plus point of this trick is, brush set will be organized and you will able to complete your project without hassle.

Practice using Grid and Layers:

These are good practices for an illustrator. 

Grid is like a control panel of your illustration project. It’s a kind supporting system too. It reduces uncertainty and helps to extend your artwork. 

In fact, it helps to extend your art growth in all right directions.

On the other hand, If you maintain layers in the illustration process then you will be organized. The layer panel will be more helpful when you will sell your works. Keep labeling your work, removing unnecessary layers will keep you on track while making new edits. An organized work frame is always handy stuff for anyone.

Avoid making complex symbols:

As an illustrator, you should respect every nation and language. 

Creativity is a never-ending thing and you are like a free bird in this field. So, don’t make anything that hurts anyone’s nation or language. Keeping everyone in mind and making a general-purpose illustration is the best option.

Background research is another good option while your making certain illustration for a certain targeted zone. For this, your illustration idea and sketch will be more authentic and will receive quality user experiences.


The above tricks are surely great for any illustrator. These points are equally helpful for beginners and practicing illustrators. By following these one’s illustration experience will be smooth

There is no alternative to practice in this field. From the primary level to advanced, practice is must do the task for skill development. Because practice makes a man perfect.

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