How a Mobile Tracker Helped Me Saved My Son’s Life?

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It might be unbelievable for many people out there but I have experienced this when a phone tracker saved the life of my son. This story needs to be shared with other people as well as parents so that they can learn how they can protect their kids. This experience highlights many dangers and risks of phones as well as the social media and dating sites.

A Bit about My Son

It was almost a month ago when I noticed that my son was using his phone very excessively. My son is just 9 or 10 years old and he goes to school. We bought him a phone a year ago and he has been using it since then. He loved his phone and became a phone addict. We have internet so he spends time on the phone while playing games and using social media sites. When he created his ID, he found the social site really engaging. He was on Facebook.

He added new people and some strangers. I learned all this when I tracked his phone with a spy app. But I had no idea after a few months when he had befriended with strangers. He didn’t know how Facebook tracks the location when you allow the app to get permissions. We know that Facebook app stores the location and when we check in or check out, there is a record of all locations.

My child had no idea about it and unluckily, his posts were public. That means anyone, not even his friends on FB, could see all of his locations. I had doubt about his Facebook use so I decided to track his phone as well as social media use. I was really concerned because he used to share so many things on Facebook. All of his private photos were available and he used to share the locations too.

As I started tracking him and his device, I learned he had added many strangers on Facebook. I tried to block those with the tracker and was successful. But as we know people have more than one IDs and it becomes hard to figure out if it is fake or real. There were some IDs that I could not block and one of them was a predator. He was keeping eyes on the locations of my son. As the kid was updating all locations, he knew the routine of my kid.

What the Bullies Had Done

One day I decided to follow my son because he was going to a small party to his friends’ house. He didn’t tell me so it was suspense for me. I had a doubt about him so I went after him to see where he goes and what they do. As my kid reached the urban area and the market, I saw a man following him. I was really scared that why the man was following my son. My kid was walking and the man continued after him.

I try to not let the man feel I was also behind him. I maintained some distance. After almost four to five minutes, the man reached my son and tries to talk to him. The child didn’t know who he was but the man convinced him and they walked for a minute. All of the sudden, the man asked my son to go with him but he was not ready. I rushed and let the man I was coming. As soon as the man saw me, he walked away and almost ran to avoid being caught.

How BlurSPY Helped

I saved my son and brought him home. He had not even realized what was going to happen to him. But I was thankful the app allowed me to save my son. I have used BlurSPY app which is a best parental monitoring for Android. This was the best thing I had done in my life. The app tracks a lot of things and updates about the online activities of your kids.

The location tracker feature is really good as I used this to track the location of my son and reached him for his rescue. Without BlurSPY, I don’t know what might have happened to my child. All parents should use this parental control app as well as location tracker.


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