Magento Ecommerce SEO Checklist That Increase sales


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Investing in SEO may not sound glamorous but the businesses who have invested time and money to optimize the product pages and content strategy are likely to see returns beyond their expectations.  

Google is the first preference worldwide for searching and even if you have the most appealing eCommerce site but still fail to appear in the top results, you are missing out on 91.5 % traffic rate. 

Along with the optimization and ranking, it is important that the eCommerce store should have new and loyal customers for shopping online.  

More and more customers need to pass through the sales funnel and ultimately result in increased sales.   SEO optimization involves a number of activities to be performed, relying on a single factor is like keeping all the eggs in a single basket. 

Putting in the best efforts together for optimization could garner some really great results. It is better to take corrective measures before the competitors outpace your business. 

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

No doubt that the patron platform Magento has already SEO factors optimized but when you customize it as per your needs, you need to take certain factors into consideration to drive maximum traffic or hire digital marketing agency.

It can be a bit tricky but let’s go dig and deep. 

The two mistakes that are likely to happen when setting up an eCommerce store are,

  • You pick up keywords that are too difficult to rank on the top page;
  • You choose the wrong keywords that don’t help you to get a lot of traffic.  

And this is why it is important to pick up ideal keywords that are relevant to your Content and have a decent search volume.

Refer Ahref to pick up the keyword suggestion and perform the Back link analysis:


You can use the best tool for keyword suggestion and for this Ahref is the best option. It facilitates you to find the competitor backlinks, organic keyword suggestions, and Adwords information. 

It is important to analyze and find out the buyer intent for determining which keyword will rank. You can also use Google keyword planner for analyzing the buyers intent. 

Building backlinks and skating on ice are almost similar. A poor back-link trashes down your ranking and there are chances that you may get removed from the search index. You need to build quality backlinks and remember, “Quality matters more here than quantity”.  

You need to follow four rules for backlink building,

  • Should be from a relevant website;
  • Should be a high-domain authority link;
  • You should have a relevant and meaningful anchor text.

Do not pick up easy backlinks from the junk, strategize it and then build a strategy.

Boost up your Website speed:


You should always remember that the customers landing on your page are Google’s customer first and then yours.  

Also, Google being a people-people company, it always shows the result which is in favor of the customers. It doesn’t facilitate any cheapjack and slow websites which may ruin their reputation as a company. 

For mitigating any slow websites on the search page, Google considered page loading time as one of the ranking factors.

Make your Magento eCommerce store optimized and should not take more than a couple of seconds to load so that you get better rankings. 

We are sure you do not want to be a dead body lying on the Google’s search the second page. The key advantages of having a fast-loading speed are:

In case if you are a novice, then you can explore some Magento eCommerce development company and get help from.

Make use of correct product titles, Product descriptions, and Alt Tags:


The title of your product is stored in the meta title on the Magento platform. It is through the title tags that lets Google know the content inside and display a relevant search query. 

Unless you do not use a phrase or a keyword relevant to your topic, Google will never know what it is going to talk about. You have to be very smart while defining the product titles.

You would be surprised to know that a rich content description of your product as long as 200-300 words doubles or triples your traffic rate. What more you need when this factor alone can solve many problems?

The images held for the products should also have proper alt tags. Why? Because it helps search engines better understand the image. Do not overstuff the page with keywords!

An example of a bad alt tag is:

Sports shoes, Women’s sports shoes, Designed women’s sports shoes.

An example of a good alt tag is:

Designed and black women’s sports shoes. 

Set up an XML sitemap:

You can use XML sitemap which lists all your Magento stores individual page and facilitates an easy crawling and indexing for the search engines. For setting up the sitemap, you can go to your Magento store>>Settings>>configuration>>Catalog>>XML Sitemap.

You need to put on appropriate values and then generate the sitemap for making it functional. If you find this a bit difficult for doing it yourself, you can approach Magento eCommerce development services and grab the best advantage. 

Integrate Product reviews, Rich snippets and answer common FAQs:

An eCommerce store with a product review is preferred the most. Users can easily relate to the words of the mouth of another user. This is a valuable asset that contributes to the eCommerce SEO. A stellar customer review can help you rank on the top compared to your competitors.  

To stand out extraordinary from the crowd you can also try including rich product information. It gives more information about the product and amplifies the SEO rankings. 

You can also try and optimize the commonly asked questions regarding the product. This helps in building the authenticity of the eCommerce store. 

The Next part:

An SEO optimized Magento eCommerce development is the mirror of your business. The only objective behind optimizing the store should be driving more traffic and increase sales.  

Do not make the task of SEO an afterthought! Reap the maximum benefits worth the efforts put behind making it!

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Next up

Top 5 reasons companies use content marketing to draw leads

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