Quick Guide to Making Great Video Ads For Holidays


Kevin Urrutia




July 10, 2024

Holiday season for people means more shopping; for marketers, it translates to increased sales with Facebook ads.

But during this season, when every marketer is trying hard to woo the customers to buy from them, what helps some brands stand out?

A marketing strategy specifically tailored to celebrate the festive spirit of holidays.

And this marketing strategy yields amazing results with video ads.

Youtube videos influence 64% of the consumers to make purchases. That’s a whopping percentage of people.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

Whether you are already using video ads to entice customers or planning to create them for the holiday season, we are here to help you out with some easy tips.

Here is a quick guide to making great video ads for holidays:

Craft holiday-centric content

When creating holiday video ads, ask yourself this question: “is the video content in alignment with the festive spirit?”

Use holiday imagery

The essence of video marketing lies in the visuals you present to your audience.

With the help of relevant holiday imagery, you can help your audience relive old memories and fill them up with the joy of the upcoming days.

Incorporate seasonal music

Every holiday season comes with a particular music theme. Use this theme to put your audience in the holiday mood.

Like using a gothic voice-over in your video ad for Halloween or including jingles when Christmas is around the corner.  This can put your audience in the holiday mood instantly. 

Strike the emotional chords

Holidays, for most people, are a time to bond with their closed ones. The festive spirit is about getting back in touch with your roots. And going back to your roots brings a lot of emotions.

So if you are able to strike your audience’s emotional chords, you can win their hearts and become a part of their journey.

This is how WestJet connected with some of its users through real-time giving.

Instead of being salesy, market your product as a “gift”

Holidays are a time of gifting. People look out for products that they can give to their close ones.

The “sales” strategy that worked throughout the year may fail at this time because being overly commercial kills the festival vibe. So it’s no longer about showing the pros and cons of your product or proving that you are the winner in the competition. It is about creating something that people will cherish.

Your video holiday ads shouldn’t be about “selling your product” but about convincing your audience why your product will add to the love you give to your people.

Pick an enticing thumbnail for your video

When creating video ads, you can set a customized thumbnail for your video and upload it. Make sure that your thumbnail is attention-grabbing.

Making your video thumbnail “click-worthy” is essential to attract visitors. Additionally, since we are talking about making videos ads for holidays, it is good to have a thumbnail centered around the subject.


Use humor to keep your videos lighthearted

Through humor, you can stand out from the holiday noise that your audience is surrounded with. The recipe is simple. Delight your customers with a light, joyous ad.

In this video ad, Harvey Nichols uses the “same dress disaster” concept humorously and goes on to explain how you can avoid it by buying their products.

See how the laser-eyed Chihuahua gets involved in the same dress fight.

Use familiar stories for your storytelling

We all love the nostalgia of stories we grew up with. Whether it is Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol or Kevin from Home Alone, these stories touch our hearts.

Using these familiar tales for sending a holiday message can really help you in connecting with your audience and make them remember you because you have given a familiar face and voice to your ad campaign. Next time they think of that story, they will think of you.

Call them to take action

Now that you have created a great video ad, get your viewers to take action by providing them with a call to action button. A well placed CTA will ease the navigation for your user.

Again, make sure that the CTA text is also holiday-centric.


With engaging video ads, you can put the fun back into the holiday season and make your audience merrier.

So use them to do some great storytelling and leave a lasting imprint on the minds of people.

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