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Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Considering the previous years and as months go on, it is fascinating to recognize the possibilities in the upcoming mobile app development trends and even those to be premiered ahead. Each year as it goes by, it is impressive considering all the advancements and new features we come across in terms of technology and uplifting mobile application developments. E-commerce has attracted even more marketers towards shopping due to movements of purchase over online stores—the integration of wearable app devices when introduced in the recent year 2018. The demands were going all over the place with a much higher search through viable online businesses that advantaged through it. With such high market demand, new features are still getting introduced in the integrated wearable app devices according to preferences.

The purchase of these integrated wearable app devices was more widely available and advertised through apps with paid advertisements. Being a prevalent trend used by businesses to attract their buyers, and customers opt to go through mobile app marketing. The software is developed to improvise the performance and increase the better experience of the application with time, making it market competitive, improving elements that would produce a better review and the gain in the ranking of each search engine’s result of the app’s stores. iPhone app development companies in Canada and all over the globe operate in a manner, keeping a thought process to have their apps featured in such a manner that would create trend sets.

1-    Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications

2019 has a task in hand where mobile application developers are fixated on developing AI Apps which would assist and be implemented to secure cyber-crimes. Even though AI has started to implant many perspectives of project development in quite a few organizations, due to the evolution of tech at each level, estimations have been calculated stating that the market of Artificial Intelligence will be at $40 Billion by the year 2020. AI services would integrate towards even more unique app-pitched functional to impact on a grander scale by blending in with Blockchain, IoT, and cloud. The critical aspect that app developers are considering regarding the application and artificial intelligence is to feature a move from Cost Restrains towards Cost Efficiency to achieve as much business worth through the technology.

2-    Popularity of On-Demand Applications

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These apps are based on your need to fulfill the requirement as soon as possible. Invading into every industry may require a chauffeur-driven vehicle, food delivery, health, or any other facility. The reasons impacting its growth over the years and even to date are due to the low risk, highly convenient facility provided, and change in the economy, which presented a very positive overall impact like, for example, Uber affected. Demand apps are one of the most revolutionizing business apps empowering the 21 century. Unsurprisingly, the growth trend of On-Demand applications is yet to the extent that any considerable service that could be provided through a few taps on a mobile phone will assist it.

3-    Virtual Reality’s Influence

Primarily being associated with video gaming, well, virtual reality impacted explosively well with each other. The uniqueness and the thrill that VR influences when spoken of gaming, especially in terms of horror and spooky games. Considering the integration of both, some of the most excellent VR apps created that are highly popular in 2019: are Allumette, Google Earth VR, Kingspray Graffiti VR, etc. Some of these applications are free, and a few are charged for. The most revolutionary gaming virtual reality experience was provided on the launch of “Pokémon Go.” After experiencing the demand and fame, it gained, it was easy to state that AR and VR will last long. Even now, mobile app developers intend to create every aspect which could place an effect and need of Virtual Reality and mobile Applications other than just based on gaming. To achieve an optimum result and the complete valuable essence of both features collide. It is expected that mobile developers, by the year 2020, will present mind-bobbling and unique mobile application experiences in both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. With compatible hardware being introduced in the market, there is no say to which extent to expect the rise that would play out.

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