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September 24, 2021

There are different events and holidays that happen across the year in which retailers can use to increase sales for their business.

Statista report showed that global sales from retailers will reach $27.73 trillion by 2020

This shows that retailers will increase their marketing campaigns across different channels to increase brand awareness, get more customers and make more sales.

Great brands make huge profits across the year and during the holidays. A report conducted by finances online showed the top five brands.

These brands have an effective marketing strategy that helps them make repeat purchases and grow their retail sales and profits.

Email marketing can be a great strategy for you to win more clients to your business.

You need personalized, attractive and engaging subject lines to promote your brand on different holidays across the year.

If you are using email marketing campaigns here are some subject lines you can use to across the year and on special occasions to increase lead generation, conversions and sales.

They have been sorted based on the great events that happen each month. You can prepare your marketing strategy in advance to win the trust of potential clients and introduce them to your business and what you offer.

This will make it easy to increase conversion rates and make more sales from your business.


You can make more sales this new year with these subject lines


Use these emails subject lines for Valentine day


Groundhog and spring holidays are here. Increase your sales with these email subject lines.

Groundhog email subject lines

Spring sales email subject lines


Fools day is here. Don’t fall in for a fool. Increase your sales with these emails

Fool’s day email subject lines


Celebrate Easter and Mother day in style with increased sales. Here are emails you can use for your campaigns.

Easter campaign subject lines

Mothers day subject lines


The best subject lines you can use for the holidays below.

Summer sales subject lines

Fathers’ day subject lines


Looking to increase sales this July, use these email subject lines to draw more customers to your business.

Canada day email marketing subject lines


It’s back to school time. Make more sales with these email subject lines.

Back to school email subject lines


Fall season email subject lines

Labor day email subject lines


Halloween email subject lines


Movember email subject lines

Cyber Monday email subject lines

Black Friday subject lines

Thanksgiving email subject lines


This is one of the best months for online business owners. There are lots of special days where retailers can increase their sales and get more profits for their business.

There are some email subject lines you can use in your email campaigns as you increase brand awareness and sales.

Christmas email subject lines

Boxing day email subject lines

Green Monday subject lines

New arrivals email subject lines

Free shipping email subject lines

Cart abandonment email subject lines

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