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You run a business to get more customers and increase your sales and profits. However, if potential customers keep on abandoning your carts and not making a purchase your business can’t grow.

Creating a smart email marketing strategy can help you reduce cart abandonment and increase sales.

Research by Fresh Relevance shows that a single cart abandonment email can make up to $10.25 for sales uplift.

Many online shoppers most of the time abandon the cart during shopping time.

Statista did research and found that about 70% of online shoppers abandoned carts in 2019

People abandon carts for different reasons. As a marketer, ensure that you solve all the reasons that make people abandon carts.

If you have some customers who have abandoned carts at your online store you can use email marketing campaigns to convince them and win their trust.

This will help them complete their purchases from your brand. Use these email subject lines for your email marketing campaigns

  1. Hi JAMES, you left your shopping halfway. Can we help you out?
  2. You did not complete your great purchase. To continue with the purchase process visit our store
  3. Complete your cart order NOW and get 50% OFF
  4. Use this COUPON to complete your cart ORDER
  5. Did something go wrong with your ORDER? Go ahead and complete the cart order NOW!!!
  6. Just FOUR HOURS and your cart order will expire. Finish your shopping NOW
  7. Get $150 OFF when you complete your checkout process NOW!!!
  8. You forgot your SMARTPHONE on the cart. Come back for it
  9. Ready to make a purchase. Complete your purchase ORDER now
  10. Your AWESOME shoes are in the cart. Go get them
  11. Did you abandon the cart because of the shipping costs? Get your purchase with free delivery
  12. We gave you 30% OFF your purchase. Go get your shopping
  13. The clothes you left on the cart dropped in prices. Here is the new price to finish your shopping, NOW!!!
  14. We will give you 40% OFF+ free delivery when you complete your abandoned cart
  15. Save 60% OFF when you empty your abandoned cart in TWO HOURS
  16. We have a new OFFER for the products you left on the cart. Complete the purchase to enjoy these great offers
  17. Sorry, we shouldn’t have charged you this much. Complete your checkout process with these new prices
  18. There are two items left in our store and one is in your abandoned cart. Finish up your PURCHASE now
  19. You are our customer. We will give you free shipping if you complete your checkout process NOW!!!
  20. Just an HOUR and the discount on your product expires. Make your purchase NOW and empty the cart
  21. Are you thinking over the LAPTOP you left on the cart? Visit our store to complete the purchase NOW to get free delivery
  22. How about 40% OFF + free delivery if you complete the purchase for the products you left on the cart
  23. Hey, MERCY we noticed you did not complete your purchase. Do so NOW and get 35% OFF
  24. We have a savings plan for you. Complete your purchase for abandoned cart and save $325
  25. We should have given you an offer for your purchase. Finish your purchase with this NEW OFFER
  26. Just a single click and your order purchase are complete. Why not do that NOW and empty your cart?

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