6 Holiday Marketing Ideas for E-commerce


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas; soon, the bells will start.”

With the cold breeze, festive decors, and Christmas carols everywhere, it is safe to say that the holiday season is just around the corner. And what does the season of giving mean? Shopping!

It is once again the time of year when everyone is busy listing all possible Christmas gifts for their loved ones. The holiday season is an excellent time for businesses to take advantage of the consumer’s buying power. The spirit of Christmas makes consumers excited to share their blessings in the form of gifts.

It’s common knowledge that consumers spend more money during Christmas, but that’s not enough reason for business owners to be complacent and wait for sales to land on their doorstep. Instead of waiting for the fruit to fall from the tree, level up your business’s marketing strategy and achieve sales growth before the year ends.

Below are some of the most effective marketing ideas every online business should jump on this holiday.

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Have a Customized Holiday-Inspired Packaging

While the packaging is vital in how customers perceive your brand, it can also help create fantastic customer experiences. Providing themed packaging is like a small treat to your customers. As you make your product’s custom packaging, it will give you a chance to deliver not only a functional product but also give a memorable moment for your customers.

Imagine selling makeup online and shipping out those precious items in a red box with cute little ornaments as the box design. When buyers finally receive their orders, it will feel like unwrapping a Christmas gift instead of opening just another regular parcel.

On top of the holiday-themed packaging, provide a unique gift tag, and have the option to put a customized message if the orders serve as Christmas gifts. It also helps the buyers save time in wrapping gifts themselves.


Who says Christmas decors are only for physical stores? Set the holiday mood by redecorating the e-commerce platform and revamping the business sites with Christmas-themed backgrounds.

Online stores may add a little twist to the business’s logo by adding a Santa hat or Christmas tree to the icon. There is no harm in being playful; even Google updates its logo during some occasions or celebrations.

A holiday-themed site will not just make the buyer’s shopping memorable; it will also remind them it’s already the season of giving or be a low-key way of saying “Shop more!”

Offer an Early-Bird Promo

Some customers are not fond of joining the Christmas rush and doing last-minute shopping. Offering this kind of promo is an excellent way to attract those early-bird shoppers who like to have their gift list checked before the snow falls.

Execute this strategy by creating a sense of urgency in online-marketing collaterals. Add phrases like “Hurry, buy gifts early!” or “Limited-time offer only.”

Suggest a Holiday Gift Guide

As mentioned earlier, Christmas-gift giving can be overwhelming, so try offering a solution to this problem. Compiling gift ideas for a specific family member or friend effectively attracts people who don’t know what to give their loved ones.

But instead of bombarding the consumers with products, try creating gift suggestions for moms, dads, sisters, or brothers.

Create Christmas Bundles

Instead of going with the usual 50 percent off or “buy one, get one” deal, create a unique gift bundle that will address a specific need. For example, if you sell makeup online, rather than offering discounts on best-selling items, why not create a special Christmas bundle of top-selling foundation, concealer, powder, blush, lipstick, and eyebrow pencil?

Be the Hero of the Last-Minute Christmas Shoppers

There are early shoppers, but the world will never run out of procrastinators. Target this kind of shopper by letting nearby shoppers access the store’s local inventory ad (LIA) and making it available for pickup in a local storefront. This way, sluggish shoppers won’t have a hard time going to malls or waiting for their online orders.

Another way to become a last-minute shopper’s hero is to offer electronic gift cards. Aside from solving their problem right on time, electronic gift cards are also perfect for those people who are lazy enough to buy and wrap tangible gifts.

Surveys also show that 56 percent of shoppers purchase gift cards instead of specific items. This shopper will love your store and consider the site their go-to last-minute gift shop.

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