FB Groups Are In Such A Rage for E-Commerce Businesses: Why?

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Over a few years, Facebook groups seem to have become a central position for conducting sales. Unlike earlier days, more and more sellers are seen selling through social media, marketplaces, etc. making the most of Facebook groups to sell and market their products. With more than 2 billion users, you can connect with prospects and sell your products to a large community in no time.

So I hope you have started taking Facebook seriously for your business or else you may have got a lot to lose. Of course, we are all well-versed with the fact that creating an eCommerce store is a bit more like gambling that takes a whole lot of planning. You can never be sure whether it will take off or not. Let me be brutally honest; imagine yourself opening a snazzy and chic eCommerce website, but nothing works because you are not being smart enough. So, in the end, working for all day long and endless nights, it all breaks down to promotion and marketing. And nothing beats promoting your business than Facebook with 2 billion monthly active users.


Even after being condemned to death more than once & managed to come back stronger than ever, there are times when Facebook is known for its bad reputation for being too spammy or inundated with trolls. But everything seems to be alright as soon as you figure out how to use it and what tricks you have up your sleeves to promote your eCommerce store on Facebook. Now let’s get acquainted with what these Facebook groups exactly are?

A Facebook amass is a page which works around a point, item, relationship, or even occasion at times. A virtual platform where people can meet up to share data, transfer encounters, make inquiries, and for the most part, interface with people who have comparable interests. Gatherings are likewise principal to Facebook’s main goal. In June 2017, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg composed a post about how Facebook was reclassifying itself as an organization. He says I trust the essential thing we can do is work to unite individuals. It’s important to the point that we’re changing Facebook’s entire mission to take this on. We have to give individuals a voice to get a decent variety of assessments out there, yet we likewise need to construct enough shared view so we would all be able to gain ground together. We have to remain associated with individuals we know and care about; however, we additionally need to meet new individuals with new viewpoints. We require to bolster from family and companions, yet we likewise need to manufacture networks to help us too.

What can these Facebook Groups do for your business?

#1 Provide value for people- A company called Raga communications started a group called #RaganSocial. It serves as a place for professionals to share their expertise. Here you can expect any member to ask a fairly detailed question, especially someone who is looking for advice on how to shift attitudes about the sector she works in: home medical equipment. As a result, she will receive a handful of thoughtful replies that, presumably, helped her find some solutions to her challenge.


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#2 Build a community- Imagine you are opening a restaurant, grocery store or someone who owns a bar in Reno, Nevada (where ShortStack is based) and you find that someone is keeping an eye on what’s happening in the active Reno Foodies group. However, there are several discussions are happening in regards to the best place to buy certain foods or people looking for recipes and restaurants to try, and in search of beer and wine recommendations. The group has multiple posts going up every day, leading to all the conversation becoming pretty robust.

#3 Promote your Product- Using Facebook or any other social media to promote products is a big no-no. But Post planner doesn’t believe in this! It has created a group specifically aimed at educating their users where they naturally have an opportunity to share their content. The crew is right on hand when they require to answer specific basic questions, especially in terms of the platform and give exceptional power to end users to share their experiences and expertise. If everything found appropriate, these guys might also steer members to blog posts and other content.

#4 Keep you well-organized- As I mentioned above, Facebook groups can be used for community building and promoting product activities, but it also carries certain features built-in that can make groups even more powerful. Here are three that are especially useful:

  1. Question: Let us imagine for a while that you are planning a social event for your group and you want to know if members(the potential ones) are interested in lunch or happy hour, what to do? Simple, all you have to do is use the Questions feature to poll members about their preference, ask them to choose from a list of restaurants.
  2. Events: Once you have settled on what kind of events you are planning to host; it’s time to use Facebook’s “Create Event” feature to schedule it and collect RSVPs. Just click on the top right-hand corner of your group, create an event from the dropdown menu by adding details, and click “Create.”
  3. Files: You can post files you’d like to share with group members, e.g., documents and presentations. All you have to do is click the “Add File” icon (you can also share Dropbox files).

    Best examples of Facebook eCommerce groups

  1. Ecommerce Entrepreneurs
  2. Center eCommerce Masterminds
  3. The Ecommerce Group
  4. Advanced WooCommerce
  5. Shopify Entrepreneurs
  6. The Amazing Seller
  7. Ecom Empires

Lastly, there is always something to learn. So, keep up with eCommerce news, trends, tools, and best practices in the community to grow your business.


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