How PPC and SEO Work Hand in Hand to Deliver Better Results?

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You must have heard about PPC and SEO but are you aware of how the two together can attract additional visitors, boost your revenue or increase your leads? Does the two have a relationship or are unrelated? This article will throw light on how PPC and SEO work hand in hand, affect one another as well as examine some practices to combine the two. Towards the end of the article, you will have a good understanding as to how the combination of the two marketing methods together can augment your site and offer better results.

SEO Defined

SEO is a very simple term is a process through which a site can be augmented to have a better ranking in the search engines for targeted phrases and keywords. Take for instance if you have a company that deals with beauty products and wish to improve the ranking of your site then writing rich product descriptions is a must. It should contain the phrase “beauty products,” rewrite the meta descriptions and page titles which include this text, acquire links from beauty related websites and most importantly speed up your site. These are some examples as to how a site can augment its search engine optimization. To know more, contact a reliable and experienced Great Lakes SEO Agency.

PPC Defined

Pay per Click or PPC refers to a form of advertising that you view at the top or side of searches especially on Google, Yahoo and Bing amid others. It is referred to as Pay per Click because the organizations which place them will pay for the advertisements the moment, they click on it and otherwise do not pay anything. These ads will represent a cost-effective way of acquiring new customers. The cost, however, to bid on a particular phrase or word varies. On the one hand, some may be affordable, and on the other, there may be some that may cost a huge amount per click due to extreme competition.

Will PPC affect SEO or Vice Versa?

If you are new to SEO or PPC, a common question may come to your mind that is will PPC affect SEO or vice versa? The answer from a technical point of view is No. PPC ads will not affect the ranking of a site, and the ranking of a website cannot affect the ads. The two can work together for making the entire marketing plan better.

Ways in Which PPC and SEO Together Can Augment a Website

Take a look at the 5 different ways in which PPC and SEO can work together to improve your site, boost your revenue and increase your leads.

  • Higher Search Engine Presence– To improve your site with search engine optimization will give it a better opportunity to rank on Google’s first page or grab the number one position for just one keyword or more which you target. When you purchase Pay per Click advertisements for that particular keyword with high bids, it will help your ad in appearing close to the page top when a person searches that keyword. When you perform both for that specific keyword which means purchasing PPC ads and optimizing the site you are sure that the brand will dominate well the search results giving you a better opportunity of capturing the valuable clicks.


  • Recover the Search Engine Clicks that are Missed– If your brand has already reached the top position for a specific keyword purchasing a PPC ad will no longer be a necessity. Appearing on one page twice will do no good. Remember when a PPC ad is paused this can impact your traffic negatively even though the website is naturally ranking. When you rely on a Pay per Click ad, you can automatically recover the interest and clicks from searchers which you may have missed otherwise. PPC will aid you to grab traffic from people on the lookout for your services or products and a minimum sum often.


  • Reach Previous Visitors- Your website may rank well on account of your SEO efforts as well as grabbing decent visitors, yet some potential leads or shoppers take some time for making up their mind. Here SEO and PPC can be clubbed together in the form of remarketing for bringing such visitors back to the website for completing their conversion or purchase later. Take for instance if a person is buying home supplies on your site yet needs time to consider it, you can purchase ad space from any website under the network of Google to show them advertisements for the same supplies later on. It will help in reminding them in returning to your site and completing the purchase. When you combine PPC and SEO are coupled in this manner, you can connect with the previous visitors thereby encouraging them in returning and finishing the buying process or converting into a lead. In the absence of remarketing they are likely to forget you.


  • Test New SEO Keywords Through PPC- SEO as we all know is a time-consuming process and also needs a lot of expense and research. You may plan to target a particular keyword or phrase through SEO but may be in a fix whether this will pay off. A critical means of testing an SEO keyword’s viability will be through PPC. Pick a suitable keyword and buy for the same a PPC ad. For a while monitor the results and check the performance of the site. If the performance is a promising one, then you need to optimize your website for it. As PPC is quite pocket-friendly, you will be capable of testing the waters within the search engines devoid of having to invest significant expense or time to modify your site to make it search engine friendly.


  • Smarter Decision Making- Last but not least, the combination of PPC and SEO can provide you with a vast source of data with regards to decision-making purposes. You can examine alike metrics both from your PPC and SEO campaigns such as,
  • Conversion rate
  • Time on site
  • Exit and bounce rates
  • Click Through Rate

If you wish to succeed online and make the most of SEO and PPC, consult an expert right away.


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