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May 05, 2024

Debuted in 2004 and with over 2.27 billion monthly active users (MAU) as of the third quarter of 2018; Facebook is growing exponentially every year. Businesses and companies can take advantage of Facebook’s massive user bases to market their products and services. Sure, not all of these people will end up being your customer or use your products or services, but advertising on Facebook will increase your chances of being exposed to potential new clients. Being on Facebook could help to boost your online and local sales, raise brand awareness and promote your products and services.

Effectively Extend The Reach Of Your Facebook Ads By Audience Network

Despite being launched just over a year ago, the Audience Network has grown into one of the largest advertisement networks in the world. More people these days are using mobile apps, so advertisers are looking for lucrative opportunities to connect with individuals who are using apps that are offered on Facebook.

What Is Audience Network?

The Audience Network is a collection of high–quality mobile apps where companies advertising on Facebook can display ads using the same targeting and measurement tools they typically use while promoting on Facebook. Serving ads in the Audience Network will extend an advertiser’s reach beyond Facebook and into mobile apps. That’s how the Audience Network is expected to deliver.

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Who Are Supposed To Use The Audience Network?

The Audience Network is useful for advertisers who are planning to expand their Facebook campaigns. On an average, advertisers taking advantage of the Audience Network can scale their ad impressions by an additional 6 – 10 percent per campaign. For example, iProspect and Spotify are a couple of businesses that are using the Audience Network. iProspect is a digital marketing agency that’s been using the Audience Network to run ads and campaigns for their clients. iProspect reported that compared to mobile News Feed, their average revenue per user from the Audience Network had soared almost  11 percent higher.  The agency also reported that the Audience Network had become their top performing advertising channel.

Meanwhile, Spotify, a music streaming company also implements the Audience Network to connect with users off of Facebook, and they’ve admitted that their customer reach has expanded by 20 percent. Thanks to the Audience Network. Spotify said that by utilizing the Audience Network, not only were they successful to increase their reach; they were also successful in finding and engaging with their highest quality users. The Audience Network has become Spotify’s network of choice to market products to our users, both to new, existing, and potential future users, because it delivers excellent efficiency and scale.

Finally, using the Audience Network publishers and advertisers can understand which ads are suitable and look nice that will help it to perform better. So, start using the Audience Network now and reach more people beyond Facebook.

Building An Audience With Facebook Groups For Business

One of the major problems faced by marketers and advertisers today using Facebook business pages is that they don’t have the organic reach they once did. We aren’t telling that businesses should not have or pay less attention to their company’s Facebook page. Businesses are still using their Facebook pages to share stories about their latest products, services, build contacts and listen, interact, and engage with customers, make appointment schedule with individual customers, and much more. The point here is just don’t expect to see your posts to appear in your fans’ newsfeeds now and then.

Facebook and similar sites have become important sources to get stories, promote and share stories with other Facebook users by professionals, customers, and the general public. Marketers now are posting links to their blog post on their Facebook accounts and other related Facebook groups. There are using Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites to promote their columns. Many have admitted this has helped them gain a lot of followers on these sites, who actively engage with what they post and share.  As Facebook has a very open policy, anyone can see who are the groups and contact them for a quote when needed. Marketers and advertisers can utilize Facebook’s page tools, which is a good source for social media presentation and crowdsourcing.

According to Marc Mawhinney, “The reason that I like Facebook Groups is you’re building a community where you’re recognized as the expert, you’re the leader in there, and people get to know, like, and trust you.”

At last But Not Least…

Facebook groups are incredibly valuable to connect and network with professionals, customers, competitors, social media influencers, reporters, and so on. Marketers and advertisers by monitoring the newsfeeds of the people who follow them can get access to updates and a lot of information about what’s going on with them, with who they interact and engage with. All of this information will help you be clear on your marketing objectives, be clear on your target audience, what keyword you should use for your Facebook group name for the most traction, and determine what type of group you’re going to run and new article must be better than it.

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