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Kevin Urrutia




July 10, 2024

Instantly is a comprehensive email outreach and sales engagement platform designed to help businesses turn leads into clients. It offers a variety of features including automated email outreach, deliverability network, lead database, and an AI-powered CRM. Instantly is praised for its ease of use, quality support, and the ability to handle unlimited email accounts, which allows for extensive scalability without damaging sender reputation. Users appreciate the clean interface and frequent feature updates based on customer feedback. The platform is highly regarded by industry professionals for its effectiveness and support.

Instantly Overview

Instantly provides a suite of tools aimed at optimizing email marketing campaigns. Key features include:

  • Automated Outreach: Automate email campaigns to save time and increase efficiency.
  • Deliverability Network: Utilize a network of over 1 million real human accounts to ensure emails avoid spam filters.
  • Lead Database: Access a comprehensive database for lead generation.
  • AI-Powered CRM: Manage customer relationships with AI-driven insights.
  • Campaign Builder: Create personalized email sequences and schedule sends for maximum impact.
  • Inbox Rotation: Rotate sending emails across multiple accounts to maintain a natural email sending pattern.
  • Unibox: Manage multiple inboxes from a single interface, streamlining the process of responding to leads and closing deals.
  • Campaign Analytics: Use advanced analytics to track campaign performance and optimize strategies.

What are the pros and cons of Instantly?


  1. Scalability: Allows connection of unlimited email accounts, enabling extensive email outreach without affecting sender reputation.
  2. Deliverability: The largest deliverability network ensures emails reach the inbox rather than spam folders.
  3. Ease of Use: Intuitive interface and easy setup make it accessible even for those new to email marketing.
  4. Automation: Advanced automation features save time and improve campaign efficiency.
  5. Support: Highly praised customer support and a private community for learning and sharing best practices.
  6. Analytics: Detailed analytics provide insights into campaign performance, allowing for data-driven decisions.


  1. Complexity for Beginners: While powerful, the range of features might be overwhelming for beginners without a marketing background.
  2. Cost: The extensive feature set comes at a price, which might be a consideration for smaller businesses or startups.
  3. Learning Curve: Despite its user-friendly design, mastering all the advanced features and integrations may require time and effort.

In summary, Instantly stands out as a powerful tool for businesses looking to enhance their email outreach campaigns with a high degree of automation and scalability. However, its rich feature set may require a learning period for new users.

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Instantly Pricing

Instantly offers flexible pricing plans tailored to different business needs. The pricing is divided into two main categories: Sending & Warmup and Leads.

Sending & Warmup Plans:

  1. Growth Plan: $37 per month
    • Unlimited email accounts
    • Unlimited email warmup
    • 1,000 uploaded contacts
    • 5,000 emails monthly
    • Advanced sequences and scheduling
    • Email and account analytics
    • Reputation protection and bounce detection
    • General chat support
  2. Hypergrowth Plan: $97 per month
    • Includes everything in the Growth plan
    • 25,000 uploaded contacts
    • 100,000 emails monthly
    • Advanced warmup capabilities
    • Team collaboration features
    • A/B testing
    • Priority support
  3. Light Speed Plan: $358 per month
    • Includes everything in the Hypergrowth plan
    • 100,000 uploaded contacts
    • 500,000 emails monthly
    • Additional advanced features for larger campaigns
  4. Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing
    • Tailored for large-scale operations with over 100,000 uploaded contacts and 500,000 emails monthly
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Access to private deliverability network

Leads Plans:

  1. Growth Leads Plan: $37.9 per month
    • 1,000 verified leads monthly
    • Advanced filters
    • Keywords and lookalike domains
    • Enrichment and domain search
  2. Supersonic Leads Plan: $77.6 per month
    • 4,500 verified leads monthly
    • Includes everything in the Growth Leads plan
  3. Hyperleads Plan: $169.3 per month
    • 10,000 verified leads monthly
    • Includes everything in the previous plans
  4. Light Speed Plan: $492 per month
    • 25,000 verified leads monthly
    • Includes comprehensive lead generation features

Top 3 Lesser Known Features of Instantly

  1. Unibox: Instantly’s Unibox feature allows users to manage multiple inboxes from a single interface. This makes it easier to respond to leads and manage email conversations across different accounts, consolidating responses in one place for streamlined communication.
  2. Advanced Scheduling: The platform offers advanced scheduling capabilities, allowing users to optimize the timing of their email campaigns based on recipients’ time zones. This feature boosts open rates and ensures that emails are sent at the most effective times.
  3. A/B Testing: Instantly provides robust A/B testing options, enabling users to test different versions of their emails to see which performs better. This feature helps in optimizing email content and improving overall campaign effectiveness by using data-driven insights.

Summarizing Instantly

Instantly is a comprehensive tool designed for businesses aiming to enhance their email outreach and sales engagement strategies. It provides a range of features such as automated email outreach, a deliverability network, AI-powered CRM, and advanced analytics. The platform is highly scalable, allowing users to manage unlimited email accounts and benefit from robust email warmup capabilities.

The pricing structure is flexible, with various plans catering to different business sizes and requirements, from small startups to large enterprises. Despite its powerful features, some users may find the extensive range of options overwhelming initially. However, its ease of use and the comprehensive support provided make it a valuable tool for optimizing email marketing campaigns.

For businesses looking to improve their email outreach efficiency and effectiveness, Instantly offers a blend of automation, scalability, and detailed analytics, making it a competitive choice in the email marketing landscape​

Is Instantly Worth It? The Final Verdict

Comprehensive Features and Scalability

Instantly offers a robust suite of tools designed to enhance email outreach and sales engagement. Its features include automated email outreach, a deliverability network, AI-powered CRM, campaign analytics, and lead management. These capabilities make it a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. The platform allows for unlimited email accounts, making it highly scalable and capable of handling extensive email campaigns without compromising sender reputation.

Ease of Use and Support

Users consistently praise Instantly for its user-friendly interface and ease of use. The platform provides detailed guides, templates, and support to help users maximize the potential of their email campaigns. Additionally, the availability of general and priority support ensures that users can get assistance when needed, enhancing the overall user experience​ (Woodpecker)​​ (webdew)​.

Pricing and Value for Money

Instantly’s pricing structure is flexible, catering to different business needs through its various plans. The Growth and Hypergrowth plans offer substantial features at competitive prices, making them accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. The higher-tier plans, such as Light Speed and Enterprise, provide additional features and support for larger organizations with more extensive email marketing needs. The option to switch to annual payments for a 20% discount further enhances the value for money​ (Woodpecker)​​ (Lemlist)​.

Performance and Deliverability

One of Instantly’s standout features is its deliverability network, which helps ensure that emails land in the inbox rather than the spam folder. This is critical for maintaining high engagement rates and ensuring that marketing efforts reach their intended audience. The platform’s AI-driven analytics and reputation protection features further bolster its performance, providing users with insights to optimize their campaigns and maintain a good sender reputation​ (webdew)​.

User Feedback and Expert Opinions

User reviews on platforms like G2 and TrustPilot reflect high satisfaction with Instantly’s performance and features. Many users highlight the platform’s ability to handle large volumes of emails and its advanced scheduling and automation capabilities. Experts also commend Instantly for its innovative features and continuous improvements, making it a competitive choice in the email marketing software market​ (Lemlist)​.

Limitations and Considerations

Despite its numerous strengths, Instantly does have some limitations. New users might find the extensive feature set overwhelming, and the platform’s limited native integrations may require reliance on third-party tools like Zapier for full functionality. Additionally, while Instantly offers powerful features for email outreach, it lacks multichannel acquisition features, which could be a drawback for businesses looking for a more integrated marketing solution​ (Lemlist)​​ (webdew)​.

Final Verdict

Instantly is a highly effective and valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their email marketing efforts. Its comprehensive feature set, scalability, and strong focus on deliverability make it an excellent choice for both small businesses and large enterprises. While there are areas for improvement, such as expanding native integrations and simplifying the user experience for beginners, the platform’s overall performance and value for money make it a worthwhile investment for most businesses.

For those in need of a robust email marketing solution, Instantly provides a powerful combination of automation, analytics, and support that can significantly boost outreach efforts and drive business growth​

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