Why You Should Set Up A Google Business Page


Kevin Urrutia


Digital Marketing


July 10, 2024

We already know that in today’s digital world it’s important to create a space online for your brand or business. The reason is simple – if a customer does an online search for a product or service you offer they need to find you easily and quickly.

This is often achieved by working on creative and smart SEO to increase your search engine ranking. But there is an easier way for you to make sure customers to find you more easily – by creating a Google Business Page.

What is a Google Business Page?

A Google Business Page or “Google My Business” is a free tool for brands and businesses to manage their digital presence across Google, Google searches and Google Maps.

It’s a great addition to your marketing strategy because compliments your brand’s existing website (and other online information like social media platforms) by verifying your public identity and presence with a listing on Google.

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Creating a Google Business Page will tell the story of your business and help your customers find you more easily.

How Will A Google Business Page Help My Business?

In addition to confirming your existence in the digital world, a Google Business Page offers many benefits like better exposure, an increase in customers or sales and a stronger online presence.

  • Increases Customers and Sales

A Google business page can increase traffic to your store and boost sales. Studies have found that a large percent of customers who find a business via an online search end up at its physical location. This means that if your business is easy to find online the likelihood of a customer making a purchase from you soon after increases dramatically.

  • Improves Your Website SEO

The best way to improve your website’s SEO is to create a Google Business Page.Google is constantly scouring the internet to obtain as much updated information as possible in order to supply digitalusers with accurate search results. By having a verified Google Business Page you are more likely to increase your search engine ranking, thereby appearing high up in the search results.

  • Increased Exposure

It’s good to note that search engines aren’t the only tool that people use to search for a product or service. There are a variety of apps and stand-alone digital directories that are used to obtain information about brands and businesses.

These platforms maintain their databases by crawling the web via larger search engines (like Google) to gather this information. As a result, a lot of these apps and directories contain information directly from Google Business Pages. To positively increase your exposure, make sure that your Google Business Page is constantly updated so that these directories always have the most accurate information about your brand.

Benefits Of A Google Business Page

  • It’s Free

Creating a Google Business page won’t cost you thing. It’s a massive opportunity to increase your online exposure and improve your search engine ranking. If you’re not using it, you’re definitely missing out.

  • Helps Customers Locate You

Google Business Pages work in conjunction with Google Maps to provide customers with your exact physical location. By listing the exact address and location of your business on your page, your customers can follow precise directions to reach you.

  • Provides Useful Information

A Google Business Page puts your most relevant information like business hours, phone numbers, directions and website at the forefront. This information is readily displayed in basic online searches without much effort from the person conducting the search.

  • More Ways To Connect

A Google Business Page creates a new way to connect with new and existing customers. It’s a good way to draw attention to your social media platforms and can also help to promote any special offers your business may have.

Final Thoughts…

Creating and updating a Google Business Page isn’t difficult but some business owners tend to overlook it. To achieve digital marketing success make sure that your Google Business Page is accurate, reliable and the best representation of your business.

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