When and How to Rebrand Your Existing Video


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Creating a new Facebook ad is definitely a good idea to move your audience. But repurposing your existing video content on Facebook or Youtube is a better idea as it can save a lot of time as well as money. Don’t take it easy as it is not a matter of seconds.

A video already present in your archive does make sense when it comes to reusing it if it aligns with Facebook’s ad specs. The constraint here is to find out whether your existing video is suitable to meet the intended video marketing purpose.

Don’t forget that your audiences are not the same as they might have a different state of mind with varying goals and the time of availability. Moreover, rebranding your original video won’t be able to create the magic you have always wanted if the original video was not created with Facebook in mind. If the original video, for example, has had the goal to attract your Twitter viewers, then you can not directly use it for your Facebook viewers as you will need to update it according to your Facebook audience who is usually impatient, hurried and distracted.

By spinning your existing video for your Facebook viewers, you will be able to present something new to them that ticks their mind and clicks their fingers to take actions.

You can consider the ideas mentioned below to rebrand your video for a Facebook ad.

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Re-edit Session to Align Well!

Usually, a simple re-edit is enough to make the video more successful on Facebook. Your target is to engage your viewers in the first three seconds, so you cannot take the risk of that slow intro or title sequence but begin with a catchy title with a brief intro.

Cut your Video

You cannot ignore the fact that Facebook surfers have short attention spans, and moreover, they might consider it a disruption, especially when they were looking for something else and accidentally landed on your video. You can turn that distraction into interaction by shortening the video significantly for the ad repurposing, which will further generate the traffic who is willing to pause and watch.

Graphics that Entice

Earlier being played in another medium, you cannot expect the content of your revamped video to be heard of by your audience. A report by Digiday confirms that a number of videos do not have audio access to viewers. So you cannot rely on the audio to deliver your message; therefore, you need to take advantage of graphics to speak your message out.

Subtitles are Important

Subtitles are important when updating video on Facebook, as they make the video comprehensible, assuring that whatever is in the video, your audience will certainly get into it.

Show Your Creativity in Your Description. 

SEO experts have described the importance of attention-grabbing titles that trigger a call to actions. Create a compelling title that catches Facebook browsers’ attention and prompts them to watch your video ad to the end.

Edit a Custom Thumbnail Image

A thumbnail of your video does not even have to come from your video. If you have many things to offer, then you need to design a bold graphic to use as your video’s thumbnail.

Square is Better

This has recently been involved. If you want your video to appear larger and view more, start formatting your video to turn it into square rather than going with the standard that is 16:9 width-to-height widescreen. Taking up more space will definitely result in a high number of views.

Wrapping Up

Facebook ads are a great way of Digital Marketing. But people usually refrain from sharing Facebook ads unless they come from recognized companies. As they fear spammy ads, people don’t share it, even if they think that an ad is legitimate to share.

To make videos viewer-friendly, organizations use explainer videos embedded with motion graphics to solve the purpose. This results in the more clicks, a high number of views, and great online presence.

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