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August 12, 2022

Do you wish to run an online store? Well, the very first thing that strikes your mind when hearing e-commerce store is none other than the Magento 2. It is an in-built platform with the necessary features to run the store smoothly.

But you may wonder what’s the need to install extensions in a Magento 2 store? There is no doubt in Magento 2 being power-packed and fully-fledged and ready to use e-commerce platform. Here, the IT industry is coming up with daily new innovations and routine. On the other hand, the e-commerce store is used to sell a variety of products and it is not restricted to any one specific industry.

In this article, we will be sharing off various extensions for your Magento 2 store that enhances the overall experience of the customer.

1. Banner Slider

This extension lets the store owners place smart banners on their website by helping them to create unlimited images of banners for your website in order to reach the targeted audience.  With the help of this extension, you can display all of your latest or new products in the slider and show them in a layout and block styles to attract more consumers for your store.

2. M2E Pro Amazon eBay & Walmart Integration

This extension helps to fully integrate with the Magento backend with eBay, Amazon and Walmart marketplaces. It does not support cloud solution but manages everything from the Magento interface. The platform is a sophisticated data processing layer that connects Magento product catalog directly to your marketplaces channels.

3. Product Label

The Product Label extension is a kind of accurate solution for displaying attractive labels and stickers on the product images on the homepage, category, product, wishlist, search result, and other custom pages. It also helps to attract customers while boosting your sales by creating your own customized labels and adding a predefined text. By labeling the products accurately you get to know their value with a short description on the bottom.

4. Skroutz Analytics

This extension is a free and simplified solution in order to provide Magento 2 store administrations for doing all the analytics without any extra development costs. It offers a valuable business solution to Magento 2 store owners in order to connect with the customers. It is helping store owners to send the order information to Skroutz merchant platform by a simple integration with the plugin.

5. Price Comparison

This extension is brought by a Nigerian company and considered as one of the best price comparison portals by helping thousands of shoppers to save bucks. It compares everything from TVs to generators, phones to laptops, and fans to washing machines by gathering their prices and product information on millions of online stored. The extension helps to ease out all the chaos when shopping online for various products.

6. FAQ

The FAQ extension for Magento 2 helps in assisting the customer to search for the common queries based on knowledge and faq lists. It allows the admin to add questions and answers by listing them on the front end with Tabs. Being an open-source platform, you can make changes to the template as per the requirements to create a flexible interface which makes it easier for the users to visit your website. The extension is very easy to integrate with a fully responsive theme.

7. Testimonials

This extension is a new approach to show how your website is trusted by people with great surveys and upbeat clients. Basically, the testimonials consist of a spoken proclamation that is composed by getting the satisfaction of an item. It also assists the site proprietors to have testimonials from their clients and visiting guests. The extension can have programmed testimonials where you can include new guests, supports multi-store and multi-language,  tracks the entire procedure, and makes use of widgets for including the quicker postings.

8. ShoppingFeeder For Google Shopping

This extension is one of the top-rated Magento modules for Google Shopping, Smart Shopping, Facebook Ads, PriceCheck, ShareASale and Bing Shipping. It also supports Labels, promotions, and attributes related to different categories. Overall, it manages product feeds for any kind of channel to get a holistic view of traffic and ROI conversions. You need to connect this extension and sync all products with their services which will later produce feeds in the required format for channels to list on.

9. Brand

The brand extension lets the store owners display their brand logos on their website by making use of blocks, templates, layouts or widgets by gaining more user trust and credibility. The products that are appearing on brands is a valuable instrument for expanding your deals as these days clients can first check the brand and then purchase the products. It also provides valuables to get the brands and producers to highlight in your store as per the requirements.

10. Products Attachment

This extension is used to upload multiple files of the selective formats to provide accurate information on the manuals, licenses along with the right information on the product pages. The brief description at the end of the product portrays the useful information for the customers related to its usage and other details. With the help of this extension, you can include a boundless number of items and transfer different record types by adding a document for multiple product pages.

Wrap Up

So, we hope you get to know about the free extensions that are available in Magento 2 for your e-commerce store. Also, there are multiple extensions be it freemium or premium which can be selected according to the requirement of your website. Keep Learning!

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