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May 05, 2024

Now and then, internet tech experts come up with new ways to help online entrepreneurs solidify their sales. Search engine ads, carousels, and video ads, etc.; all of this to aid the businesses connect with their online potential clients in a better way. But that is not all since a new form of business-client connection has made its way onto Facebook in the guise of lead ads.

What are Facebook lead ads?

Facebook lead ads are not your typical ads. They are, in reality, promoted forms for online businesses for acquiring crucial information about their potential customers. They are created in a way that all the important details are captured and new opportunities to connect are created; for instance, newsletter subscription, contest registration, and/or demo requests.

The best thing about the lead ads is that it extracts the information directly from the user’s profile who has just clicked on the ads. What this means is that the usual information such as name and email address, etc. which the user has put up on their Facebook profile will automatically fill the same areas in the form or lead ads. From there, the users will just have to supply the forms with other bits of information that is not available on their Facebook profile. Due to this, the entire filling process just takes up a few seconds.

Facebook lead ads are specifically designed for mobile users which is a major boost to the online industry since 96% of the online traffic is mobile-centric. The reason why lead ads are such a good idea for online businesses is that they are directly synced to their organization’s management system. Once the customer supplies the forms with their information, it is directly downloaded in the format of .CSF file by the businesses.

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Why use them for your online business?

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Lead ads are short, quick, and lead the potential customer to any online business efficiently. Apart from the two reasons mentioned above, lead ads are great for online businesses because:

  • Their easy and simple nature makes it convenient for customers to signs up through the forms. This provides businesses with a higher volume of individuals to re-target.
  • People who submit forms qualify as potential leads or a warm audience. This type of audience proves crucial when it comes to re-targeting people for future projects.
  • The lead ads can be customized to contain information crucial for any business. For instance, entrepreneurs can create ads that request a certain type of information from the audience.

How to use lead ads to optimize your business?

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Although extremely useful, Facebook lead ads, when used in a simple manner, can be pretty useless. In order to stop aimless scrollers in their track, you need to create such lead ads that demand attention. Such an effect cannot be achieved through a plain, simpleton ad technique. So, you need to up your game using the following tips!

  • Offer incentives

People love free stuff and if you offer something that appeals to them, they will immediately supply you with everything you need. Whether you are offering a discount, gift, promo code, or free download, etc. a good incentive is a great way of showing your customers that you value their personal information.

  • State your offers clearly

People need to know what they are signing up for. Because of this, you must share your value proposition before anything else. Tell individuals what they are signing up for and which brand they are providing their information to. Since most of the requested information is sensitive, you do not want to create ambiguity. Be upfront and be very clear in your promotional message.

If you like, you can rely on images as well. According to a research by Revel Systems, it was noted that lead ads campaign that had images with the products fared better than those who did not have images. So, make product images as the focal point of your lead ads.

  • Compelling visuals, format, and content

Not all ads are created equal. Some come in the form of videos and some in the shape of content snippets. The key to a successful ad strategy lies in great storytelling mode. Also, you need to be able to identify which ad medium would serve your interest best. For instance, if you want to display multiple products, the carousel ad mode is the best for you. To narrate a story, a video format will be best and vice versa.

Do not think for a second that if you are offering a free incentive, then the ad medium would not matter.  Well, it does matter. So, create your lead ads with high-quality videos and images, create a sharp copy and complement it with a great CTA button for positive results.

  • Keep it simple

According to Facebook, people are likely to abandon forms if the businesses have a plethora of questions in the ads. This indicates the fact that people like it when things are kept simple. Based on this behavior, create lead ads that request the most basic yet crucial information from the audience. Refrain from adding unnecessary questions or such sections that do not help your cause.

  • Ask the right questions

With the Facebook lead ads, you have the choice of customizing the question according to your liking. Usually, Facebook provides entrepreneurs with a list of general and basic questions. However, if these questions do not fit your business’ ideology, then it is best to bin everything and start from scratch. That said, if you cannot think of any questions, then Facebook’s Rubric can help you with that!

  • Create a follow-up plan

To increase the rate of conversion, you need to have a follow-up plan in motion the instant somebody signs up through the lead ads. According to a Harvard Business Review study, businesses that made contact with their potential leads within a few hours had higher chances of securing qualified leads. This study sheds light on the importance of a follow-up plan. Keep in mind that consumers prefer to be contacted through online messaging apps. So, design your follow-up plans in such a way that it ticks all the right boxes.


Whether you have a carpet cleaning London business or any other online venture, the bottom line is that Facebook lead ads are a revolutionary addition to the ads medium that can help online businesses in expanding their operations.

The overall goal of Facebook lead ads is to provide your business with a platform that can help you attain your objectives along with high-quality leads. By creating sponsored ad content on Facebook, you should be able to attract prospects that will stay in your influence longer and will continue to engage with your online setup. What is even better is that these high-quality leads will be more likely to turn into potential customers or clients in the future.


Author’s Bio: Shawn Mike provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for Dynamologic Solutions.

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