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A display ad, also known as a banner ad, is a specific type of ad used with paid advertising. It uses an image or motion graphic that is embedded within web content, in the header or footer of websites, or somewhere in the sidebar.

Display ads are different from text ads as they do not appear in search results. They are strictly reserved for websites and can be used with retargeting campaigns. For example, when using Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads, the images displayed can be reintroduced throughout various locations on the web to bring back prospective consumers to the original offer, promotion, or deal.

Why are Display Ads Important?

Display ads provide a strategic solution to online advertising. It allows you to capture attention using a click-worthy image or animation to drive viewers to pages and offers relevant to them.

These types of ads are useful in generating brand awareness as well as re-engaging abandoned shoppers or on-the-fence consumers that need another nudge before closing the sale.

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