Back To School Email Subject Lines


Kevin Urrutia




September 27, 2022

Back to school time is one of the great times to make high sales. Students need more shopping as they return back to school.

Parents start their back to school shopping plans early. 2018 report by the national retail federation shows that shopping for back to school could reach $82.6 billion.

The report also showed the shopping expenses for students returning to college with average spending of $942 per student.

This is a clear indicator that parents always spend huge amounts of money as they shop and prepare the kids to go back to school.

Your prices also dictate if more people will buy your products or not. Research by eMarketer shows that 71% of shoppers between the 25–34 age gap say they look for products with the lowest prices.

When planning for your selling strategy consider your prices. Also, as a marketer, you need to capture as many potential clients to our business during this season nurture them as you prepare them for the back to school sales.

Your email marketing campaigns need captivating and engaging email subject lines.

Subject lines that will increase open rates, engage leads and convert them into clients. There are some of these great subject lines.

  1. Schools are reopening, are you prepared for your kids’ shopping? Check out our GREAT OFFERS
  2. 50% OFF any item you purchase above $100. Crazy, right?
  3. Do your KIDS shopping now before our OFFERS expires
  4. This special back to school offers starts NOW!!!
  5. GREAT SHOPPING just for you this back to school season. See what we have for you.
  6. Read our AMAZING guide on for a NEW shopping experience
  7. Enjoy 25% OFF any school shopping from NOW!!!
  8. Save $60 for your son’s uniform if you make an ORDER NOW!!!
  9. Time for great savings. See our AWESOME offers for this back to school season
  10. READY for back to school SHOPPING? We got your back
  11. FREE SHIPPING for all the school shopping you ORDER TODAY
  12. You have SIX HOURS to enjoy great savings for your back to school shopping
  13. SCHOOLS are opening next WEEK. Make your orders NOW before the prices go high
  14. The prices INCREASES tonight. Take the opportunity now and SHOP
  15. Today is a special day. Enjoy 30% OFF any purchase you make
  16. Your kids deserve the best as they go back to school. Here is what we have for them
  17. Going back to school and want to save your pocket money. Here are SWEET DEALS for you
  18. Back to school shopping comes with NEW ARRIVALS for a great shopping experience
  19. We have great STATIONERY for you as you return to school. Visit our store
  20. Our back to school GIFTS and discounts ends in TWO DAYS. Make your purchase NOW!!!
  21. BUY NOW or you will regret missing these great OFFERS on your back to school shopping
  22. Give your KIDs a HAPPY smile as they go back to school. We have amazing back to school products for them
  23. Here is our NEW back to school COLLECTIONS. Happy shopping. CHEERS
  24. Visit our store for EXCLUSIVE back to school sales
  25. $50 savings if you buy your kid’s shoes NOW!!!
  26. SAVE $200 and enjoy free shipping this back to school shopping
  27. We are here to help you make your kids feel special as they return back to school. Here is what we have for you
  28. Another great time to resume studies. Are you ready to shop for back to school
  29. Great back to school sale event ends TODAY.
  30. Smile all the way to SCHOOL with $100 savings for your purchases TODAY
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