Avoid These 6 Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

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Facebook is a massive platform and a great opportunity for ad marketing. That means you can just slap together an ad, throw in on there, and expect success, right? No, there are plenty of ways you can improve your Facebook marketing. Start by avoiding these six common mistakes.

Not knowing who your audience is

Obviously, your ads are not going to be effective if they’re not targeting the right people, but you would be amazed at how many marketers don’t know who their audience is. And that’s a major opportunity to miss, considering that Facebook provides some of the most robust targeting abilities anywhere. So how do you know if you’re properly targeting your audience? Start by doing a customer survey. You want to find out things about your customers such as their age, occupations, location, purchasing habits, and lifestyle. Then give Facebook Audience Insights a try. You’ll be able to enter in your audience’s interests and find out what else they have in common.

Not understanding the power of images 

Images get people’s attention. In fact, they’re responsible for 75-90% of your ad’s performance. There’s a good reason most of Facebook’s ad formats have at least one image. Try a carousel or slideshow format to increase further the chances of a viewer clicking through and converting. The real trick is to choose the right image for the right ad. Don’t just select a stock photo, or even something that simply grabs attention. Remember your ad’s core purpose and select an image that aligns with that. Keep the image clean, and without too much text to distract the viewer.

Bad headlines

Don’t write your headlines as an afterthought. Your headline is not just a summary of what you have to offer. It needs to explain your product’s benefits in a way that makes the reader interested in learning more. “Keep it short, a headline with forty or fewer characters is going to get a lot more engagement. It’s not necessarily easy to sum up your product’s benefits in forty characters or less, which is why it’s all the more important that you make your headline a priority and not something you tack on at the end”, – explains Geraldine Dodson, a Social media manager at EliteAssignmentHelp and Academized writer.

Not monitoring performance

Even if you’re confident that you’ve really nailed your last ad, you need to check on it’s performance on a daily basis. Be sure to monitor things such as frequency, clicks by interest, click-through versus conversion rates, and the number of leads. Don’t just set it up and walk away for two weeks.

Not editing and proofreading your ad copy

Your ads should be professional, and a big part of that is being properly edited and proofread. A simple typo or grammar error can completely undermine your ad and render it ineffective. Fortunately there are many resources available online that can help you.

Not using video

Video is a great way to get attention and increase engagement. A lot of Facebook marketers seem to neglect video, despite its ability to bring people in. A great way to gain an advantage over the competition is to simply use video. There is a massive amount of content coming down the pipes of any Facebook user’s newsfeed, and video is a good way of standing out. When BuzzSumo did some research they found that posts with links and images showed a decline in interactions. While at the same time video posts had a ten percent increase in engagements over the past year.


Facebook is a huge market and thus can be a very lucrative opportunity for marketers. But in order to succeed you need to know what you’re doing and have a proper strategy, or you’re missing all kinds of opportunities. Avoid these six common Facebook marketing mistakes.

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