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Amazon: Hitting 270K In Revenue From 49K Ad Spend

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Kid Wrapped in Blanket

Blankie Tails is a client of ours that we helped grow in 3 months from 49k to 270K in revenue. We wanted to breakdown everything our team went through – thinking concepts, strategies, adjustments, and more – to go from 0-270K. And yes, your product does not solely have to be the same exact product; it’s the steps we took to get there that you should learn from.

Blankie Tails makes themed blankets that kids love. They were so successful that they even got Disney licensing and made Blankets for popular Disney Princess and Frozen characters. The problem is, it was difficult for them to get the results they were looking for because the product was extremely niche and they had very low ACoS requirements.

Our Strategy:

Month 1

  • We gathered data to find which keywords produced the top sales and figure out where our top competitors are placing bids.
  • Made sure we got all main keywords
  • Stayed on top of negative keywords to prevent wasted ad spend
  • Made sure bids were adjusted properly. 
  • Made recommendations to optimize the listings. 

Month 2

  • Eliminated any search terms that were costing a lot of money and receiving no sales.
  • Began turning down high ACoS search terms (unless they were producing a lot of sales with a comfortable ACoS)
  • Pulled out search terms from the automatic campaigns and added them to the manual campaigns.
  • Added negative exacts to the automatic campaigns. Began turning down bids on automatic campaigns.

Month 3

  • By this point, we had enough data to make big decisions based on their goals.
  • We started adjusting bids and optimizing campaigns to work towards the ACoS target.

The Results in 3 months:

  • 18.11% ACOS
  • $270k in revenue from $49k ad spend
  • 9,359 orders
  • 23 million impressions

Everything we bulleted consists of the key moments that lead to 270K in revenue. If you have a product you’re excited to sell online and need a team of media buyers to guide you in the right direction, shoot our CEO a message: [email protected]

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