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May 05, 2024

If you’re looking to strengthen your online marketing efforts, you probably devour any information on current trends, tips for being more effective, and other similar topics. One of the easiest ways to absorb this valuable information is via podcasts. Not only is the information in these recorded messages usually more current than print information, but you can also listen. At the same time, you do other tasks, drive to the office, or a client meeting. However, not all podcasts are equally valuable. We don’t want you to waste your precious time on products that aren’t going to advance your business. That’s why we’ve put together our list of the ten best sources for digital marketing podcasts.

The 10 Best Sources for Digital Marketing Podcasts

1. Digital Marketing Fastlane

Digital Marketing Fastlane offers a variety of five to thirty-minute, easy-to-understand podcasts designed to help you build, launch, grow, and scale your online business. The podcasts feature conversations with real-life, successful online entrepreneurs, discussing topics like generating more traffic, increasing sales and profit, and improving your percentage of repeat customers for your online store. They add content weekly, so there’s always something new to listen to. Recent topics include “When and How to (Effectively) Use Controversial Advertising” and “How to Increase E-commerce Conversions.”

2. Social Business Engine

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

Most online entrepreneurs know that social media can drive sales, boost brand awareness and establish a company as an expert in a particular field. However, knowing which channels and what type of content works best can be a challenge. Social Business Engine’s podcasts seek to answer those types of questions. These podcasts feature guest discussions, most of which are followed by a recap by founder Bernie Borges. Recent topics include “How Any Business Can Build Long-Term Profits Through Raving Fans” and “All Together Now: The Brand and Demand Generation.”

3. Mixergy

Starting an online business can often be a lonely endeavor. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, you may not have anyone working with you at the beginning. Mixergy podcasts address this challenge with conversations with more than 1,000 successful online business founders with particular emphasis on finding your vision for your company that’s “so big you can’t do it alone.” Recent topics include “Software that Improves User Experience (and Grows Your Email List).”

4. Ask Gary Vee

Gary Vee is a successful motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur who owes much of his success to digital marketing. He shares the secrets and tips he’s learned from his years of experience in his series of podcasts. His upbeat style and quirky personality make listening and learning fun.

5. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing is to the digital age what “Guerilla Marketing” was to the 1990s. This podcast advises leveraging word-of-mouth marketing, organic SEO traffic, and other low-cost (and free) marketing methods.

6. Online Marketing Made Easy

Online Marketing Made Easy, the brainchild of Amy Porterfield, is designed with small online business owners in mind. Porterfield’s podcast series breaks down essential digital marketing steps into small, manageable tasks, taking a lot of the “scary” out of starting and managing your first online enterprise. She is also generous in sharing her personal experience about what has worked–and not worked–for her in her ten years of building an Internet company. Recent topics have included “Say Goodbye to Imposter Syndrome and Skyrocket your Business” and “Five Powerful Ways to Set Your Affiliates Up for Success.”

7. This Old Marketing

Created by digital marketing gurus Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Network, This Old Marketing currently has more than 185,000 subscribers. These chats offer information for digital marketing professionals of all ilks, along with witty banter, an occasional rant, and Joe and Robert’s take on how current events will affect digital marketing. Never more than an hour, these podcasts pack a lot of helpful information in a manageable size. Recent topics include “Is Google Killing the Website?” and “Content Jobs among the Biggest Growth Area per World Economic Forum.”

8. Michelle Cunningham

Cunningham’s series of podcasts is designed especially for “mompreneurs”, especially those in direct sales and network marketing. A successful natural sales entrepreneur herself, Michelle’s podcasts focus on such topics as building a personal brand, how to stay in touch with your customer base across multiple channels, leveraging social media, and how to successfully mix being an entrepreneur and a good wife and mom. Recent topics include “Let’s Talk Branding!” and “Creating a Lead Magnet for Your Online Business.”

9. The Business Method Podcasts

Chris Reynolds and Noah Laith co-host a series of podcasts where they interview top-tier business professionals. The first series of podcasts include interviews with 100 entrepreneurs who make at least $100,000 annually. Next, they interviewed 100 entrepreneurs who make seven-figure incomes by working remotely. Currently, they are working on 100 interviews with digital marketing influencers, such as the entrepreneur who took GoPro from a $600k company to a $600 million company.

10. The Empowered Marketer

Hosted by Cara Hogan, this series of podcasts features interviews with leaders of top B2C brands like Shopify, Quip, Dormify, and Andie Swim. She explores what makes these companies so successful amid a sea of other eCommerce brands as well as how they’ve been able to tap into customer loyalty and captivate an online audience. The majority of these podcasts are 30 minutes or less. Recent topics include “Curating a Luxury Customer Experience With Megan Laber of Tappan” and “From Content to Commerce with Olivia Landau of The Clear Cut.”

Finding podcasts that will benefit your business amid the sea of contenders doesn’t have to be confusing. Work your way through the offerings from our list of top podcast companies and look for your business–and your bottom line–to improve over the coming year.

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