Best 2020 SEO Techniques With Great ROI


Kevin Urrutia




September 01, 2023

Online business markets are constantly innovating and introducing new ways to get their website on the top of the first page of search results. On the opposite side, search engines are constantly introducing new metrics and variables that determine when a page is an adequate result for a search query. In this dynamic environment, it can be difficult for a website to improve their SEO without a proper strategy. For the best results in the coming year, check out this list of useful techniques that can get your website on the top of search rankings.

1. Get to the core of SEO

With all the complex SEO strategies that businesses utilize, it’s easy to lose track of the point of search engine optimization. On the surface, it might seem like a very complicated process that requires thorough planning and strategizing, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. At its core, SEO is all about getting prospects to your website in one way or another. This is something you achieve with good content, creative design, and a well-optimized website. When you see it from this perspective, it becomes a lot easier to understand all of the smaller steps that go into search engine optimization.

The one question you should be asking is: “What do search engines like Google want to see on their front pages?” The reason search engines do what they do with optimization is that they want the best possible experience for their users. When these users search online, they need to be routed to the most accurate representation of their searches. With the ever-increasing popularity of Google and its products, it has become hard to argue against their methods. If you provide the kind of results search engines expect of quality websites, you can be sure that Google will put your website at the very top of the search results.

2. Listen to the needs of consumers

As with any other business, your primary concerns are the wants and needs of your customers. You should be communicating with your customers as much as possible. A lot of online businesses forget that this is one of the best ways to get effective results immediately. 

Start by making a list of the things consumers want. This might sound easy, but don’t be fooled. The thing is, businesses are often unaware of the main reason customers choose them over competitors. This can lead to changes in strategy that don’t match the wants and needs of consumers. The best way to find out what consumers want is to ask them. Utilize social media and rating systems to get a good idea of what people want from your website and its services. 

There’s a handy trick that can help give you some extra insight into the immediate needs of consumers. Use a search engine like Google to type in some of the most commonly associated keywords relating to your business. This will lead you to a wide variety of related searches which can prove to be useful for your website. Update your blog topics to cover some of these searches, as these are the things people are looking for online.

3. Optimize for featured snippets

If you’ve ever used Google to find a quick solution to an easy problem, you might have noticed that you sometimes get a direct answer right on the search results page. A box will often pop up and give a quick summary of the solution you need for your problem. It shows up before the first search result, giving it priority over everything that also appears on the front page. This box is called a “featured snippet” and it can prove to be extremely useful for businesses and consumers alike. 

Imagine having your page displayed above the very first search result without even getting the user to click on a link. It’s not something you have to imagine if you optimize your website and its content to match Google’s algorithm for snippets. What you should focus on is the writing on your pages. If you’re offering solutions to common problems, they need to be concrete and unambiguous. You want to craft an ideal answer to the search query a user put into Google. This means putting an emphasis on problem-solving and giving clear solutions.

4. Provide premier content

Content is the one thing consumers want. It helps them get to useful solutions in the shortest amount of time, while also providing them with insight into the products and services that they want. Getting the content right is difficult, but crucial when it comes down to search engine optimization.

Because content is so important to the success of a website, businesses will often employ external help to create content that search engines seek. Finding a reliable digital marketing agency to create content for you should be one of your top priorities. Digital marketing is as much of a skill as it is an art, and getting the right content can mean the difference between being on the first and fifth page of the results.

5. Transcribe videos

The current trend of search engine optimization is leaning heavily towards video content. This has led to a rise in optimization for those same videos. Search engines have to be able to find these videos and match them to the search terms that customers use. This isn’t easily done, as video content doesn’t make use of written text. The good news is, meta descriptions and titles do. Better yet, transcribing videos can get results by giving viewers the answers that are featured within. 

As the number of videos on your website rises, you need to be able to transcribe them with more efficiency. Make sure you transcribe it in a format that search engines will better comprehend. It would be even better if you could use transcriptions and turn them into edited blog posts.


Introducing effective SEO methods to your website isn’t as difficult as it might seem at first. There are countless ways that modern businesses are increasing their ranks throughout search engines. Use some of the above strategies and you’re going to find that 2020 is going to be the year your business surges to the top of results.

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