7 Tips for Creating Your Best SEO Content


Kevin Urrutia




September 27, 2022

When it comes to content marketing and real ROI, the only thing one has to think about is SEO and improving this aspect of their business/ website. Moreover, it is believed that, in 2019, the SEO content will be targeted mainly towards the audience.

In this respect, when we create SEO, we have to think about creating highly-ranked content – especially one that is able to drive traffic and leads. Naturally, the most important thing about highly-ranked content is that it has to always be focused on the users.

In short, when creating SEO content, one has to write in the right way and to the right people – of course, you don’t have to do this all by yourself, as you can always rely on an SEO agency, such as SEO Stream, in order to manage and improve your content.

So, let’s begin – here are 7 tips for creating your best SEO content in 2019, so you better write them down!


Focusing on Readability

This one is pretty much straightforward – when one of your users clicks your link, the suite of elements that they’ll find on your page has to make them stay on that specific page and read its content.

Moreover, readability improves your dwell time – a metric that shows the amount of time that passes between the moment you click on a certain search result and the moment when you return to the results page.

Readability, as well as dwell time, are improved by logic, simplicity, organization, and clarity of the content.


Improving You Page Speed

Naturally, no one has the time nowadays to wait for more than 10 seconds for a page to load – in order to make someone stay on your page, it must fully load and display the information it has available in roughly 3 to 5 seconds maximum.

According to some reports, online shoppers will not wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load.


Investing in Visuals

With the help of some statistics, we now know that articles and pages that contain relevant images enjoy about 94% more views than blank articles, so to say.

In short, you have to stop relying on overused stock photos, get a little bit creative, and try to insert high-quality and well-designed images in your content.


Original Research

First of all, roughly 74% of marketers reported that they have more website traffic because they relied on original research – this is because, when you include fresh studies, information, and statistics in your content, other websites will eventually link to yours and cite your findings as well.

You can do some original research by surveying your industry and compile the end results or by analyzing your own metrics/ data and posting your discoveries.


Content for the Right People – Targeted Keywords Included

In order to write content for the right people and include the right keywords in it as well, one must do some audience research, topic research, and keyword research.

There’s really not much to say about targeted keywords – one, they must be some that your audience is actively searching for, and two, they have to be properly included within the content.


Deepen Your Content

The age of short blog posts and such is pretty much gone – now, even Google is focusing more and more on content quality. Namely, you have to create content that digs deeper and deeper into a certain topic.

For example, when thinking about long-form blog posts, these should be of at least 2000 words. Moreover, you can explore topics that can be seen from different angles – and you can always write ultimate guides.


Facts – with Proper Citations

It is already known that a certain website becomes more believable if it provides its readers with the right facts – obviously, the one creating the content must also properly cite them as well.

Remember that anyone can be an expert and throw in some facts – but if you cite yours right, your content will make the audience stick on your website for longer.

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