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May 05, 2024

Although we like seeing refreshed user interfaces and pioneering phone apps, a certain inclination in mobile app development is here to stay.

What we can expect from app design trends for 2022 is mimicking reality and less polluted UI. Users need fewer stress factors, not more visual noise, and in the highly distraction-dense app environment, impeccable app hygiene may just win the race in 2022. 

Let’s look at five app design trends for next year, and why they are important for mobile tracking analytics to grow your brand over the course of 2022.


Eager to implement imminent app design trends, brands get too excited and dive deep into design forgetting about functionality. If you have such a tendency, think well about the app design trends for 2022 you can use for your app and strive towards minimalism. 

They don’t call it the art of minimalism for nothing – it is an established design rule that retains value over time.

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An important piece of advice app development companies give to their clients in face of app updates and changes is that less is more. Small details, large bold headings on white background, subtle roundness, and simple illustrations are several trends for 2022 your need to consider. 

Furthermore, when tracking mobile analytics to check the growth progress of your app, it is key to closely monitor UI design changes you have made to understand which detail made the difference and increased retention rates and the number of active users. Even slightly changing a button color can affect numbers in analytics positively or negatively.


Harmony is the overall gratifying impression of a mobile app. Users just know when they see it. 

The most apparent way to spot harmony in mobile app design is via color patterns and color schemes. However, there is more to the best practices for designing harmonious mobile apps: intelligently merging intuitive design with usefulness, understanding the significance of fast loading times thanks to simple navigation, micro-interactions that improve the overall UX, and cutting out the clutter. 

Subtle differences between what the app absolutely needs and the nice-to-have features can affect how your app performs. Therefore, think carefully about the breathing room you provide for users before launching the app.  


Neuromorphism as a mobile app trend for 2022 is an extension of the universal direction towards neuromorphic design for hardware and software components. 

Neuromorphic simply means “inspired by the human brain”. Smartphone apps with neuromorphic design replicate the way the brain perceives or interacts with features in a seamless, natural way. 

Designing neuromorphic UI components is turning into quite a science. Between having fun with neuromorphic features and “do we really need all that”, the trends for 2022 veer towards the latter. 

3D Geometry.

Developers gain on design efficiency, as with 3D modeling, they are better equipped to translate the brand message into features and keep the audience engaged and on their toes. You may think that three-dimensional apps belong to the gaming world, but that is not true— apps that use education, navigation, visualization, and mobile projections are excellent candidates for 3D geometry.   

Apple is a trendsetter, and for a good reason: iPhone app design has always been a harbinger of things to come, so if you want to learn from the best, it doesn’t take more than exploring these ARKit examples that combine the best of a 3D world and AR. Users love augmented reality (AR) apps because they enable an immersive experience, providing better space visualization and accuracy. 

Photos plus Illustrations.

With the growth of m-commerce, projected to reach over $400 billion by 2024, the mix of real photography and illustrated details is inevitable for good responsiveness and fast loading times. Illustrations aren’t in the best interest of sophisticated products while heavy media can increase app abandonment rates. The best of two worlds must meet the strict user tolerance for patience. Moreover, the storage space an app takes on the user’s phone can also affect their decision when they choose which is the next app that will end in the trash bin.   

Regardless of the app design trends for 2022 you pick as dominant for a new project, keep in mind that they influence app performance. Throughout the process of mobile app development (and after), it is important to capture data about your audience’s hidden life so you can tweak the app for maximum growth.  

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