Why you need to Change your SEO Strategy In 2018


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

SEO campaign plays a significant role in determining the success of any online business. It helps you to climb and achieve top ranking in search engines. However, SEO is not just one of those strategies that you work on once and boast before moving on. When it comes to a successful campaign, extra effort is needed. You need to keep up with changes because once you take off your eyes of the project; you give an opportunity to your competitor to upstage you.

SEO is simply a continuous process. The techniques keep changing while Google keeps changing its algorithm, you have to constantly check, tweak, revise and adapt to changes. This article takes a look at why it’s important to change your SEO strategy 2018.

Why you need to change your SEO Strategy and how

Optimize your Voice Search

It is with no doubt that voice search is the next big thing in the world of SEO. Mobile phones are essential accessories that are widely used across the globe on a daily basis. Voice search functions, as a result, are getting stronger by the day. This trend has been witnessed in 2018. Therefore, it is important that you start optimizing your voice search by;

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  • Including conversational keywords in your content and ensure it addresses the needs of the target audience.
  • Offering the right information to web visitors by detailing your Google My Business ranking; this is important because it will be easy for web visitors to find you when they voice search your business.
  • Focus on your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page and make it perfect. You can include questions and answers in your content.

Mobile First Index

In 2016, Google officially announced its mobile-first indexing algorithm. It took many SEO experts BY surprise and is one of the changes that Google still considers useful. It means that Google uses the mobile version of a website to index it as it reflects its real version.

A point to note is that if your primary markup and content differ on desktop and mobile, it is time to change to improve your ranking. Make use of robot text testing tool to be sure that the mobile version of your website is accessed by Googlebot.

Real visual Search

More than ever, web content is becoming visually focused. It means you need to up your game and uses images as your queries. With image recognition, it is easy for the target audience to learn more about a product, for instance, its model and brand.

User experience  

Focus more on creating a killer user experience as it is an important aspect of SEO. Google has stated time and again that its users must get the best value; so give them solutions to stay in the game. It means:

  • Creating a website that loads faster, easy to navigate on and is readable.
  • Ensuring your pages are engaging and leads audiences to the right solutions.
  • And offering custom experience to all users.

Featured snippet

Internet users turn to Google to get answers to different questions. They need real-time answers and by creating a featured snippet, you stand a chance to take your business to the next level. Therefore, always include questions and answers in your web content. Additionally, improve your FAQ questions to ensure your site appears top in the featured snippet.

More in-depth content

Web visitors are bound to visit websites that offer in-depth and comprehensive content often. This is because such sites offer informative details and offer all that a target audience needs. For this reason, create quality content that includes information that will be useful to your target audience. In-depth analysis and creative content always take the lead.

Similarly, Google is getting advanced as the years go by. It is becoming smart and it takes into consideration a wide range of factors when ranking a website. In the past years, Google focused more on description tag, H1, URL and image ALT text. Rest assured that today, Google focuses more on your content and you better measure and provide wealthy information to your visitors.

Capitalize on Video content

It is estimated that by the year 2021, 82 percent of online traffic will be generated through video content. 2018 has already witnessed a revolution as video content is becoming omnipresent. More and more web visitors want to see quality video content.

In this regard, create the best video content while keeping your target audience in mind. Work on tutorials, reviews, testimonials and how to kind of content as well as information on YouTube. It will help you get the spotlight and top ranking in the search engine.

Quality Link building

Link building strategy keeps changing. Focus more on creating links that add value to your site by naturally attracting web visitors. Consider links from your niche and capitalize on them. Additionally, take time to create good relationships. Most importantly, avoid Spam content or spam links on your websites as it attracts serious penalties from Google. Instead, make your links extremely valuable and ensure they give value to your target audience.


Capitalizing of Googles Rank brain

Google RankBrain is an artificial intelligence tool that allows Google to comb through your website as well as a web visitor’s data. It helps Google to find the most relevant search details since they are different for every person. RankBrain also takes a look at other factors including Click Through Rate. For example, if Google identifies that your site gets high CTR, it instantly bounces your results up and ranks your site top.

It is also wise to note that RankBrain is highly efficient and it has the ability to determine whether the information in your site is worthless or useful. If the content is valuable, viewers are bound to stay long on the page and vice versa. Therefore, never underestimate the relationship between RankBrain and Google ranking. You can increase your site’s Click Through Rate by focusing more on your content.

Give your target audience the best information. Make their time on page worthwhile by delving deeper into details that they are looking for. If it is about a product description, for example, give truthful information to help a reader to make informed decisions before making a purchase.

Most importantly, create content that adds value to internet users and to the internet in general. Make Google have confidence in your site to avoid penalties and with time, you will reap amazing benefits.

The other strategies that you need to change include;

  • Going HTTPS as opposed to HTTP for enhanced security of user information.
  • Be an avid reader to keep up with Google ever-changing algorithms.

Note that SEO keeps improving and the needs of web visitors keep changing. For this reason, you have no shortcut but to keep up with the trends. Keep in mind that there are traditional strategies that are still quite relevant today.  However, make room for new and advanced techniques to keep improving your business.


Changing your SEO strategy doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Make the most of these tips when designing your marketing campaign to enhance your chances of achieving the best results. Additionally, keep in mind that not all changes are necessarily significant. Some adjustments have low ROI. For this reason, consider the importance of ratings and know your standing with https://serpbook.com. It will help you to measure your ranking so that you can develop actionable ways to implement the best SEO strategies. With the right strategies, you can achieve consistency to increase your engagement as well as the best online visibility

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