The Magic of Giving Promotional Gifts for the Holidays

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The Magic of Giving Promotional Gifts for the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches and you get busy with the closing of the year, now is the perfect time to promote your brand by giving out special promotional items to your valued clients or employees.

At iPromo, we understand and cherish the holidays. We can adhere to your bulk order requirements and offer the hottest promotional products to align your brand with. Our new 2019 collection of promotional products is about to launch and take the promotional marketing world by storm. Promotional products by iPromo not only help to increase your brand awareness, but can also grab lots of attention from your most loyal clients. You should view Christmas as a golden opportunity to add value to your business calendar. Don’t waste any time! Start planning and developing strategies to boost your sales, by choosing the best promotional holiday gifts for your business. You can customize a promotional product with your company’s logo or message printed directly on it.

Some Great Promotional Products that can be used as Christmas Gifts are:

CamelBak Water Bottles:

CamelBak water bottles are great promotional products because they help people stay healthy by drinking lots of water. A water bottle stays by your side throughout the day. If you are giving a CamelBak water bottle to someone, they will constantly have it with them. The product will be in use everyday, which will serve as a great reminder about your business and generosity. Some of the best CamelBak products are:

1.) CamelBak Eddy 25oz

2.) CamelBak Chute 25oz

3.) CamelBak Rouge

4.) CamelBak Classic

Colorful Stress Balls:

Custom stress balls are used to relieve tension from your brain. They can be personalized in bulk for maximum cost savings. You can create your own unique shapes and have your logo printed on each stress ball along with a special Christmas message. There are different colors, sizes, and cool designs to help increase brand recognition for your company. Colorful stress balls are a great idea for people who work for long hours and might not have time to relieve their stress with physical exercises.

Designer Tote Bags:

Tote bags are a great choice to increase your brand recognition during the festive season. The quality of our canvas totes and eco-friendly bags will surely impress your clients. Your company’s logo along with a customized message wishing them a “Merry Christmas” or a “Happy New Year” can be printed directly on each bag. You can even print them in festive colors. Order now to get the best prices on our Designer Tote bags.

Phone Accessories:

Whenever you are trying to think of a promotional gift, phone accessories are typically one of the first options that comes to mind. The world is going digital, so why not give out the latest phone accessories this Christmas? Promotional items like Phone Stands, Ring Holders and Phone Wallets are a few promotional products in high demand.  Your clients might even be planning to buy these products on their own. Receiving a great promotional phone accessory item as a Christmas gift will be a dream come true for your esteemed clients.

Combo Tech Products:

Combo Tech Products are among the best ways to find promotional products at reasonable prices. This is particularly true if you are planning to approach big companies to promote your business. A combo gift can be a great option for promoting your business this Christmas. Some of the options are:

1.) Water Bottle/Bluetooth Speaker Combo

2.) Backpack/Power Bank/Bluetooth Speaker

3.) Flashlight/Power Bank/Bluetooth Speaker

Promotional gifts are the perfect way to make your clients feel appreciated during the festive season. These festive months provide an opportunity to improve your sales and kick start next year. Capitalize on the tradition of giving during Christmas and provide your corporate and individual clients with great promotional gift items. They provide an opportunity to improve market awareness and promote your brand. Select the best suited products for your business and make your clients happy this Christmas!

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