Fashion Tips: How To Match Accessories


Kevin Urrutia




February 09, 2024

The right accessories can complement the look and make the look stand out, and to achieve this satisfying result, simply combine and use it correctly.

They enrich the look and often transform a simple production into a sleeker look and impress your personality with the look.

Many women are in doubt when it comes time to combine accessories, fearing that the look is loaded, too exaggerated. And they are right because the variety of accessories is so wide and the possibility of making the look a disaster is huge.

The most common mistakes are the wrong combination, the exaggeration or not knowing how to choose the right accessory for the occasion. But with a few tips, this can be easily avoided and no longer a problem.

What is not good is wearing excess rings, bracelets, and huge earrings in an inappropriate environment such as work, for example. The same happens when you use accessories trying to match them with any outfit for a formal party. It will be over!

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Fashion tips for matching accessories:

Basic tips for matching clothes with accessories:

From a detail of the clothing, it is possible to draw color for choosing accessories or vice versa. This is the rule of the “talking to each other” pieces.

  • For black clothes – Use any type of accessory or color. Including shoes and bags;
  • Sober color clothing – Use bold colors;
  • Brightly colored clothing – wear accessories with neutral tones;
  • Clothes in neutral tones – Choose for bold colors, in bags, shoes or jewelry;
  • For white or off-white clothing – prefer earth tones;
  • For clothes with prints – Prefer accessories with sober and discreet tones or that match one of the colors of the print.
  • Colorful shoes – neutral color bag;
  • Purses the same color as clothing – Effect that lengthens the silhouette.

Workplace and formal environment accessories:

Not to be missed try on work clothes and try to match the most discreet accessories, take photos and save for the time of doubt.

The same can be done with formal party clothes, try on jewelry of choice, which is best suited for this type of party, or with a more elegant accessory if you don’t have jewelry. But remember that even having them, do not use everything at the same time, it will be too much, will pass the point.

From the pieces you like best, choose the ones that can be worn with your clothes, so you are not restricted to wearing just one look with your favorite accessories.

Here are some tips for getting it right:

The “maxi” accessories

In recent years, we have seen various fashion trends such as maxi necklaces, maxi earrings, maxi this or that. Anyway, can you combine all this? And is it for everyone? This is very relative and can generate “mango cloth” because, besides being a matter of taste, we have to think that there is a very fine line between good taste and exaggeration.

Think you need to know how to use fashion to your advantage. For work, for example, a combination of maxi earrings, necklaces and or bracelets would surely be exaggerated. The tip is to use with caution and choose a type of accessory that will best match a formal setting.

Matching similar accessories:

When composing the look, you can choose pieces that have a similar finish, as well as texture or polish. The same combination must exist when it comes to wearing the pieces with stones, be they jewelry or costume jewelry. In this case try to gather similar stones in hue, brightness, transparency or nobility.

The pieces that have a more contemporary appeal are gold or silver. The gold and silver colors that once had a myth of not being able to be used together can be used today. But remember a rule, when the larger piece is gold, try to match a smaller piece or silver color and vice versa.

You can wear gold during the day or night, but leave the most flashy and powerful accessories at night.

The silver-colored accessories are more discreet and can be worn anytime.

A matching accessory with skin tone:

  • Like clothes and makeup, accessories help enhance the body by highlighting it. And matching accessories to your skin color is also a trick to use.
  • Light skins – stand out more with dark stones.
  • Brunette or black skins – best match warm colors like red, yellow.
  • Oriental skins – best match cool colors like green and blue.

A matching accessory with face type:

  • Round face – Use longer pieces.
  • Long, thin or oval face – Use round or wide pieces such as hoops.
  • Using accessories accompanying the neckline
  • A long necklace can create a horizontal line creating an effect that lengthens the silhouette.
  • The necklace can also be worn by repeating the lines of the neckline of the outfit, such as the V-neckline that also lengthens and highlights the breasts.
  • The round neckline asks for a necklace that comes in the same shape, such as an Omega necklace, a pearl necklace.
  • The canoe or strapless neckline calls for closer necklaces, like chokers.

And to finish

The accessories, besides being beautiful, can be used to bring the focus to any region you want to highlight. Like an arm bracelet, when you want to show off a beautiful, shapely arm.

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