How to Ignite Your Business with Twitter Chat

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It is a very powerful communication tool that is used as a digital marketing strategy. These are chat sessions, which are set at a pre-established day and time, in which a specific topic is treated. It is used by companies and professionals with surprising results.

It is a dynamic and participatory technique where the chat can be guided by a guest who directs the topic and other people who may be interested can participate. It also works with open conversations where everyone contributes their opinion in the chat. The chats are developed with a diversity of professional topics that provide advice on specific topics.

Social networks are an effective way to reach more people in less time and at a really low cost. Twitter chat is an opportunity to boost your business with little investment, allowing the participation of a large number of people in a chat that is useful.

Professionals and companies use this excellent digital marketing tool to stand out as the top of mind in their sector and in their audience (target).

The conversations are identified with a hashtag, which is created by placing a pad symbol in front of the name of our twitter chat.

It is an orderly conversation, where a series of questions are asked by the moderator of the event and must be answered in the order indicated.

They are free; however, a series of symbolic steps must be fulfilled, for the realization of chat in the microblogging network.

Most outstanding features

  • Your opinion must be concrete and in 140 characters.
  • Comply with the rules of courtesy.
  • The use of obscene words is not allowed.
  • The purpose for which it was created is to talk and learn.


  • It is a large community where we can meet people with our same interests.
  • The participation of various professionals, allows us to have a place to look for knowledge and give light to our knowledge.
  • These are generally current issues, and of interest, that promote the massive participation of people with common interests.
  • The communication is developed in a direct, agile and fluid way.
  • Keep your interest in the subject; it is a highly dynamic chat that keeps you connected for the duration of the chat.
  • It is inclusive and democratic; that is, all sectors that wish to participate can do so.
  • Unlimited topics, the important thing is to maintain the quality of the chat to maintain the interest of the audience.
  • A large number of participants.
  • Create and strengthen a community is a great way to promote your business and make yourself known, gives you a good reputation and makes you an important reference in the sector.
  • Increase of influence indexes and engagement with your business, which are determined by retweets, comments, and mentions.
  • It is a real economic tool to perform digital marketing.
  • Some qualify it as a source of knowledge and an excellent pedagogical tool.

Twitter chat is an excellent digital marketing strategy, where you create your own community and according to your skills, you can maintain an audience interested in the topics and the degree of professionalism that you demonstrate in your Twitter chat. This tool allows you to share with people with your same interests. It is an excellent tool to make your business known and boost your productivity.

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