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May 05, 2024

Do you have an online business and you want to market your products on Amazon? Are you worried that counterfeit goods can affect your brand sales on Amazon?

If you are then the amazon brand registry is here for you. But you may wonder? What the hell is the amazon brand registry?

This is just is a program that helps identify and protect brands on amazon. It helps manufacturers and brand owners create trusted experience for customers by protecting their registered trademarks on Amazon. 

Why use amazon brand registry

Increase product sales

After registration, amazon removes all the fraudulent product listings that compete with your brand. It gives your business information priority. 

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

By removing fraud products in the market your brand can reach more potential clients. Clients will see your business products, engage with your website, build trust and grow your sales. 

You control your product marketing campaigns on Amazon. You optimize your product information to attract, engage and convert leads for more sales. 

Other brands or sellers can’t change your product information or interfere with your business marketing. Your brand product data has high rankings to attract more customers to your products.

Expand your product Ad Options

Once you register with the amazon brand registry you unlock sponsored brands priority. 

You can promote up to three products of your brand on Amazon. Your products include your business logo and brand name. 

You can include your product listing ads for different products of your brand to attract leads to your business, earn their trust and convert them to clients.

You can reach many potential clients as many people will know about what you offer to clients. Through your ads, you can promote brand awareness with easy, build trust with leads and convert them to sales.

Sponsored brands help increase your search visibility. This site will help you learn more about sponsored brands.

Sponsored brands increase user engagement as more buyers can sell your products when they search on Amazon. 

Brand registry support

Maintaining your business on the registry can be hard. Amazon brand registry gives 24/7 customer care support on how to run your business on Amazon. 

Great customer care increases engagement and business efficiency as they can get help on how to protect their business. 

Research from RightNow shows that 73% of customers love and do business with brands that have friendly customer care support.

Amazon’s brand registry provides wonderful services that help businesses grow their sales through Amazon.

Control business representation

The brand registry gives you control over your business brand on amazon. You can change the product details as you do the A/B test with your product listings. 

You have the power to control, update the product listing, include your company information and logo to build more trust with leads. 

You can include descriptions that suite your target clients’ pain points to increase engagement to your brand. 

With the help of the program, your buyers will see your product listing content for your brand but not any third-party sellers. 

Without protection, some sellers can use your product detail page to sell their counterfeit products with your brand details.

 Clients’ reviews are so vital to your business growth. Research by BrightLocal shows that 68% of consumers are more likely to buy after reading positive reviews.

Clients are more willing to leave reviews of your brand when asked. When clients leave reviews, you can change your product listings, improve your product quality.

Since you control your business on Amazon, you can attract more positive reviews that can end up in more lead conversions and increased sales. 

Remember you control the business and your buyers will have more education about your products which will increase their engagement to your brand and increase conversion rates. 

Your customers will make informed decisions as they will have the right information about your brand. There will be fewer cases of returns or negative reviews on your products and brand.

Increase client trust with your brand

Your brand matters so much to your clients. Using a brand registry helps protect your clients by ensuring they get original high-quality products from your brand. 

This increases the trust bond with your clients and it gives them a guarantee they will have products that will help them solve their pain points.

When you register your brand with the amazon registry you prove to your clients you care about them and don’t want them to get fake products. This increases your customer lifetime value and helps build your brand.

Gives reporting and research tools

Brands can use your company name or product descriptions to sell fake products. 

Once you register, the program gives you access to great tools that help you research companies that try to use your information to promote and sell fake products. 

This helps monitor your brand performance and keep track of infringement cases as you market your products on amazon. 

The registry gives outlined steps on how to report any infringement on your products and brand on Amazon.

One such tool is the bulk ASIN(Amazon standard identification number)search which helps you collect a report about your product on amazon. 

You know brands that promote and sell their products with your product logo and images and report them.

Here are other advantages of the search tool.

You can search globally for any business or brands that try to steal your information and use them to market their fake products.

This helps keep your business save as your clients will get genuine high-quality products.

Protect your product listings on amazon

Without protection on amazon, a seller can change your product listing which can end up affecting your business. Amazon brand registry protects your product listing from third-party sellers.

The program collects your brand information and gives predictive protections. It makes it easy to verify legit ads of your brands alongside your business trademark.

You can know product listings or brands that use your logo or trademarks to sell their products and report them for infringement.

You can use video to market your brand on Amazon

As a registered member on Amazon, you can use video marketing to grow your brand and increase sales.

 Hubspot research shows that 54% of customers prefer video content from brands.

Video marketing has a high power to increase lead conversion rates and sales. After enrolling in the program, you can create a short explainer video for your customers to educate them about your products.

Through explainer videos, your buyers can learn more about how to use your products and share the value your products will bring to your customers. 

Videos make it easy to show customers why they should buy your products and not your competitors.

How to enroll in the Amazon brand registry

Before we look at enrollment, let’s first know who is eligible to enroll in this registry.

  • Brand business owners
  • Private label business brand owners
  • Distributors who have brand permission to sell and advertise company products on behave of the company.
  • White-label product resellers.

What you need to enroll in Amazon brand registry

Even if you are legible for enrollment, as shown above, you need to meet these requirements to enroll.

  • Your brand should have a trademark registration. You should also be able to verify your trademark registration.
  • You should have a professional website
  • Provide a list of countries where you manufacture and distribute your products.
  • You should have images of your products and their packaging and also your brand logo.
  • Have a list of the product categories that you provide.
  • Have an Amazon account either vendor central or seller central account.

The trademark registration for your brand

First, you need to decide if you want to use word/s or symbols to identify your brand to the market. 

Ensure the trademark want to use is not registered with another brand. You don’t want to have trademark infringement cases that can destroy your brand reputation and affect your business sales.

Once you are sure the trademark you want to use is not registered, then you can proceed with registration.

If you are running an online business and want to register your business internationally, you can visit the World Intellectual Property Organization website to register your brand.

Otherwise, you can visit the US Patent and Trademark website for the trademark registration.

You need to meet Amazon eligibility requirements before you can register your brand on the program.

To enroll in the program

At this point, you already have all the required details to sign up. Go to the official brand registry site and follow the instructions.

Follow all the instructions at every stage of the signup process. Ensure you verify all your brand and personal details.

How to know if the registration application was accepted

Once you have applied for the amazon you may be left wondering if your application was accepted. Well, here are some ways to know that.

Presence of unique identifier. Your product unique identifiers as UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN then your application has been approved. The Amazon standard identification number(ASIN) shows that your enrollment is yet to be accepted.

Amazon service center. To confirm application approval, you can call the amazon service center and ask about the approval of your account. 

Even if your brand application was not successful they will tell you and also let you know what you can do to register successfully.

Enhanced branded content. If you can’t use enhanced branded content to promote your brand, then your application has not been yet accepted. 

Keep checking your amazon brand profile for any updates or permission to use branded content.

Post-application strategies for your accepted account

Congrats. You have applied, verified your account and it has already been accepted.

Well, that is not the end of the game. There are some activities you need to do after the acceptance of your application. Here are some

How to list your products to your account. Go ahead an add products to your account. 

Ensure you use the same key attribute (UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN) you used when applying for the account. 

Your brand naming should also be exactly as you used in the application. The process should be the same for all the products you should list. 

Each product should have a different list from the other and also use the different key attributes. Amazon can identify a key attribute for each of your products.

Updating existing products. This can be done either automatically or manually. If your product listing has the exact name and key attribute, amazon will automatically update its status.

Otherwise, you will have to update the product listing manually for the exact key attribute and product name.

Enroll new products to the registry. If you have new products you can enroll in the registry, include your brand details and key attribute. Use the seller central account to enroll your products if you use Amazon Webstore.

What if brands submit infringement claims against my brand?

First, ensure that you are not infringing on the brand’s intellectual property. This can be the case where you use the brand name in the description of your products.

 If you find you are using their intellectual property, then stop. You can sent amazon a suspension plan of action to explain why you infringed their property and explain your plan of action to ensure it does not happen again.

If the problem is not on your side and you are not infringing them you can ask the other brand to retract their claims against you. 

If they are not ready to co-operate contact an attorney and let them send a legal letter to the Amazon notice team. 

A brand account is suspended if it is discovered it sends false infringement claims to its competitors.

Do you want to protect your brand on Amazon?

Growing a business is hard and as a business owner, you need to take all the necessary steps to ensure your brand is protected on Amazon.

Take action and register your brand on the Amazon brand registry. You will be able to reach many potential clients, increase brand awareness, protect your brand against sellers who can infringe on you.

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