What are drip campaigns and why you should use them


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

What Are Drip Campaigns And Why You Should Use Them

The digital world is competitive. So it is of extreme importance to always be ahead of the competition. One can not lose clients and should always do one’s best to gain highly-targeted new ones. 10 years ago simple bulk emails were pretty satisfying means of marketing and sales. But now they are not a solution anymore.

To drive sales and bring marketing to the new level, professionals tend to automate all and sundry. This way, drip emails appeared and specialists all over the world take advantage of them.

What drip campaigns are

A drip campaign is a series of emails sent to recipients depending upon some triggers. Triggers are actions defined in the campaign and performed by people. You need to create an email sequence with schedules, triggers, delays, set goals. Then, click the Start button and everything is done for you. The first email is sent according to the schedule. After that, everything depends upon triggers and the actions lead performs.

Drip campaigns are the quickest and easiest way to reach out to the leads’ hearts and convert them. Thanks to them, you will save money and, what is more important, time. Why? Because you don’t have to manually follow who has opened the email, who has clicked the embedded link, or replied to you. The drip campaigns tool does that and sends the next emails in the campaign on your behalf.

So what do you have to do? You only need to spend some time to create a campaign and then follow the statistics.

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Drip emails allow marketers and salespeople to stay in touch with subscribers, users, and leads based on certain events. Drip campaigns can be divided into two large groups, cold and warm. Cold drip campaigns are sent to non-registered users. They still have no idea of what exactly your product is and how it can help them overcome all the problems. Warm drip campaigns are sent to clients, opt-in subscribers, and members to nurture them.

Drip campaigns elements & components

As it was written above, drip emails is a sequence of emails and triggers. But they are not the only elements: a drip campaign has some other components and features.

  • Email account. Within some platforms, you can add many email accounts to send campaigns. You can use no more than one account within one campaign. Drip tool synchronizes with the email account and sends smartly-automated human-like email sequences.
  • Email lists. This is a list of prospects or leads or clients to whom the campaign will be sent. You can create a new list of leads with the help of special tools or upload your own one if you already have it.
  • Campaign builder. This is the place where you create the email sequence. When designing a campaign, you can schedule it, set up pauses between emails, adjust triggers, and define the goals. On the web, you can find drag-n-drop campaign editors which are easy-to-use.
  • Triggers & Delays. These two go hand-in-hand. Without them, the email campaign turns into simple bulk emailing. They let the campaign look natural. The emails are sent only when the recipient performs the pre-defined action within the set time. The most common and widely used triggers are Email opened and Link clicked.
  • Goals. That’s a kind of the end of the email sequence. It defines the next step you’ve got to do. Send another campaign, start face-to-face communication or delete this person once and forever.
  • Statistics. In the Stats, you can see the detailed information on how the campaign performs: how many emails were sent, how many people clicked the embedded links, how many replies you’ve received, and many more.

All the features mentioned above are of great importance as without them the email campaign will hardly bring you any success. And you can find all these features within Snov.io Drip Campaigns tool. This all-in-one platform provides a few other tools worth attention. Each of them will support you in improving marketing and sales.

  • Email Finder helps you search for email addresses of the future audience and prospects. With this tool, you won’t waste precious time: it does everything pretty quickly. Also, you can use the browser extension to find emails on any website in the blink of the eye. Voila Norbert’s email finder is an alternative tool worth checking out as well.
  • Email Verifier is a 100% must-have tool to use before running any email drip campaign. Check all the emails on the list and delete the invalid ones. If not, then some messages will never reach the recipients’ inboxes. This way, you will get hard bounces, the reputation will go down, and you might be blocked by the ESP.

Drip emails advantages

So what is the better side of email drip campaigns? Compared to bulk emails, they have the following significant differences and will bring you such benefits:

  • Cheapness. Quite often, drip campaigns go as part of a set of tools. This means, that you won’t have to pay for each feature separately; thus, the drip emails’ price is quite affordable.
  • Personalization. The user has the ability to personalize the drip campaign not only with the recipient’s name but also with the company name, position, an event name, etc.
  • Time-saving. The crucial condition of every drip campaign is to start the first message. Then, the system does everything.
  • Creativity. You can send emails with attached files as well as links. The links are trackable, which means that you will be aware of who opened the email and how many times.
  • Higher engagement. Triggered emails based on user actions have a better chance of getting a response compared to bulk email campaigns.
  • No irritated prospects. People get exactly what they want at a definite time, so they are more welcoming to what companies send to them.

Just try them

Drip campaigns may seem to be difficult. They are a collection of simple mechanisms working together to create something powerful. Based on the above-mentioned advantages, you can be sure that drip emails are much easier and more comfortable to use. Within a drip campaign, emails are more targeted and you will definitely get more benefits. You will easily automate email marketing and move sales, skyrocket your business, and get higher profit.

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