UX or UI: Which Career Option To Choose


Kevin Urrutia




September 13, 2022

UI and UX designers have to work on creating some of the most beautiful interfaces but the skill sets and involvement are designed for different stages in the design and development procedure.  So, how can you possibly know which career is the best option for you? For that, you have to learn more about these designers on daily basis to figure out your call!

Let’s start off with User Experience Design:

These designers are mainly skilled at making interfaces after identifying problems in the easiest manner possible. These UX designers are mainly obsessed with customers and ensure intuitiveness of designs. UX workers deal with less visual stuff when compared to UI designers and will require an understanding of testing and analytics interfaces. Do you know what UX designer jobs NYC look like on daily basis? Let’s find out.

Responsibilities to handle:

UX designers have to take on multiple roles on a project. So, the daily work will change based on the project’s stage you are dealing with. You can start the morning routine by screening or recruiting potential users for next usability text. Or you can just type up a script for next remote based user testing. There are so many times when you have to re-think wireframes depending on technical feedbacks or limitations that was just analyzed from user test. In case you are associated with the smaller team, you can take on some wider tasks like helping you with project management or information architecture, coordination with the development team and much more.

The skills you need:

If you want to be a UX designer, you better be aware of the skills you need in this regard.  For that, going through the points mentioned below will help you out a bit.

  • Strategy: UX designers should be aware of the goals they have to work with. It is designed to increase sign-ups. They must create clear information based dashboards. No matter whatever the goals might be, UX experts are the ones for creating a strategy to achieve usable interface.
  • For prototyping: Testing is vitally in need of prototypes and for UX designers, it means creating wire-frames and also thinking about interactivity. Some of the prototypes might start with a sketch but UX expert is responsible for taking the higher fidelity with tools like Axure, Photoshop and more.
  • Usability and research testing: You have to understand how you can test ideas to confirm that you are planning on the right strategy. Usability testing mainly needs recruitment of users, the creation of scripts for following tests and presenting and analyzing findings.

Always remember that UX designers will not work in isolation and in terms of the digital project, UX users can always expect to work closely with the UI designers, front-end developers, and project managers. They have to understand project lifecycle and also able to understand the basic technical components of build and have knowledge of the visual design principles.

Now for the UI:

User Interface designers are mainly held responsible for creating aesthetically beautiful interfaces; right from the color palettes to dropdown menu addition. These designers are here to take wireframes from the UX designers and use the similar blueprints for applying wide ranges of the stylistic elements. UI designers are mainly the brains behind site interactivity and its beauty.

Checking on the responsibilities:

These designers are involved after the completion of the UX works. You have to start the project through design research and then figure out ways to apply current brand guidelines to the new interface. You will always make decisions on everything, right from choosing the best typeface to just creating some button styles. You might have to convince others for the choices too. Being UI designer, you have to understand responsive design and try making some decisions about how interactivity and transitions work. As the design progresses, you will come to work with the UX designers more for testing work before it might head towards development.

For the skills:

If you think that the UI route is the one for you then you might have to check out some of the skills in this regard. Some of the best skills over here are mentioned just for you now.

  • Visual interface design: UI designers are mainly held responsible for entre form of visual interface. It might include everything right from putting the style guides together to details on ways everything should look, from icons to menus and more.
  • Animation with interactions: Here, the UI and UX designers have to work together. The UX designers will have to be behind the strategy of things that touch and tap and the UI designer will apply that idea visually for the user to understand any interface without any direction. It helps you out with the interface intuitive.
  • Now for the front-end development: CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are mainly the key languages designed for the front-end developments. Even though UI designers are not always expected to help with the development phase, but the front-end development skills will have a huge competitive advantage for creating some true interactive works.

These UI designers can work with other UI experts, UX designers, project managers, digital marketers and even a development team. It solely depends on the size of the team. UI designer is also held responsible for just documenting some of the design decision so that others can apply guidelines well.

In terms of salary:

As per some of the researches made, the entry-level salary of a UX designer will be around $63000 yearly. With an addition of 5+ years of experience, the salary can hike up to $90k on an annual count.  In case of a UI designer, the average salary is a bit higher than UX expert at $95k annually. However, salaries vary on location, experience, and even organization type. UI designers with front-end skills will earn higher rate mainly because of the ability to help a code test designs and code rapidly.

In the end, it is all your choice. The field that calls you the more is the field you should choose without being influenced by anyone else.

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