Digital Out of home advertising – what is it and different ways to do it


Kevin Urrutia




September 27, 2022


         In recent years, it has been noted that the hub of advertising has been digital media which was earlier focused heavily on offline advertising like public boards, banners, hoardings, posters, etc.

The growing influence of digital mediums and their popularity among the people has made the advertisers find ways to make offline advertising more interesting and impactful that can provide maximum results.

This has given rise to the term Digital Out-of-Home advertising.

What is Digital Out-of-Home Advertising?

         Firstly, let’s understand what is out-of-home (OOH) advertising. OOH is the offline visual advertising that takes place in outdoor spaces mainly public spaces. It is also known as outdoor advertising or outdoor media. Billboards, hoardings, posters, etc. are some key forms of OOH advertising.

Now, DOOH!

Digital out-of-home advertising is when advertisers use digital channels and mediums to in their OOH advertising activities like installing a digital display screen instead of billboards.

DOOH advertising takes OOH by including elements like tracking, real-time monitoring, digital media attributes, Adtech, customizations, interactivity, performance measurement, and much more.

4 Future trends on DOOH Advertising

         Here we have accumulated the 5 trends that will reshape the way outdoor advertising is done.

  1. Social Walls Powered by UGC

          User-generated content has been identified as the future of content marketing in the coming years as it is the most interesting and engaging form of content for the people.

So, when the UGC is highly engaging and interactive, it would be hugely beneficial to display it in your DOOH advertising using social walls.

A social wall is a feed of user-generated content that has been collected from different digital platforms into a single feed and is display on digital screens. Social media aggregators like Taggbox specialize in creating, customizing, and displaying social UGC walls as a DOOH campaign.

These social UGC walls will be immensely helpful in building trust, authenticity, and reliability for your advertising campaigns. Besides, the viewers will also be highly interested in engaging and interacting with your DOOH advertisements leading to maximum returns.

  1. Offline Personalization

          It is quite easy to create personalized advertisements on digital platforms as you have the option to monitor the activities of the users and data mining. But technology has become advanced enough to bring this personalization to an offline environment.

With the help of technologies like artificial intelligence, image recognition, tracking, motion sensing, virtual reality, and may more, you can create a personalized digital out-of-home advertising campaign.

These technologies have already become so advanced that they are measuring/analyzing human emotions, facial expressions, movements, or actions.

Having access to these human attributes, amazing DOOH advertising campaigns can be created that will attract a tremendous amount of audiences and their involvement with the campaign.

The key is to give value to the audience through your campaigns either in the form of entertainment or valuable information so that audiences have a reason to engage and interact.

  1. Devices Integration

          Digital media and the internet has connected the world where mobile devices or any other devices are interconnected. With DOOH advertising, device integration can be leveraged to the next level.

The device integration is quite easy and effective with the availability of the internet so you can turn the DOOH campaign into a multichannel advertising campaign where the exposure and reach can be magnified exponentially.

You can create tailored campaigns that can be triggered when the audience is in the radius of your DOOH advertisements. This highly personalized and targeted advertising will result in maximum audience engagement and amplified effectivity of the advertising campaigns.

When you are thinking of digital advertising, you must make use of maximum possible channels and interlink them to amplify the impact of your advertising.

  1. In-store Outdoor advertising

          DOOH advertising does not necessarily mean that it will only take place in public spaces but it can also be done In-stores. We see many times that posters or billboards have been put up in stores.

So, these can be replaced with digital display screens to make it more effective, influential, and engaging for the audience. Believe it or not, but In-store digital displays can be more fruitful than any other form of advertising.

Like you can install digital displays in restaurants to showcase menus, offers, highlights, specials, or even advertisements. Whereas for hotels or other hospitality businesses, it can be used to display the facilities, guides, user experiences along with advertising.

Also, these digital displays can be used in retail stores to upsell where the users can experience what other people are buying, a buzz of the products on digital platforms, Social UGC, or even sell through the DOOH advertising displays as well.


         These are some of the best ways to leverage the DOOH advertising in the recent future to gain maximum exposure, awareness, audience engagement that will most positively result in conversions. Check out this Automotive marketing.

The key here is having a campaign worthy enough to gain audiences’ attention, drive engagement, and gratify the audience.

Social UGC walls, Artificial intelligence, excellent placement, and audience involvement are some necessities to create a successful DOOH advertising campaign.

So, start creating your DOOH campaign as it can bring the benefits of both digital and offline advertising together to drive the success of your campaigns and overall business growth.

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