Trending Now: Top Trends in Web Push Notifications for 2024


Kevin Urrutia




July 10, 2024

Marketing trends are constantly adjusting and changing, so distinguishing the right approach to target your audience can be tricky. Technology has enabled businesses with the ability to be more dynamic and bring value to their customers. 


Web push notifications are an up-and-coming popular way to communicate and stay in connection with your clients. But how well do push notifications work? Here’s an easy look into all you need to know regarding push notifications, their benefits, and their top trends in 2024.

What are Web Push Notifications?

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Actionable messages, or “notifications” sent to you from a website through your browser are known as web push notifications. The messages are positioned and customized in a way to engage and solicit clicks and visitors.

Web push notifications don’t ask for personal information, which makes them more appealing. They are only there to notify consumers and subscribers of promotions and improve brand awareness. They are utilized within a marketing strategy to help complement communication channels, but in more recent years are outperforming them.

Advantages of Web Push Notifications

Some of the benefits of incorporating web push notifications for marketing and advertising include the following:

Quick Delivery

Push notifications can reach users in an instant without any delay. Messages are sent and received in real-time, so there’s no guesswork or hiccups that keep prospects from seeing them.

Easy to Opt-In

Web push notifications offer their users a seamless experience to opt-in. Most of the selection is just clicking “allow,” which activates the notifications to alert them of upcoming deals, promotions, services, etc.

There is no data to be shared, such as a phone number or email. The ease also allows your Marketing Team to ensure they can reach users and stay within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. GDPR limits how much personal data is collected and used.

Message Sending

Another great benefit of web push notifications is the ability for users to receive notifications even when they navigate away from your site. They can still receive a push notification as long as they have an internet connection and are searching elsewhere.

Increased Conversion

Targeted, personalized push notification messaging establishes a connection with your audience. It tells those viewing that you care about the user experience and helps boost conversion rates, and notifications appear on their computer or mobile device no matter where they are to help increase that rate.

Improved Engagement and Marketing Outreach

Higher engagement rates are achieved due to the notifications being sent in real-time. Your business can offer exclusive discounts and targeted promotions, increasing engagement and driving traffic to your website. 

The channel you use for notifications syncs seamlessly with traditional messaging strategies you use in your marketing, even from search and display. It also allows for quicker, immediate communication, and users can see all notifications once they launch their internet browser. 

Your push notification will be at the top for them to see and look at immediately. With the ability to receive them across mobile devices, not just a computer, you extend your marketing reach. The cross-platform ability helps ensure your audience sees the notifications right away.

Push Notification Trends for 2024

The latest research when it comes to web push notifications examines many varying factors that include some of the following:

  • Geographic scope
  • Consumer demand
  • Market structure
  • Segmentation
  • Challenges
  • New opportunities
  • Future outlook 

The amount of spend on web push notifications is increasing due to ease and popularity. Push notifications are among the best tools to help engage and convert your target audience. Trends regarding these notifications indicate you should follow best practices and not bombard your audience with so many that it becomes overwhelming. 

Here are some of the top trends for the upcoming year your business can follow.

Optimize for Mobile-Friendly Use

Notifications should be mobile-friendly, even if your goal is to catch users when they are on a desktop or laptop. Tablets and phones are increasingly popular ways for people to access products and services, so you must ensure that your website, promotions, and, mainly, the push notifications are viewable and easy to read on a smaller, portable device.

Incorporate A/B Testing

Notification content is ever changing; to keep up with those changes, you should experiment with them. Include a/b testing to monitor and adjust your specific content, the timing of the notification, and Call-To-Action (CTA) engagement to see what works best to snag the user’s attention.

Analyze and Monitor Performance

You must establish your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics to see how they add up once notifications are in place. Check on things like click-through and conversion rates and unsubscribe; then, you can quickly adjust since notifications are through real-time. Analyzing and making those changes can significantly change the impact of your web push notifications.

Audience Segmentation

Establishing your ideal user is essential for any business, and the same goes for setting up your web push notifications. Remember to look at all factors regarding your customers’ interests, behaviors, and demographics so that the notifications are customized and targeted to the users’ needs.

Timing is Vital

No one likes to be bothered with notifications at inconvenient times. When researching your ideal audience, you must incorporate the proper timing techniques for marketing your web push notifications to avoid disturbing them. 

Using Web Push Notifications in the New Year

Your business should always be striving to reach new goals and objectives. Push notifications are more cost-effective than email marketing as a whole, so while it can be necessary to gain information from your users, consider incorporating web push notifications as a part of your marketing strategy in the new year.

They are a valuable tool for websites and e-commerce businesses that want to engage with their audience, drive more traffic to their site, and boost conversion rates. Follow best practices to ensure permission for their use, and respect the desire not to provide a lot of personal information by including web push notifications in your marketing and advertising strategies.

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