10 SEO Techniques That Will Work For 2020


Kevin Urrutia




February 09, 2024

Would you like to significantly improve your website’s ranking on search engines and boost inbound traffic as well? Well, a proper understanding of the best SEO techniques can help achieve this objective.

Every day, thousands of people across the world go online to search for a wide range of content. There is no doubt that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of websites that have content similar or almost similar to yours. Is it possible to make your site stand out from the others? What are the top 10 Search Engine Optimization techniques that will work for 2020?

This article outlines some of the most effective techniques.

  1. Carry out an extensive SEO audit

Conducting an audit exercise can help determine why you routinely get inadequate search traffic. This important service is offered by hundreds of SEO companies across the globe. However, doing it yourself can help save money. In the world of Search Engine Optimization, it is an effective growth- hacking strategy that can play an instrumental role in the attraction and retention of customers. SEO audit involves close examination of general site performance, setting up new goals depending on what the examination reveals, and implementation of effective techniques to attain the set goals. With proper SEO training, it’s possible to conduct an extensive audit on your own.

  1. Take advantage of advanced Search Engine Optimization internal- deep- linking

This method involves the linkage of pages within a blog with the use of anchor text. It points out to search engines how deep your website’s pages are, and also heartens them to index as many pages as possible. In most cases, the main goal is to attract visitors to web pages. As a result, and unfortunately so, the ranking of internal pages is completely forgotten.

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  1. Find out what users want

Many people mistakenly think that Google is a global advertising agency. That is not true. In reality, it is a giant data company. Nearly everything that Google develops has the primary objective of obtaining data from you and other internet users across the world and making use of that data to develop a more effective and efficient search engine. Compare your company with Google- consider both of them as giant data companies. Focus on the needs and wants of target customers. This can help create web content that appeals to them. SEO training can help you establish what users want.

  1. 4. Post valuable information on professional and social networking sites

In the case of high- volume keywords, it is not always easy to rank favorably in Google’s SERPs- especially if your blog is still a few weeks old. This is primarily because of two factors- low Page Authority and an equally low Domain Authority.

Nonetheless, you can make use of Slideshare, Quora, Linked and Blogger, among other reputable networking sites, to considerably enhance your search rankings and/ or create an impressive following. This can be achieved within a few days.

  1. Generate landing pages that are optimized for SEO

Are you aware that landing pages that are properly designed can significantly enhance lead generation as well as sales volumes? The number of landing pages created is directly proportional to the number of gateways that will open up for inward- bound traffic.

For Business- to- Business companies, nearly half of all clicks end up on home pages, instead of landing pages. Even though home pages are vital, landing pages are more important given that they help ignite strong relationships. Going through SEO training can help you generate landing pages that are optimized for SEO.

  1. Come up with good round-up articles

This is undoubtedly among the top 10 SEO techniques that will work for 2020. Essentially, you conduct interviews on a number of people regarding the same subject. The alternative is to compile a list of things in order of importance. This strategy helps you get varying viewpoints into the content and also helps you learn about things never known before. Additionally, it significantly enhances SEO rankings and web traffic as well. Even though the technique seems simple, it can be very effective. If you try it out, there will be no disappointments. With good SEO training, it can be easy to come up with proper round-up posts.

  1. Ensure the website is friendly to smartphones and other mobile devices

A few years ago, Google brought forth an update on her search algorithm which considerably improves search result rankings of mobile-friendly/ mobile- responsive websites. Did you know that currently, more than 60% of searches are carried out using smartphones and other internet-enabled mobile devices?

  1. Increase the length of your articles and other web content

Did you know that the length of web content is directly proportional to rankings on Google and other search engines? According to an analysis recently carried out by a world-renowned data analytics company, sites that appear among the top 7 in Google SERPs contain web content with about 2,000 words. As a matter of fact, many other studies that sought to establish a correlation between the two factors (length of content and ranking on search engines) have been carried out, and the outcomes were not different from what is stated in the paragraph above.

  1. Make use of infographics to improve traffic

With the help of infographics, complex information can be presented in ways that are easy to understand. Given that nearly 70% of people across the globe primarily learn through visuals, the technique is more effective and efficient than ordinary text. Quality infographics can significantly boost website traffic. However, most people only pay attention to ‘graphics’ and forget the element of ‘info’. Even though the good design is vital, you ought to create back-up using quality facts as well.

  1. Make sure that content is well- optimized for RankBrain

RankBrain is a superb AI system that plays a pivotal role in the analysis of search results. The Artificial Intelligence system studies the contents of web pages and their relationship with high- ranking keywords. It primarily helps establish a connection between searchers and relevant results. It is imperative to learn about the latest algorithm updates that Google creates as well as SEO best practices for your company to perform well in search engine rankings.


There you have it. There are numerous SEO techniques that companies use to enhance search rankings and attract inbound traffic. However, the top 10 techniques that will work for 2020 are listed above.

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