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February 09, 2024

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms used by over 500,000 merchants around the world. But one of the reasons why it’s so popular is its wide selection of plugins that can help add powerful features to your online store. We at a Facebook marketing agency prefer to use Shopify with all our clients. 

Though with a massive library of free and premium plugins, it can be challenging to find the right ones that fit your requirements. To help you out, we have rounded up the top must-have Shopify plugins for new Shopify store owners.

1- Free Shipping Bar

Price: A free version of the tool is available with a limited number of active bars. The paid version costs $9.99 per month or $99 per year, and it offers unlimited busy bars, advanced tracking, and auto-scheduling  

When customers shop online, the shipping costs are one of their main concerns. A high shipping cost can put off customers and make you lose sales.

If you offer free shipping on all purchases or over a particular order amount, then you should mention it on your website so that all the customers can easily see it.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

With the Free Shipping Bar plugin, you can put a bar on your website to tell your customers that you allow free shipping. That way, customers wouldn’t wait till the checkout page to know the shipping terms, which will, in turn, lead to lower abandoned carts and increased conversions. If you want to improve your post-purchase funnel, I suggest reading our Zipify One Click Upsell Review.

2- Plug in SEO

Price: A free version is available. The paid version costs per month and offers advanced features and excellent support.

Though online advertising can give your website quick traffic, it is not a viable long-term solution, especially for small e-commerce businesses with limited marketing budgets. That is why it is essential to focus on your online store’s organic traffic and SEO.

With Plugin SEO, you can seamlessly manage the SEO tasks of your entire store, right from meta titles to meta descriptions and image alt tags. You can also check your website speed to make sure it is optimized. Partnering with a Shopify SEO agency can provide specialized expertise in optimizing your store for search engines, ensuring that your products rank higher in search results and attract more organic traffic and potential customers.

3- Kit

Price: Free

Kit is the best plugin option for e-commerce store owners who don’t know much about marketing but want to create compelling product ads. Kit automates your complete marketing efforts. It does everything for you — from selecting the right products to adding ad images, scheduling ads, and offering analytics.

The app also allows you to schedule social media posts, send emails to repeat customers, and create discount codes to advertise.

4- Product Reviews

Price: Free

When customers can read and write reviews on your e-commerce website, it improves the credibility of your online store and builds a connection with the audience.

Product Reviews is a search engine-friendly plugin that allows you to add your product review scores to Google Search. While high scores are directly added to the website, low scores are flagged so that you can review them and resolve the issue with the customers.

When users search on Google, your product reviews and score can encourage them to click on the link and, in turn, increase your website’s conversion rates.

5- Instagram Shop

Price: Free

If you have a big Instagram following, you can use it to your advantage by connecting your Instagram account with your Shopify store.

Since Instagram doesn’t allow you to add hyperlinks in image captions, product stickers through the Instagram Shop app are a great way to add product shopping links in every image. You can add product stickers to any pictures or stories you post. Your shoppers can then browse and buy products from your online store directly through Instagram.

This eliminates the need to constantly add new links in your bio, which can confuse your followers.

With a consistent in-app shopping experience, you can decrease the number of touchpoints for the customers and provide them with a seamless shopping experience right from product discovery to checkout.

6- Oberlo

Price: There is a free version with limited features. The the basic plan costs $29.9 per month, allowing users to import up to 10,000 products. Pro Plan costs $79.9, enabling you to add unlimited products, orders, and multiple users.

Oberlo makes dropshipping seamless by allowing you to import dropshipping products to your own Shopify website automatically. Instead of buying bulk inventory and investing your money before even selling everything, you can use Oberlo to automate the entire drop shipping process.

Once you receive an order from a customer, Oberlo automatically creates a similar order with the dropshipping seller and even provides your customer with the correct tracking IDs.

It is the perfect Shopify app for people who want to start a low-risk business but do not have enough time to manage every manually. That way, you can use more time to grow your store.

7- Klaviyo

Price: Free for up to 250 email contacts. After that, the charges increase as the number of connections grows.

Klaviyo is a marketing automation tool that allows Shopify store owners to create targeted and optimized Facebook and email campaigns. It pulls information about your customer demographics and behavior and creates powerful segmentation lists that can then be used to target customers accurately. It’s also possible to build forms through Klaviyo to collect customer emails.

The plugin has a drag-and-drop email designer, form automation, and ROI-based reporting. While the tool’s pricing may be higher if you have a lot of customer emails, it can help you save a lot of your time by automating most of your marketing efforts. Please read our full Klaviyo review.

8- Outfy

Price: Free plan gives you 30 sharing credits. After that, if you would want to share more posts, then it would cost 6 cents per share with no long-term commitments

Outfy helps Shopify owners streamline their social media processes and improve the website’s overall social reach. It connects your Shopify store with all the major social media platforms and helps you schedule posts for the coming months.

Scheduling and automating social media posts allows you to save time and money since you can manage all of your social media efforts through a single dashboard.

There is an autopilot feature where you can let Outfy take charge of your social media activities. The tool automatically decides what products to share on social media and when is the right time to share them. You can create beautiful product collages, add captions and hashtags for the images, and schedule posts on Outfy.  

9- Referral Candy

Price: $49 per month

While you may have many satisfied customers, few would be willing to refer your e-commerce website to others. By offering an incentive to your customers through a referral program, you can encourage more customers to share and refer your products.

Referral Candy is a Shopify plugin that allows you to create customized referral programs for your e-commerce stores. The tool will enable you to:

  • Create bespoke referral offer pages and emails

Track the referrals and sales through them

  • Reward your customers for their referrals that led to sales

By automating the entire referral program for your store, Referral Candy helps you generate more sales and save time.

10- Back in Stock

Price: Starts at $19 per month, and the price increases according to the number of email notifications you need in a month

Back in Stock plugin helps you get control over your inventory so that you don’t miss out on any orders, even if a product is unavailable at the moment.

If a product in your store is out of stock and a customer is interested in buying it, they can provide their email address. When the product is back in stock again, the plugin will automatically email the waiting customers so that they can complete their purchase.

Not only will this help you retain more of your customers, but it will also help you analyze which products are high in demand and adjust your inventory accordingly.

With these plugins, you can make your Shopify store more effective and, in turn, generate higher sales.

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